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File 135494172776.jpg - (111.88KB , 556x609 , untitled-2_992.jpg )
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In case you didn't already know, you can use Cheat Engine to change body sliders outside of a character customization menu.

So far I've gotten this to work in:
-Saints Row the Third
-3D Custom Girl
-Sexvilla 2
-Konashion's "Super Deep Throat"
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>> No. 13865
Anyone had any luck getting this to work in-game in Aion? Not just character creation?

File 131992779313.gif - (6.83KB , 100x100 , animcat.gif )
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This is the universal request thread now. Any new single-post threads will be removed and the poster will get a two week ban.
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>> No. 13850

File 140677360686.jpg - (798.12KB , 1920x1080 , First Timer.jpg )
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The fourth thread's gone and auto-saged, so I'm making a new one, starting with something I whipped up with the two models that were posted up toward the end. Pretty much my first time mucking around with SFM.

Thread #4: http://www.inflatechan.net/cg/res/11744.html
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>> No. 13887

Full body inflation definitely isn't my kind of thing, but I still like it because it made me laugh (not because it's bad or anything, just the general idea and the death stare on Mario). So I think that turned out pretty damned good.
>> No. 13889
Dude...that's perfect...

You really gotta do more of them, it really looks perfect for spherical inflation.
>> No. 13890
I love the stripe going all the way around her circumference. Yes, for the love of god, keep making these!

File 139262550121.jpg - (26.97KB , 446x336 , mah_niggas.jpg )
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Mah niggaz!

Here be some prototype shit for your enjoyment.

I have one and only one condition: this is an IC exclusive, full stop. If anyone posts this stuff to any other website, I will find out about it and you will never see or hear from me again. Someone has already done this with a prior work of mine, and now DA is charging $$ for prints (which is what pisses me off the most).

Random Q&A crap:

Q: What programs did you use?
A: A bunch of (commercial) stuff that doesn't include Poser or Daz.

Q: Where did the models come from?
A: I modelled and rigged them from scratch using the ME3 meshes as reference.

Q: Where did the props come from?
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>> No. 13857
File 140939909417.jpg - (976.23KB , 2048x2048 , ashleyf_me3_pose_1_angle_1.jpg )
Another prototype render.

Landed up spending the last few days trying to figure out how to replace all the seams without painting them manually by hand. The colours are still off and the side material doesn't look quite right, but then again I haven't had much time to fiddle around with it.

Anyways, I think I'm done replacing textures, and as soon as I get some other stuff cleaned up I'll start doing things again. The current plan is to release a set of 3 images for each character (uninflated, inflated, and overinflated/floating). After I'm done that, I'm hoping to be able to afford a new Wacom tablet, then I can finish my from-scratch rebuilds of the characters (since I really hate relying on meshes and textures ripped from the games) and get to work on those full-featured comics and crap.

>> No. 13861
Oh man, that's looking phenomenal! Really looking forward to those up-coming three piece sets!
>> No. 13888

Does anyone care for dialogue blurbs at the bottom of each image? I was thinking of trying to simulate a cheesy ME3 styled conversation with the dialogue wheel and everything. I'm not sure how I feel about it personally- I'd probably land up publishing versions with and without it, but it seemed to make sense considering the progressive nature of each image (don't expect miracle story telling, I'm just trying to make the images more personal for those familiar with the games).

Blah blah blah, "do what you want", I know, I know. I don't care either way. It's more work for me and I don't mind if people think it'll be worth it, but if everyone is mega-meh on the idea, then there's no point in me wasting the time and effort.


File 13966611472.jpg - (114.72KB , 584x915 , monoko_by_morphy_mcmorpherson-d792rw2.jpg )
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I always enjoyed morphing girls in cosplay, and I thought it would be fun to share a few I've done and see what other people make.
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>> No. 13882
Hnngh. Do you take requests?
>> No. 13883
Depends on the request. What you have in mind?
>> No. 13884
I've always had a thing for Hotaru Tenshi. I know she's huge, but bigger is better.

File 134491904956.jpg - (95.46KB , 600x540 , 130957350731.jpg )
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>> No. 13869
I see the years have not been kind to them.
>> No. 13870
File 140948189767.jpg - (93.83KB , 500x525 , 134638207892.jpg )
That wasn't so bad. Usually there is something in his videos that turns me off, but I can usually get over it (remember the belly shape in the first air inflation vid?). This one was going to leave me disappointed since it looked like just an hourglass expansion, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Also, seeing somebody with really pale skin inflating just made it even better. Not that being tan is bad either.

...did anybody notice the tearing that sounded like a record scratching? I had to stop the vid because I was laughing so hard.
>> No. 13878
"Had to stop the vid because I was laughing so hard" well describes almost any 'story' scenes this guy tries to make. Like the laugh at the start of this and the subsequent robot voices. I keep being reminded of Colin's Bear Animation.

File 138909212841.jpg - (5.85KB , 275x183 , images.jpg )
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>> No. 13851
YYYyyyyyoooo...dat shine tho!
>> No. 13876
absolut nice work dude
>> No. 13877
absolut nice work dude

File 140857792531.jpg - (12.35KB , 352x143 , Unknown-2.jpg )
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Hey everybody. I remember a thread from a while back that talked about WoW inflation and such, and i was wondering if anybody had a link to a mentioned mod? There were pics with it, but i can't find any of them... It pretty much made all of the female characters have huge bellies & breasts. Anyone remember it, or better yet, have a link?

Aside from that, post inflated CG WoW characters.
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>> No. 13831
Any mod for huge titties?
>> No. 13840
would be lovely to see a mod to make pandaren males and females even fatter
>> No. 13844
I've got one that affects most of the races, just gotta double check if it'll still work with the current patch.

File 140924178815.jpg - (129.57KB , 894x894 , before_and_after__by_kirbydude247-d7wp9an.jpg )
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I think this guy love himself

Dose disabling comments make him arrogant?
>> No. 13843
Was this really worth making a thread for? Just to bring attention to some asshat who fills up his gallery with crappy half assed attempts at blueberry morphs? There are a ton of people on dA just like this guy so this type of garbage isn't unique to just him.
>> No. 13854
>Dose disabling comments make him arrogant?
No, it makes him a coward.

File 140692183016.jpg - (157.55KB , 810x607 , 4.jpg )
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Water/liquid inflation from drinking through funnel in mouth. I'll post the pics I find on it here, do anyone have more?
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>> No. 13735
File 140842758324.jpg - (54.55KB , 600x600 , 3d_00001.jpg )
>> No. 13736
File 140842765518.jpg - (73.07KB , 800x800 , 3d_00002.jpg )
>> No. 13784
File 14088431633.png - (689.82KB , 1248x564 , drink_up_by_hellspawnmonkey.png )

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