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File 143241207724.png - (234.66KB , 635x558 , projectinfl.png )
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I just came across SculptGL, here is what I have so far. Any tips? How do you apply texture? What is the best way to shape heads and intricate details?
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>> No. 16190
File 143258763098.png - (198.85KB , 574x528 , view5.png )
>> No. 16195
Personally, I'd blow up the part of the upper left and right of >>16174 's picture so that it matches the stomach's size. A berry shouldn't have a definable stomach imo. Looks good otherwise!
>> No. 16196
Well you certainly have some conflicting elements. It's a little odd to see the back so round and smooth, where the front has a very distinguishable paunch. If you want a flabby berry you generally want to even things out across the whole thing. Either make the whole things round and smooth (or at least to a significant amount) or make it soft and flabby.

the placing of the feet seem to be more in front where the arms seem to be up on the sides. It almost looks like the berry is sitting down, rather than blown up. you may want to move the feet back a ways.

It may just be personal preference but the navel seems a little too large, and the breast may be kind of small. You can argue that some women have breasts near that size without being inflated. Wouldn't you expect a berry full of juice to be bigger?

As far as texture goes, there are several programs out there that will allow you to create your own textures, though I can't think of any that you can get for free/cheap.

File 142948523538.jpg - (68.37KB , 504x600 , Footpumpgirl___Office_Pressure_by_Spiderhaunt.jpg )
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anyone have the complete collection of spider haunt images
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>> No. 16159
File 143219351069.jpg - (20.05KB , 226x172 , nami good job 1.jpg )
Not a massive amount of new content, but there's a bunch of more recent and a few "unreleased" things.
>> No. 16160
OK - Thanks.
>> No. 16180
Is anyone willing to convert this into zip for those can't work torrent programs?

File 139488859223.png - (86.89KB , 322x228 , Capture.png )
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>> No. 14105

Fine. Here's the other blueberry expansion video the author made before the channel was taken down.

>> No. 16053
Wasn't there a second Muffinmaid blueberry clip? I think the base video was from her doing situps
>> No. 16147
>Missing the opportunity to call it "Blueberry muffin maid"
Gorgeous video, but seriously man, what the hell?

File 14310178231.jpg - (348.36KB , 1394x908 , Unfinished Seq 1.jpg )
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>> No. 16101
File 143122456758.jpg - (9.72KB , 267x200 , asdfzxcvzcxv.jpg )
Yo my god
>> No. 16131
Oh yes! I can't for the "explosive" finale!
>> No. 16145
File 143199851046.jpg - (69.08KB , 900x675 , 26718.jpg )
Any estimate on how close you are to finishing? I feel like I'm waiting for Half-Life 3 at this point...

File 137065801750.jpg - (79.26KB , 710x752 , thongcocoex.jpg )
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My Dailymotion account was recently banned (take a wild guess why), so I've decided to reupload everything to another account as private videos.

Butt Inflation 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k2u00MohwRCUci4ayLN

Butt Inflation 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k17P4GzCI7CNLp4ayP6

Muscle and Breast Inflation: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k7Mda5FqRTaO644ayOE

Breast and Belly Inflation + Popping: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k5ZpV02S1S3fe94ayQo

Breast and Belly Inflation + Popping 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k1bbEF91PcyyQi4ayTV

Camcorder Belly + Breast Inflation: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k6yZnUSKlTyHuc4aySL

Double Trouble: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k3iVz5ApwdgQpe4ayVq
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>> No. 11729
That muscle and breast inflation video was amazing.
>> No. 16102
How do you morph the models ?
>> No. 16128
File 143173417362.jpg - (34.30KB , 449x420 , Intense fap.jpg )

File 143070981268.jpg - (324.95KB , 1768x930 , Azrell new profile_002_001.jpg )
16061 No. 16061 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
TGBE here We go
>> No. 16062
File 143071007069.jpg - (115.93KB , 1768x930 , Azrell new profile_001.jpg )
TGBE here We go
>> No. 16063
is that an inflation valve I spy on her belly?

She might just need a pit of a pump-up...
*hands over an air tank*

File 140692183016.jpg - (157.55KB , 810x607 , 4.jpg )
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Water/liquid inflation from drinking through funnel in mouth. I'll post the pics I find on it here, do anyone have more?
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>> No. 16065
File 143075464586.jpg - (307.17KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_n99ui7XMvT1tcovtxo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 16066
File 143075470771.jpg - (86.16KB , 800x600 , 968887686.jpg )
>> No. 16067
File 143075478155.jpg - (82.00KB , 1262x1400 , Funnel-of-Love_uncen.jpg )

File 142032524927.jpg - (120.55KB , 800x1200 , 2591_27_01_08_5_23_11.jpg )
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I know there has been a few Project P and Nexus torrents and downloads thispast year, but I cant help but notice there are still a few photos missing... I was wondering if anyone had some super Namely the two part progression of this cutie
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>> No. 16017
File 142983444939.jpg - (92.52KB , 619x1000 , swellie0111.jpg )
>> No. 16018
File 142983450495.jpg - (92.05KB , 619x1000 , swellie0112.jpg )

This set and the raven set were included in an archive from ProjectP that was posted here a while ago.
>> No. 16029
>>16006 - >>16018

Awesome addition! I'd completely forgotten about this one; great to see it again! ^^

File 143006291331.jpg - (21.08KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
16026 No. 16026 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Haven't been on in a few years, old thread seems to have vanished into /dev/null, so a new one is up.

Any updates?
>> No. 16027
And do you know why that is? It's DNP.

File 14277275555.jpg - (148.55KB , 498x750 , q2YKSSW.jpg )
15797 No. 15797 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I have posts queued up... two new morphs everyday for the next week and a half. Let me know what you think.
>> No. 15798
Glad to see you back in action.
>> No. 16022
File 142997526991.jpg - (478.74KB , 640x1136 , ice 41.jpg )

Dumb girls today... taking selfies when they should be spitting out the gum!

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