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File 132779667068.jpg - (173.05KB , 646x826 , jessie.jpg )
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Time for a new thread if i may be excused :D
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>> No. 12032
File 139545617467.jpg - (21.60KB , 454x457 , weightless_workout__the_bad_bet_by_inflatingrealit.jpg )
Not in his dA account, but a new one

(it was a request from someone who put it on his dA account)


Ariana, having a blurred vision from the mounds of her over-inflating cheeks, worryingly watched the pressure on the side of the helium tank rise, while she held it in place between her right arm, bumping constantly on her inflating left boob that was now resembling more of a beach ball rather than an actual breast, in fact both her boobs had inflated within seconds to the size of a pair of overgrown watermelons stretching her poor sports tank top to it's limits and giving her a canyon of deepening cleavage sexiness... The whole room was filled with hissing, balloon stretching sounds and the excited laughter of her friend Monique, who watched the formerly rather slim and fit Ariana transform into a hourglass balloon of sexy curves within seconds, with no signs of slowing down in size any sooner.... "I told you that was a stupid bet to challenge me with you twit, now hold that hose there firmly cause that is a powerful tank and i just had it loaded!" Monique yelled, laughing at the inflating bimbo, "MMMphphphhhh!!!" Ariana responded incoherently, pleading for a sign of pity before she was too big to even fit in the room. "What was that, you inflated hoe? can't hear you..." Monique responded while pressing play on the "Pump my body to the top" song on her room's stereo. The beat started, this was going to be a looong night..
>> No. 12033
File 139545644314.jpg - (86.80KB , 894x894 , sierra_s_curiousity_by_inflatingreality2_0-d79ne3j.jpg )
And other two:

She shouldn't have mocked his body inflation fetish, neither had she be so undiscrit as to go through his folders. The sight of Sierra sitting on his computer chair, going through endeless inflated gals on the screen, laughing her guts out every time a new morph popped up, even blowing up her cheeks as to make fun of him and making MMMHPs sounds, just drove him mad! Sierra was suddenly cut off as a hose was shoved into her mouth, her boyfriend opening the valve as far as it could get just as soon as the nozzle was thrusted in. Almost instantly, Sierra's cheeks start to puff out, becoming noticeably rounder than when she had mockingly blown her cheeks out earlier.
The wide grin and content stare on his face was almost evil as he forcefully inflated Sierra with a fiery determination. In spite of Sierra protesting, trying to pull the hose back out again, she was unable to do anything to stop her fate. Even now, her cleavage had become noticeably more impressive. Although not exactly small to begin with, she was looking rather impressive already. Her tits bulging outward and pushing against her tank top from within. The material started to stretch, her arms and shoulders puffed up quickly bulging out on her sides. Her eyes grew wide as she tried to look at them past the growing hills of her cheeks. She did not seem to enjoy it much, but someone else did, and she should have been way more careful.
>> No. 12034
File 139545646857.jpg - (113.42KB , 730x1095 , parading_sierra_by_inflatingreality2_0-d79ndje.jpg )
It was a sunny day and Sierra and her friends went downtown to watch the blimps in the city parade as they did, every year. She watched in awe as a blimp passed by, it was a sexy girl hovering over the road, people cheering and making noise. She instantly went to play a prank and shot a small stone on the blimps hip to make fun of it, but it pierced through and the blimp started deflating. The crowd was disappointed and she felt awful for what she did, until her friends had a bright idea! They shoved a hose from a nearby helium tank in her mouth. Their idea was to inflate her to the same size and much bigger. The girls inflated her until she was evenly inflated and extremely hour glassed, so as to substitute the loss, and tie her to the truck to drag her around the city. She accepted her fate in guilt, as her cheeks start to puff out and the front of her shirt started to slide across her inflating tits. Her shirt and pants stretched around her inflating curves, her nipples poked out into the fabric within a few cup sizes of the start of her inflation and began to be featured even more prominently the bigger she got. Her ass and thighs began swelling up huge from the pressure building up inside of her. Sierra knew this was going to be a long day. She gave a pathetic look to her friends camera, ready to be hoovered around the town within the next few minutes.

File 139488859223.png - (86.89KB , 322x228 , Capture.png )
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>> No. 11954
this is pretty fantastic
>> No. 11980
File 139504091339.jpg - (38.60KB , 555x471 , barack-obama-not-bad-face-32.jpg )
Only because I have seen your other videos, I have to say the same old sound effects are getting a just a little bit tedious.

Aside from that though, pretty darn good. I would love to see what you could do with a longer clip.

File 139430001287.jpg - (36.86KB , 321x464 , I don't give a fuck what it is but I have an .jpg )
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This SoB gives me an idea. 3D CG toons are popular novadays, so why we re-draw them when we can have a 3D model and make our fan art look like the professional canon one?

Existing software can build 3D models from photos taken from different angles. Multiple screenshots CAN be used for this, the question is HOW. This software is not designed for it, but with some custom stuff attached with glue and duct tape it MUST work.

Just imagine we can have both easiness of tracing "stick figure cartoons" >>/oekaki/6399
and the quality of 3D animation (animation, not still pictures!) at the same time.
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>> No. 11885
Let the guy dream. It'll drive him to go into programming classes and make it.
>> No. 11889
File 139439521667.jpg - (114.07KB , 650x867 , good texture bad 3D.jpg )
>Because that's the only way you can do it
"We" = "All of us". Including ones who can't draw and can use 3D software, but don't do because of the clearly explained set of problems.

>Only if you have a 360° turntable of your object remaining perfectly still with a relatively clean (static) background.
Only worst software. AFAIK we already can rebuild landscape mesh + texture by photos taken from unknown angles. Yeah, the most generic case. It deals with minor changes (shadows, pigeons, stroll, windows) and (tada!!!) different lens aberrations. But it'll probably hard to get a set of screenshots with very similar poses (which don't differ more than typical lens aberrations) but from different angles. To be honest: everything I've ever seen are fuckin' cloud services.

>This software doesn't work the way you think it does. The resulting mesh is highly triangulated and completely useless for character rigging of any kind.
I know :( We'll get a 3D figurine, a completely static one. Fitting a skeletal animation inside it is as hard as taxidermy.
>> No. 11894
The software exists, but its far from the point where it has any logical implications for this stuff. Coming from someone who's been doing this for many years, i can tell you building it from scratch is far easier in the long run. Getting the dimensions right, the textures, bones, and rigs will surely take time but the fully polished and finished model will be much more stable for general use. Ive worked with scanned models, and models 'Generated' from pictures and in the end i spent more hours prepping the mesh for practical work then i would have actually building it myself.

The whole problem with the CG side of inflation, is logistics. To create and render High quality work, you need a slightly above average computer or more. You need almost as much technical experience, as artistic. Depending on the details it can take days, or months to create a fully functional character for use, not counting animation or render time, as well as 'debugging' if you fucked it up. In short, drawing pictures in thirty minutes versus days of work, or months of work just makes sense, especially if you're new to either drawing or CG.

It would require some experience in 3D programs use the proposed software in the first place because of all the clean and polish work. Anyone capable of that alone, will have better chances doing the work themselves.

File 13700117915.jpg - (46.56KB , 580x562 , StealingWater-06.jpg )
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DO anyone have old marks morphs comics ? like Steling water on picture or sexy blow job inflation ??
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>> No. 11862
Some Marks Morps goodness right here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1llnb_breast-inflate_redband

Any more comics or videos lingering around elsewhere?
>> No. 11870
File 139411945885.jpg - (36.05KB , 580x562 , StealingWater-07.jpg )
>> No. 11877
Does anyone have those comics ??

File 139394152068.jpg - (563.30KB , 1200x900 , 1384296703220.jpg )
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I just found this on DA, i've seen this kind of style somewhere on here before, can someone help me identify it? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xiuk05_random-belly-expansion-clip_redband
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>> No. 11861
>> No. 11874
Thank you.

Kind of sorry I asked. Sorry to derail your thread.
>> No. 11875
The creator's probably this guy:


They used to upload the videos to another site for download, and it's likely the re-up's just from someone who had it lying around and forgot it was actually already posted here shat long while's back.

File 138353032512.png - (211.09KB , 600x600 , tbl_logo_by_triple_b_lovers-d6et582.png )
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Surprised that this guy's stuff hasn't made it here. This is a pretty astounding video:

>> No. 11606
Ahhh so amazing you're right. He has some skyrim mods too http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19532u_tbl-skyrim-mod-part-1_videogames
>> No. 11728
bump for MASSIVE interest
>> No. 11849
File 139387749247.jpg - (34.03KB , 628x330 , Thumbzilla.jpg )
This a million times:


The vore title is misleading, but who cares! Could've used a splody ending, but beggars can't be choosers.

File 132777763393.png - (402.37KB , 477x487 , 11.png )
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Below is a copied post from 4chan /t/
I noticed in the screenshots that you can have big boobs and also make the belly bigger without any modifications I feel it is relevant. I will repost here when I have downloaded and installed it, however I can verify it works based on numerous replys.

Copied from 4chan /t/

The Klub 17 6.3, a cracked version of 3D SexVilla 2.
It's a 3d porn game where you can have straight, lesbian, gay, tranny, femdom sex with highly customizable models.
You can make your own sex poses.


Content pack v1.1
Adds tons of new poses, clothes and models.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11324
Okay, odd technical question from a total luddite here.

I was going through the program folders for my copy of TheKlub 17 recently, and I found a folder called "Import". One of the folders inside of this one was labelled "Models", and contained over 500 custom body, face and clothing models that have never once shown up in the program itself when I boot it up.

Does anyone know how I can gain access to these when running the program, so that I can tweak and customize them further? I tried moving them to the saved files section and renaming the folders, but so far no dice.
>> No. 11518
Can someone put it into depositfiles or mega. It would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 11846
File 139378324432.jpg - (69.01KB , 748x590 , La_belle_de_kadic_063.jpg )
Have you ever thought of adding in Aeilita, and Yumi from Code Lyoko? Or mabye Mai Shiranui, and Blue Mary from Fatal Fury?

File 134491904956.jpg - (95.46KB , 600x540 , 130957350731.jpg )
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>> No. 11838
Please say that someone saved at least one of them?
>> No. 11839
File 139371148649.jpg - (45.60KB , 744x437 , goodnurseexperimentinflationvidcap.jpg )

Found his youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/badlifebademotion

where his latest "good nurse" aka "experiment inflation" was also having trouble playing.
Apparently, the vid keeps getting rejected from both dailymotion and youtube, so he uploaded it to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/78c4nrh9k9kl99m/Inflation+Machine.wmv

The sounds are pretty good.
>> No. 11845
Aww... Belly inflation again. *sigh* I wish we could have just breast expansion or hourglass expansion popping videos again. There is too much belly inflation...

File 134972345729.jpg - (164.27KB , 640x480 , DerpyEponine Berry.jpg )
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>> No. 11841
File 139372626965.jpg - (35.09KB , 581x389 , IPEZjcC[1].jpg )
Im not terrific with photoshop but I took some time to make this today.
Its still Denise Nickerson, but its an older picture of her. I really like it because its like a teenage version of her, compared to the original where she is like 10.
>> No. 11842
File 139372634385.jpg - (58.08KB , 600x415 , denise_nickerson12[1].jpg )
This is the original picture I used. I found the older picture of her some time ago on a site I cant remember
>> No. 11843
Can you replace her younger self with this teenage self for several pictures of her blowing up/being rolled? it would be quite the series.

File 136363639220.png - (813.76KB , 1600x1280 , bluelove.png )
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Hey there InflateChan, long time lurker here

I've always liked hypercurvy stuff and a year ago, I saw a great video with a fem pyro ( http://youtu.be/HxyIFyNo6-I ) and decided to try and make my own inflation/expansion stuff with it. Most of it was abysymally bad, but over the course of several months I got better, and today I decided to start sharing it with you guys.
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>> No. 11815
so after playing with sfm I learned two things. 1. doing this kinda stuff is surprisingly simple to learn. 2. first person inflation looks stupid apparently
>> No. 11819

how, how?!

I really want this models...
>> No. 11947
Any chance you'd be willing to explain how to get started? I can't seem to figure out how to manipulate the important things, like the size of the breasts and butt. I can fiddle with the rest more or less fine, but I can't do anything similar in SFM, or even GMOD.

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