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File 132779667068.jpg - (173.05KB , 646x826 , jessie.jpg )
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Time for a new thread if i may be excused :D
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File 140512264328.jpg - (618.01KB , 1000x1188 , Prank Gone Wrong.jpg )
>> No. 13317
File 140621240853.jpg - (329.42KB , 872x885 , Double Inflation.jpg )
>> No. 13318
File 140621247338.jpg - (629.16KB , 1226x979 , Cooling it down.jpg )

File 139282717551.jpg - (652.02KB , 1920x1080 , 4DefendersLow.jpg )
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The last thread reached his bump limit, so let's start a new one !
Once again, if you have any Gmod pics, feel free to upload them.

For anyone interested, I am now taking commissions, so feel free to ask me about it via email.
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>> No. 13353
I think all it really needs is physics and maybe modified flexes.
>> No. 13358
Even if this thread is old and won't get any responce for awhile, I do have to say so myself that the Hyper Fempyro modification Dolan did is splendid. I'm basically still waiting for a way to add the Hyper Femscout mod within TF2, but that'll be another time
>> No. 13654
File 140780683683.jpg - (353.66KB , 1920x1080 , 2014-08-11_00001.jpg )
how do you guys get the belly to be nice and round for the model posted last thread? this is what i get when i try editing the belly bone in joint tool

File 140355533693.jpg - (369.83KB , 1920x1200 , 7163853929_02e098dc3b_o.jpg )
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I made a oops and put them in a wrong page, here you go people. Have fun
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File 140355598891.jpg - (418.01KB , 2048x1280 , 7915015946_aa887c03b7_o.jpg )
>> No. 12804
File 140355602556.jpg - (670.26KB , 2048x1280 , 8274981956_dd97cf0b1d_o.jpg )
>> No. 12805
File 140355610197.jpg - (732.98KB , 2048x1280 , 8444363909_bfc6a8f722_o.jpg )

File 138950816093.png - (524.85KB , 800x376 , work_in_progress_smaller.png )
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I'm working on a thing.

From my deviantArt account:
"I'm a big fan of a lot of the games that are out there. It started with how awesome Corruption of Champions was, advanced with Fetish Master and a few of the FA games, but I always wanted to try and do something really epic. I've been working on a game in my spare time which I hope will sate that urge. I have no idea when I will release it. Between my two jobs I don't have a lot of free time. I've managed to squeeze out about forty hours of development time over the past vacation, but that will dry up once my jobs resume. We'll see. I don't expect a release for at least three months, but my mind may change.

What kind of content is expected? Inflation of the belly, bust, and butt, as well as full body rounding. The model I've rigged up supports all these things. Right now, the only way to grow is to drink potions, but I'd like to add some more hardcore monster type material. The three potions are red, blue, and white. Red changes stats like willpower and speed. Blue changes physical attributes like breast size. White... well. It's a secret. I'm planning on adding at least a slime monster, a minotaur, and a fairy creature. Slime is modeled, rigged, and animated, but the AI is unwritten. Minotaur is only on the drawing board. I really want to have chemical interactions, like throwing an arousal potion on a minotaur for hysterical effect."

I POST THRAED in the hopes of setting priorities for this thing and, in the off chance I eventually release it, a fair means of distribution. I'm not sure if I want to discuss the game here or on my DA page. It does water down the threads, but it can't hurt to have two means of talking.
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>> No. 12780
File 140340607764.png - (689.97KB , 1019x481 , accidental_hitler.png )
I was moving the UVs on the model and accidentally made Hitler.
>> No. 12790
File 140354605433.gif - (30.74KB , 162x166 , 1362017885210.gif )
Oh gawd.
>> No. 12808
File 140357242733.png - (770.06KB , 1080x1920 , jen2_5.png )
It's okay I fixed it.

Except the hair is still full of fuck.

File 134533532666.gif - (817.77KB , 645x911 , kuma.gif )
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I've hated making animations in GIMP because if it's longer than a few frames, duplicating the foreground layers and merging them down becomes a huge hassle. Then I found a script that allows you to tag your layers, process those tags to create layer groups, then flatten those groups, which is fantastic for text overlays, keeping arms and stuff above expansion, overlaying textures or multiple animations, and more.

You can dl it from: registry.gimp.org/files/animstack.scm
Just put it in your local or global gimp scripts directory (like ~/gimp2.8/scripts or /usr/share/gimp/scripts/).

After you've created your animation, just append [fg] to the end of the layer name of whatever you want to remain on top and [bg] to whatever you want to stay on bottom. Then run 'Filters - Animation - Process AnimStack Tags' to create the groups, flatten them using 'Image - Flatten Layer Groups', and then optimize and export as gif. More info at: registry.gimp.org/node/26501

As a demonstration, the attached gif took about two minutes to make.
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>> No. 12431
Meanwhile, at /drawn/...
>> No. 12738
File 14030383397.gif - (950.23KB , 200x460 , daisywg.gif )
>> No. 12757
File 140315721155.gif - (67.20KB , 500x500 , Gif-Handclap.gif )

File 140303909399.jpg - (44.35KB , 498x504 , 0dc545710e963d0166e5768922912d20.jpg )
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I was on some tmblr sites and stepped across this http://vimeo.com/7093152 now im asking myself if theres an entire movie .

pic not related
>> No. 12755
I also stumbled on a video on Vimeo and was wondering if anyone has seen the full version of it.
The video is a showreel of visual effects and one clip has a deflated woman, inflate after being fed a crisp.
It starts a 44 seconds in to the video. I was hoping to find the complete advert for the clip but I havent find it so far.
Anyway here is the link...

File 134229722633.jpg - (119.13KB , 480x455 , Tribute to BigHorse BB.jpg )
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>> No. 12473
Its Ylandra's old work, you can still find a crap load of his stuff on DA although he hasn't made anything new in years.

>> No. 12474
Everyone knows about those though and not the ones in question.
>> No. 12728
This stuff is just awesome, going to go check there old work.

File 140234412657.jpg - (23.55KB , 443x639 , 000.jpg )
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Post any video by Mark's Morphs!

File 140167766093.jpg - (653.55KB , 203x2000 , pink_pressure_2.jpg )
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Does Anyone have the old AG morph with the seagull sitting on the girl? It was my favorite, but I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 12454
File 140168605032.jpg - (99.64KB , 900x996 , 134610841263.jpg )
Here you go, it's one of my favs as well
>> No. 12478
does any one have his image of a girl in a green/red striped jumpsuit

File 139430001287.jpg - (36.86KB , 321x464 , I don't give a fuck what it is but I have an .jpg )
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This SoB gives me an idea. 3D CG toons are popular novadays, so why we re-draw them when we can have a 3D model and make our fan art look like the professional canon one?

Existing software can build 3D models from photos taken from different angles. Multiple screenshots CAN be used for this, the question is HOW. This software is not designed for it, but with some custom stuff attached with glue and duct tape it MUST work.

Just imagine we can have both easiness of tracing "stick figure cartoons" >>/oekaki/6399
and the quality of 3D animation (animation, not still pictures!) at the same time.
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>> No. 12413
File 140096592222.jpg - (402.96KB , 1000x563 , mrpeasherm002.jpg )
Yeah, sad as it is to say, I think all the modelers capable of creating a faithful rendition are too busy skinning ponies. No offense to the pony skinners, but damn there's a LOT out there.

In the meantime, us 2d artists with zero sleep, some image files, and just enough time on our hands can just dick around with our inferior methods... What's that dog got in his hand?
>> No. 12414
File 14009663969.jpg - (487.65KB , 1000x563 , mrpeasherm003.jpg )
Well, I tried. Somebody over in /drawn/ wanted an inflated Penny Peterson, but it just didn't seem like the right material to have over there.

Also, they wanted popped buttons, but I'm still very much an amateur at throwing all this crap together.

I will leave you all be, now.
>> No. 12432
File 140114395335.png - (167.17KB , 300x300 , profile_picture_by_penny_peterson-d7d01qt.png )

Cool good try :)

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