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File 135494172776.jpg - (111.88KB , 556x609 , untitled-2_992.jpg )
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In case you didn't already know, you can use Cheat Engine to change body sliders outside of a character customization menu.

So far I've gotten this to work in:
-Saints Row the Third
-3D Custom Girl
-Sexvilla 2
-Konashion's "Super Deep Throat"
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>> No. 14286
I'd like to see how to get Cheat Engine to work with Game Guard. Phantasy Star Online 2 would be a great game to experiment with Cheat Engine.

File 131992779313.gif - (6.83KB , 100x100 , animcat.gif )
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This is the universal request thread now. Any new single-post threads will be removed and the poster will get a two week ban.
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>> No. 14379
File 141399162813.jpg - (0.96MB , 2458x1844 , DSC01464.jpg )
Perfect material for morphing? Other angles available if needed.

File 140677360686.jpg - (798.12KB , 1920x1080 , First Timer.jpg )
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The fourth thread's gone and auto-saged, so I'm making a new one, starting with something I whipped up with the two models that were posted up toward the end. Pretty much my first time mucking around with SFM.

Thread #4: http://www.inflatechan.net/cg/res/11744.html
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>> No. 14377
File 141399114190.png - (732.57KB , 1280x720 , HugeFemPyro8.png )
Wow, awesome! Hope you'll fill it quickly!
Also, I've improved my pictures now, take a look!
>> No. 14378
File 141399118732.png - (770.93KB , 1280x720 , HugeFemPyro11.png )
And another one C:
>> No. 14380
File 141399401016.png - (871.31KB , 1280x720 , HugeFemPyro10.png )
Also, don't forget to activate the "ask" thing, I wanted to tell you something X3

File 137381786039.jpg - (0.98MB , 1640x922 , bigandfish.jpg )
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Even the longest running non-stickied single thread on inflatechan must yield to autosage eventually.

Pic is from my DA set I'm doing that basically is Jane's hobbies other than expansion. Not that she isn't huge while doing them, but..
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>> No. 14290
Wish I could find the rest of your morphs. Like the girl eating ice cream and the one sitting on the couch. I can't even find it on your DA
>> No. 14364
who is she?
>> No. 14368
Tanya Song.

File 139262550121.jpg - (26.97KB , 446x336 , mah_niggas.jpg )
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Mah niggaz!

Here be some prototype shit for your enjoyment.

I have one and only one condition: this is an IC exclusive, full stop. If anyone posts this stuff to any other website, I will find out about it and you will never see or hear from me again. Someone has already done this with a prior work of mine, and now DA is charging $$ for prints (which is what pisses me off the most).

Random Q&A crap:

Q: What programs did you use?
A: A bunch of (commercial) stuff that doesn't include Poser or Daz.

Q: Where did the models come from?
A: I modelled and rigged them from scratch using the ME3 meshes as reference.

Q: Where did the props come from?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14354
I'm not against the dialog, go for it
>> No. 14356
Good dialogue really brings the whole thing together, I say go for it.
>> No. 14366

Dialogue == Good

File 138909212841.jpg - (5.85KB , 275x183 , images.jpg )
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>> No. 14358
File 141377256468.gif - (711.14KB , 642x375 , 134746797968.gif )
>> No. 14360
File 141377954731.jpg - (20.80KB , 400x267 , thrilled-man.jpg )
That is awesome!
>> No. 14363
Still damn epic.
We definitely need more like this.

File 134491904956.jpg - (95.46KB , 600x540 , 130957350731.jpg )
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>> No. 14310
Still better than any Taylormadeclips BE videos.
Bambiblaze knew how to do this. Too bad she had that whiny voice and got cast out of the internet due to douchebags.
>> No. 14341

That and ripping off her fans and being a douche to her fanbase
>> No. 14342
And then getting kicked out of their house because the home owners association found out that she did amateur porn.

File 13966611472.jpg - (114.72KB , 584x915 , monoko_by_morphy_mcmorpherson-d792rw2.jpg )
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I always enjoyed morphing girls in cosplay, and I thought it would be fun to share a few I've done and see what other people make.
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>> No. 14292
Heck, we should inflate her whole body/suit while we're at it!
>> No. 14294
Do it. PLEASE. ;_____;
>> No. 14323
File 141339610066.jpg - (166.47KB , 800x1168 , B_E_Orchid.jpg )

File 138950816093.png - (524.85KB , 800x376 , work_in_progress_smaller.png )
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I'm working on a thing.

From my deviantArt account:
"I'm a big fan of a lot of the games that are out there. It started with how awesome Corruption of Champions was, advanced with Fetish Master and a few of the FA games, but I always wanted to try and do something really epic. I've been working on a game in my spare time which I hope will sate that urge. I have no idea when I will release it. Between my two jobs I don't have a lot of free time. I've managed to squeeze out about forty hours of development time over the past vacation, but that will dry up once my jobs resume. We'll see. I don't expect a release for at least three months, but my mind may change.

What kind of content is expected? Inflation of the belly, bust, and butt, as well as full body rounding. The model I've rigged up supports all these things. Right now, the only way to grow is to drink potions, but I'd like to add some more hardcore monster type material. The three potions are red, blue, and white. Red changes stats like willpower and speed. Blue changes physical attributes like breast size. White... well. It's a secret. I'm planning on adding at least a slime monster, a minotaur, and a fairy creature. Slime is modeled, rigged, and animated, but the AI is unwritten. Minotaur is only on the drawing board. I really want to have chemical interactions, like throwing an arousal potion on a minotaur for hysterical effect."

I POST THRAED in the hopes of setting priorities for this thing and, in the off chance I eventually release it, a fair means of distribution. I'm not sure if I want to discuss the game here or on my DA page. It does water down the threads, but it can't hurt to have two means of talking.
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>> No. 14247
File 141245645114.png - (438.21KB , 1080x1920 , render2.png )
Almost back to where I was before the hard drive crash. -_-; I don't like this new model very much, but I want to start working on monsters and gameplay.
>> No. 14255
To save time/effort, you COULD just use MakeHuman, if you want.

>> No. 14285

I did try using Makehuman a while back in the very early days of the project with okay results. I didn't like the amount of inflation I could get out of those models, though. I'll make a new one tonight and apply morph targets. I don't think the MakeHuman model will be able to get as big as the hand model, but it will be better looking. Maybe you're right. It pains me a bit to discard all the modelling effort so far, but if it turns out better, then I guess that's the way to go.

File 141216120730.png - (256.33KB , 1024x954 , 141031428385[1].png )
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Hey there, remember a forum a LONG while back which showed an image of a huge inflated 3d girl on a plain. Turns out it was a spell from an indie rpg which one described as "A piece of $#^@ and not worth it" but its been scratching on my mind recently and was wondering if anyone remembered it.

Image not related.
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>> No. 14239
I'll get a screen cap in a moment.
>> No. 14240
File 141240714675.jpg - (312.39KB , 800x600 , RedStone 14_10_04[04].jpg )
>> No. 14281
Can we get some more shots of her?

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