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File 135494172776.jpg - (111.88KB , 556x609 , untitled-2_992.jpg )
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In case you didn't already know, you can use Cheat Engine to change body sliders outside of a character customization menu.

So far I've gotten this to work in:
-Saints Row the Third
-3D Custom Girl
-Sexvilla 2
-Konashion's "Super Deep Throat"
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>> No. 15728
I see, ty for the info. Was a pity, was really hoping you could increase bust size in games like Scarlet Blade and all but it makes sense.

File 131992779313.gif - (6.83KB , 100x100 , animcat.gif )
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This is the universal request thread now. Any new single-post threads will be removed and the poster will get a two week ban.
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>> No. 15806
File 142776470797.jpg - (48.86KB , 436x799 , lrg_149136_1373726980_png.jpg )
Could someone blow up Ms. Chunky some more?

File 142761018156.jpg - (42.58KB , 506x506 , 10527895_663338563746280_1135021799729982062_n.jpg )
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Hello! im new to the morphing of images of girls and i just wanted to ask for some advise about how i can morph this picture as good as possible and what wold be the best program for this, i tried gimp but maybe something else would help, any ideas?
>> No. 15809
File 142780357497.jpg - (76.41KB , 600x451 , think-big-logo-and-cloud-6.jpg )
I have only done a tiny bit of morphing, so I cant offer much, but for starters, try to use pictures with big resolutions. The bigger the pic the better. That will make it a lot easier to work on detailed areas. Also when you are done editing a pic you will usually want to shrink it down to hide any blurry areas or anything else that might have gotten a little messy while morphing. The more you shrink it, the odds are it will be harder to see what you changed and look more realistic. That being said though, no one likes tiny pics, so if you could start off with something around 2000X2000 or more, and end up with something 700x700 that's not too bad. Bigger is better.

File 142317593047.png - (875.62KB , 713x1280 , Topless Midna.png )
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Thread 6 has fallen, 7 awakens.

Once again, post everything you do in Gmod/SFM.

Previous thread: >>14504
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>> No. 15804
Human beings are so fucking ugly, gas masks do them a favor. GD disgusting primates.
>> No. 15805
Are you my mummy?
>> No. 15807
tbh i'm just getting tired of all the "ask x" or "x pyro" tumblrs that all have the same generic large breasted/fat fem pyro in a set of poorly done gmod poses, it's not inventive at all

File 134491904956.jpg - (95.46KB , 600x540 , 130957350731.jpg )
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>> No. 15787
Honestly he should just loan out his models to other animators or something.
>> No. 15793
I'd prefer the breasts but I don't mind the belly inflation, what pisses me off are the zoomed in shots. Totally pointless...
>> No. 15799
Oh shitt, I had no idea! thanks!

File 14277275555.jpg - (148.55KB , 498x750 , q2YKSSW.jpg )
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I have posts queued up... two new morphs everyday for the next week and a half. Let me know what you think.
>> No. 15798
Glad to see you back in action.

File 142565513296.png - (251.66KB , 619x439 , Untitled-1.png )
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Post what you make or find.
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>> No. 15770

You have my attention. I look forward to your journey of self improvement and awesome content
>> No. 15772
File 142732525932.jpg - (321.44KB , 1585x1193 , Untitled.jpg )
>> No. 15773
File 14273252985.jpg - (319.19KB , 1585x1193 , Untitled1.jpg )

File 142575424417.jpg - (752.34KB , 1280x722 , slutbutt.jpg )
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Should I do more?
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>> No. 15670
I will never shop at Marianos again...
>> No. 15671
Oops that's a Safeway(Dominicks)
>> No. 15771
I see what you did there.

File 14247643501.png - (914.41KB , 700x700 , Hermioneberry.png )
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Futzing around in Photoshop and made this. Far from perfect, but figured it was worth uploading at least.
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>> No. 15560
Agreed, not bad for an early try. Hope you continue!
>> No. 15565
this might just be me, but the nipples look a tad small, try finding a larger one to use.

aside from that they look really good
>> No. 15740
keep em coming

File 129877935875.jpg - (30.28KB , 379x600 , IMG_2411.jpg )
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been collecting these, since project p stuff is harder to find these days. have some stuff from EM before it went commercial, if anyone is interested. any stuff you guys could contribute would be appreciated.
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>> No. 14478
Oops, wrong thread. Ignore it.
>> No. 15724
>>9959 Any chance you could put the text morphs up one last time? I just found this discussion and miss those old beowulfal classics.
>> No. 15735

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