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File 135494172776.jpg - (111.88KB , 556x609 , untitled-2_992.jpg )
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In case you didn't already know, you can use Cheat Engine to change body sliders outside of a character customization menu.

So far I've gotten this to work in:
-Saints Row the Third
-3D Custom Girl
-Sexvilla 2
-Konashion's "Super Deep Throat"
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>> No. 15586

Um, the last time i played Scarlet Blade the characters didnt have any body sliders (deformers), which is what you need to alter with CE to make the changes.

I mean, itd be nice to have them (since the bodies of the characters are the only thing going for the game), but the cup sizes of each character are actually tied to their 'lore' so its unlikely :P

File 131992779313.gif - (6.83KB , 100x100 , animcat.gif )
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This is the universal request thread now. Any new single-post threads will be removed and the poster will get a two week ban.
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>> No. 15583
File 142518359210.png - (0.96MB , 456x735 , 142515529395blurmorph.png )
Hope this is kinda satisfactory.

File 142565513296.png - (251.66KB , 619x439 , Untitled-1.png )
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Post what you make or find.
>> No. 15622
File 142566715859.jpg - (10.88KB , 138x200 , 1358181613465.jpg )
did you make this? neeeeeeed a source / more of this

File 142317593047.png - (875.62KB , 713x1280 , Topless Midna.png )
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Thread 6 has fallen, 7 awakens.

Once again, post everything you do in Gmod/SFM.

Previous thread: >>14504
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>> No. 15615
File 142559409369.png - (0.96MB , 900x1600 , Chica.png )
It's not inflation, and probably furry at that, but this is all I have.
plz forgive me

I always wanted to constantly improve, and get a "professional" look, this pic right here is basically me trying ways to reach that, I think I did good for once.
>> No. 15617
I love it. <3
>> No. 15618
File 142562109653.png - (888.01KB , 1280x720 , pyro_fireplace_halfres.png )

File 134491904956.jpg - (95.46KB , 600x540 , 130957350731.jpg )
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>> No. 15608
Welp, new one is out.


That's a thing.
>> No. 15609

Yeah... it's a thing alright.

>> No. 15616
What are you guys using to watch his stuff? No matter how many times I try I just get the error "The video has not uploaded yet or th" And yes I'm logged in.

File 142125241829.jpg - (233.83KB , 625x971 , b0e4d941b1563249344436ea4e69061c8da774f07e8015eb8b.jpg )
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So since his content basically vanished from the internet, does anyone have a collection of his stuff dating back to when he had a website?
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>> No. 15357
I get that this is archive.org, but half of the album (especially beyond the first page) isn't loading.
>> No. 15600
bump, can someone who can get the pictures to load save them all then link us were we can download them in a folder?
>> No. 15613
Hate to break it to you but if something on archive.org's not loading for you it's less that it's bad traffic and more that it was never properly cached and never will be.

File 142063505793.png - (288.34KB , 769x544 , mah_niggas.png )
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Mah niggaz!

I figured it was time to start a new thread since the old one was getting clogged up with old ideas and other assorted cruft. Plus it's a new year, and I'm actually planning on releasing stuff in the next ~360 days.

As usual, I only have one condition: you may repost this stuff wherever you want, so long as you're not making money off it and attribute any original work to me. Otherwise, I'll probably find out about it and if I can't dealwithit.jpg, you'll never see or hear from me again.

Random Q&A crap:

Q: What programs did you use?
A: A bunch of (commercial) stuff that doesn't include Poser or Daz.

Q: Where did the models come from?
A: I modelled and rigged them from scratch using the ME3 meshes as reference.

Q: Where did the props come from?
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>> No. 15435
File 14239694675.jpg - (203.86KB , 2560x1600 , fullycto_pose_1_angle_1.jpg )
Image set: "Fully Customizable"
Sequence: 1 of 2
Format: JPEG
>> No. 15436
File 142396948476.jpg - (183.91KB , 2560x1600 , fullycto_pose_1_angle_2.jpg )
Image set: "Fully Customizable"
Sequence: 2 of 2
Format: JPEG
>> No. 15610
Oh neat! They put flotation devices into their suits! Perfect for exploring water planets.

File 142197404297.jpg - (418.54KB , 1000x940 , 13942511311.jpg )
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Well, I didn't exactly know where to put this, so I decided to put it in CG. Moving on, I'd like to know if anyone has a large amount of inflation video downloads, or if they could find any? They can be 3D, Anime, almost anything. Thank you.
>> No. 15587
Theres been a few things that have popped up from time to time, but often they involve some paid content people have snuck into a zip with other stuff and uploaded too a file sharing site (so i cant link those), but if you google certain phrases (like siterip) you might be lucky enough to stumble upon them.

Though, while not exactly mindblowingly stocked (and some clips dont even seen to download the full vid), and not inflation specific, theres a few you can find at http://expansionvault.com/
>> No. 15602
Thanks, I'll check it out.

File 142092938638.jpg - (112.73KB , 500x375 , 141213338724.jpg )
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Idk if this belongs in /cg/ or /drawn/, but holy fuck does it have potential. Picture semi-related
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>> No. 15158
File 142178613521.gif - (469.57KB , 256x215 , 20___Struggle_by_plasma_snake_small.gif )
Full-size version had too large filesize
>> No. 15198
All I get are blank black screens...
>> No. 15579
File 142515402418.gif - (456.92KB , 114x160 , 966bc183a7670ff690ba036b36d1c5b1.gif )
nice tool

File 13957708336.gif - (372.73KB , 300x434 , Feeling_Fuller_Animation_by_Izlude13.gif )
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Gifs of Morphs thread.

The previous thread is autosaging from too much awesome so here is a new one.

Here are some links to gifs that were posted in the last thread



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