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File 142063505793.png - (288.34KB , 769x544 , mah_niggas.png )
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Mah niggaz!

I figured it was time to start a new thread since the old one was getting clogged up with old ideas and other assorted cruft. Plus it's a new year, and I'm actually planning on releasing stuff in the next ~360 days.

As usual, I only have one condition: you may repost this stuff wherever you want, so long as you're not making money off it and attribute any original work to me. Otherwise, I'll probably find out about it and if I can't dealwithit.jpg, you'll never see or hear from me again.

Random Q&A crap:

Q: What programs did you use?
A: A bunch of (commercial) stuff that doesn't include Poser or Daz.

Q: Where did the models come from?
A: I modelled and rigged them from scratch using the ME3 meshes as reference.

Q: Where did the props come from?
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>> No. 15435
File 14239694675.jpg - (203.86KB , 2560x1600 , fullycto_pose_1_angle_1.jpg )
Image set: "Fully Customizable"
Sequence: 1 of 2
Format: JPEG
>> No. 15436
File 142396948476.jpg - (183.91KB , 2560x1600 , fullycto_pose_1_angle_2.jpg )
Image set: "Fully Customizable"
Sequence: 2 of 2
Format: JPEG
>> No. 15610
Oh neat! They put flotation devices into their suits! Perfect for exploring water planets.

File 142197404297.jpg - (418.54KB , 1000x940 , 13942511311.jpg )
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Well, I didn't exactly know where to put this, so I decided to put it in CG. Moving on, I'd like to know if anyone has a large amount of inflation video downloads, or if they could find any? They can be 3D, Anime, almost anything. Thank you.
>> No. 15587
Theres been a few things that have popped up from time to time, but often they involve some paid content people have snuck into a zip with other stuff and uploaded too a file sharing site (so i cant link those), but if you google certain phrases (like siterip) you might be lucky enough to stumble upon them.

Though, while not exactly mindblowingly stocked (and some clips dont even seen to download the full vid), and not inflation specific, theres a few you can find at http://expansionvault.com/
>> No. 15602
Thanks, I'll check it out.

File 142092938638.jpg - (112.73KB , 500x375 , 141213338724.jpg )
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Idk if this belongs in /cg/ or /drawn/, but holy fuck does it have potential. Picture semi-related
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>> No. 15158
File 142178613521.gif - (469.57KB , 256x215 , 20___Struggle_by_plasma_snake_small.gif )
Full-size version had too large filesize
>> No. 15198
All I get are blank black screens...
>> No. 15579
File 142515402418.gif - (456.92KB , 114x160 , 966bc183a7670ff690ba036b36d1c5b1.gif )
nice tool

File 128699385640.png - (567.29KB , 1920x1134 , Snapshot_135.png )
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I didn't see one anywhere in the board so I figured I'd start one up.

Post contact info, pictures, meeting areas, etc.
SL Needs more good ol' inflation.
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>> No. 15516
File 142463805565.gif - (628.23KB , 1200x900 , Proseria-Pumping.gif )
It's a secret to everybody.
>> No. 15585
Ok where can you get a suit that can do that in SL?!?
>> No. 15666
if i had to guess, i'd says its a mesh body and either they're changing the sliders on their shape, or they have one thats capable of inflating like that. i havent seen one that gets that big though via sliders, or one that does that. so no clue

File 142336915856.png - (186.66KB , 532x800 , nude-big-boobs-in-shows-002.png )
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this is my first morph
the boobs are weird
>> No. 15379
It's.. Um.. Well, its decent. More practice and less warp tool and you might have something. My suggestion is to crop out the belly, then re-open the original photo and then layer the morphed section onto the original. will prevent weird boobs and other distortions

File 142304721515.gif - (0.97MB , 148x148 , ManaFilledJug2s.gif )
15322 No. 15322 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, Skyrim has a mod (that requires a bunch of others) that allows your characters boobs to resize depending on your Mana/Stamina/Health...

... Can you guess what i spent an hour doing after i got it working?
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>> No. 15349
I might need to disable Mana Tanks (the OP mod) to have it work though, multiple things attempting to alter the same variable at once is the easiest way to CTD or have them both do nothing :P

(and in Skyrim, thats a very easy way to corrupt your save)
>> No. 15350
Actually, change that, the weight alteration spell meant LITERALLY the weight stat, which works fine with other mods that only influence a node on the skeleton.
>> No. 15351
File 14231961244.gif - (974.25KB , 115x149 , WeightAltSpell.gif )
Hmm, ill upload a gif when i get it done(though it might be a little cut up to fit within the 1mb limit) but so far the spell isnt exactly anything too major. The entire change is rather slow and a bit stuttery due to the fact that its basically spamming setnpcweight x into the console over and over and over. Its not a terrible effort though.

Unfortunately, as you'll see, it resets her idle animation each tick with the channeled version, so it kind of gives her a massive case of Parkinsons.

File 140692183016.jpg - (157.55KB , 810x607 , 4.jpg )
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Water/liquid inflation from drinking through funnel in mouth. I'll post the pics I find on it here, do anyone have more?
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>> No. 15305
File 142289005349.jpg - (628.24KB , 1032x874 , brenda_s_ordeal___filling_up__overhead_cam__by_jac.jpg )
>> No. 15306
File 142289010959.jpg - (100.36KB , 1150x695 , brenda_s_ordeal___filling_up__zinaida_cam__by_jack.jpg )
>> No. 15307
File 142289015486.jpg - (66.68KB , 1150x695 , brenda_s_ordeal___filling_up__victim_cam__by_jacka.jpg )

File 134972345729.jpg - (164.27KB , 640x480 , DerpyEponine Berry.jpg )
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>> No. 14836
File 141848242849.jpg - (549.38KB , 1024x754 , tumblr_ne0g9qrDlx1rgnfsgo1_1280.jpg )
i found a thing
>> No. 15292
File 142272667813.jpg - (148.90KB , 600x800 , $RCAYROJ.jpg )
>> No. 15294
A little off topic but has anyone got a link to the original version of this. I remember seeing Nadine and Nikki (can't think of her last name) in this video but can't for the life of me find it anywhere.

File 141573212422.png - (946.59KB , 720x1280 , ihavenotitleforthis.png )
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The 5th thread is now on a journey toward the depth of the board, a new one must arise.

As usual, feel free to post anything you do in Gmod/SFM.

Previous thread: http://www.inflatechan.net/cg/res/13356.html
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>> No. 15303
Wait...we aren't saging, are we?
>> No. 15309
We are, I'll make a new thread soon, doing so should put this one to rest for eternity.
So it might better to wait for thread 7 to post or repost things.
I have no knowledge whatsoever of blender, but it's looking good already.
>> No. 15314
File 142293507594.png - (319.04KB , 455x336 , pyro.png )
I tried to make a custom flex in blender but this keeps happening. Suggestions?

File 141865414326.png - (211.02KB , 316x645 , b7f50bee275d20080d7e3bd0c2d43126.png )
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For shame InflateChan.
All these brilliant people and no one has taken a crack at Modding Sims 4.
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>> No. 14898
File 141927785986.jpg - (76.70KB , 569x969 , MTS_EVOL_EVOLVED-1463552-Big1.jpg )

Expanded Physique range mod.This seems like the best fat sim 4 mod I've seen so far.And really the only fat sim 4 mod I've seen.
>> No. 14915
For anyone unable to contribute to this thread as of yet, I completely advocate pirating The Sims 4. EA doesn't deserve the money, as bad as the game is... Out of Create-A-Sim, of course.
>> No. 15100
where do I put the mods folder? My game doesn't have an electronic arts folder it has R.G. Mechanics.

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