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File 136564341091.jpg - (35.87KB , 950x652 , House of Swell_4-045.jpg )
9426 No. 9426 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Remember the site House of Swell?
It's no longer among us.
However, the poser images are.

Let us post them here.
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>> No. 14951

There needs to be more inhuman pregnancy art.

I like this pose.
>> No. 16222
File 143309765334.jpg - (68.99KB , 988x771 , House of Swell - Mating-002.jpg )
Part 2 of this.
>> No. 17041
File 144510636413.jpg - (28.33KB , 756x601 , House of Swell-posette1.jpg )

File 144330514426.jpg - (9.36KB , 120x90 , image.jpg )
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Hello. Does anyone have videos from Marks Morphs? I'm looking for videos of the belly girl with her boobs expanded.
>> No. 16932
This one?

>> No. 16933
No. It was a different one like in the image.
>> No. 17023
Anyone has videos of Marks Morphs downloaded from the past?

File 143514555214.jpg - (104.58KB , 680x960 , image.jpg )
16398 No. 16398 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anybody have a gallery/folder of these? I remember expansion mansion having these back in the day, but I can't find the rest anymore.
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>> No. 16440
There's a great link in >>1605 that has all of the human morphs ... but none of the furballs. Does anyone have that?
>> No. 16453
I think he made a few posts here a while back.
>> No. 17008
File 144471930620.png - (118.41KB , 286x500 , Haiden.png )

File 143692687858.png - (41.11KB , 693x478 , 05ROIuG[1].png )
16536 No. 16536 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
*pssst* *Deep Convolutional Neural Networks*

*hand's over a slip of paper*
paper reads: waifu2x.udp.jp

"Makes things BIGGER."
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>> No. 16911

There is a lot of ports already. This one is a bit old but still does the trick.
>> No. 16947
Damn. Gets to iteration 6 and then crashes my graphics driver (which recover) then hangs. Got to try this on a computer with a non-amd card.

If it works, I might provide the raw text for a windows batch file to make using the damn thing easier. (and actual step-by-step menu, as opposed to command-line faffing about)
>> No. 16983

Works fine on R9 290.

Also I have this bat file to make life easier, just drop the file on it and it will be scaled up:
waifu2x-converter-glsl.exe -i %1 -m scale -j 8 --scale_ratio 2

File 144395353872.png - (518.21KB , 600x890 , 4c3.png )
16952 No. 16952 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Last time I was here, I sent some of my earlier morphs, and was cut ass for having bad artwork. I know better than to let that influence me to quit, so I just kept working on new morphs. Maybe I should thank this site for it cranking my standards up, but hey, im going to share some newer morphs ive done. What do you guys think?
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>> No. 16958
It may have improved, I don't know since I didn't see your previous work; But the first one just looks like you used the circle tool and little else.
>> No. 16966
Very nice work but the first one needs to have the arms and legs tucked in.
>> No. 16967
File 144413863552.jpg - (83.78KB , 587x600 , partygirlp07_preview.jpg )
Or have her arms and legs inflate with her. Like this.

File 144368284098.jpg - (109.83KB , 1024x657 , lola_by_hellresident_infl8-d8i7pbe.jpg )
16945 No. 16945 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Ever since Hellresident made this pic, i've been having a strong craving for morphs based on the space jam inflation scene. Is it weird that I need more pics like this?
>> No. 16948
Hell-Resident strikes again! http://hellresident-infl8.deviantart.com/art/Kimberly-Joins-The-Tune-Squad-Sequence-563668841

the person he used isnt the most attracitive, but the morphs are solid. the whole scene,too

I think they did another one like it, but it was male
>> No. 16963
I'm fairly certain that there are only 4 of such morphs/sequences in existence, and you're aware of all of them.

File 144403454340.jpg - (114.04KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault[1].jpg )
16955 No. 16955 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I was wondering what the best software to use for 3d composition for morphs is.

pic semi related because terminator arms are everybody's first 3d comp project

also video editing general I guess

File 138909212841.jpg - (5.85KB , 275x183 , images.jpg )
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>> No. 14360
File 141377954731.jpg - (20.80KB , 400x267 , thrilled-man.jpg )
That is awesome!
>> No. 14363
Still damn epic.
We definitely need more like this.
>> No. 16828

File 13966611472.jpg - (114.72KB , 584x915 , monoko_by_morphy_mcmorpherson-d792rw2.jpg )
12107 No. 12107 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I always enjoyed morphing girls in cosplay, and I thought it would be fun to share a few I've done and see what other people make.
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>> No. 16358
File 143465040864.jpg - (42.42KB , 640x960 , Mami.jpg )
Can anyone give her even bigger boobs?
>> No. 16719
File 14398537323.jpg - (278.11KB , 1200x1800 , 009_zekamashi_008.jpg )
How about a butt and breast refit for Shimakaze!
>> No. 16802
think for bonus points her swim ring could be modded to look puffed up more too?

File 144080298648.png - (324.25KB , 1124x668 , Cast_Growth.png )
16790 No. 16790 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Growth Academy (alpha version 0.1) is out!
What is Growth Academy? Growth Academy is an 18+ Visual Novel/Dating Sim centered around expansion fetishism for the purposes of entertainment, artistic exploration, and sexual expression. The basic premise is as follows:

You're Hotsure Keisuke. You've been transferred to Seichou Gakuen (Growth Academy), a high school for gifted students. Except apparently by gifted, they mean the student body has some really odd shapes to it. Choose your waifu and win her heart before the school year ends!


It is in its developmental infancy and is growing over time into a more complete game. What exists now is a proof of concept and beginning.
Now Enrolling!
The project needs support! Writers, artists, musicians, and even signal boosters and idea men. No game of this nature can exist without content, and so content providers are in high demand in order to see this come to fruition.

http://growthacademy.socialparody.com/ - Sign up today!

Pic included of main cast- we've got BE, Butt, Preg, WG, GTS, and FMG, and that's not even getting into any of the secondary cast!
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>> No. 16795
I don't know, actually! Hop on the forum and ask, the project lead will probably answer. :)
>> No. 16799
>Want to help
>Skills are nothing compared to the others involved

>> No. 16800

Skills are one thing.

A willingness to actually *do* the work is quite another.

Sign up, we'll use you.

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