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File 138717042080.jpg - (384.97KB , 658x745 , bbb.jpg )
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Miscellanious Poser/Blender/DAZ stuff.
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>> No. 12198
Is there, anywhere in existence, a simple, step-by-step, easy to follow tutorial on how to get convincing inflation-effects using DAZ or Poser?

I'd think if it existed, I could find it here.
>> No. 12703
File 140241380380.jpg - (107.53KB , 1230x869 , p_o_l.jpg )
here is more of this stuff
>> No. 12704
File 140241391111.jpg - (100.28KB , 813x869 , p_o_l 4.jpg )
and more :D

File 140167766093.jpg - (653.55KB , 203x2000 , pink_pressure_2.jpg )
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Does Anyone have the old AG morph with the seagull sitting on the girl? It was my favorite, but I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 12454
File 140168605032.jpg - (99.64KB , 900x996 , 134610841263.jpg )
Here you go, it's one of my favs as well
>> No. 12478
does any one have his image of a girl in a green/red striped jumpsuit

File 138376094052.jpg - (66.35KB , 375x500 , _XmKseq1Zw7m7ykZBEnqTQ.jpg )
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Does anyone have any other pics of her?
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>> No. 12435
File 140129346978.jpg - (67.05KB , 576x768 , 8b088a9b8f3f35f7d7c73d1c6849e154.jpg )
>> No. 12436
File 140129370039.jpg - (51.91KB , 576x768 , 4673ee4f4711b58aa96b6d781fdf2244 (1).jpg )
>> No. 12439
File 140134171140.jpg - (29.54KB , 377x500 , 2eb8c667f3e07cf2508a81f3bea95d57.jpg )

File 139430001287.jpg - (36.86KB , 321x464 , I don't give a fuck what it is but I have an .jpg )
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This SoB gives me an idea. 3D CG toons are popular novadays, so why we re-draw them when we can have a 3D model and make our fan art look like the professional canon one?

Existing software can build 3D models from photos taken from different angles. Multiple screenshots CAN be used for this, the question is HOW. This software is not designed for it, but with some custom stuff attached with glue and duct tape it MUST work.

Just imagine we can have both easiness of tracing "stick figure cartoons" >>/oekaki/6399
and the quality of 3D animation (animation, not still pictures!) at the same time.
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>> No. 12413
File 140096592222.jpg - (402.96KB , 1000x563 , mrpeasherm002.jpg )
Yeah, sad as it is to say, I think all the modelers capable of creating a faithful rendition are too busy skinning ponies. No offense to the pony skinners, but damn there's a LOT out there.

In the meantime, us 2d artists with zero sleep, some image files, and just enough time on our hands can just dick around with our inferior methods... What's that dog got in his hand?
>> No. 12414
File 14009663969.jpg - (487.65KB , 1000x563 , mrpeasherm003.jpg )
Well, I tried. Somebody over in /drawn/ wanted an inflated Penny Peterson, but it just didn't seem like the right material to have over there.

Also, they wanted popped buttons, but I'm still very much an amateur at throwing all this crap together.

I will leave you all be, now.
>> No. 12432
File 140114395335.png - (167.17KB , 300x300 , profile_picture_by_penny_peterson-d7d01qt.png )

Cool good try :)

File 139407577648.png - (298.86KB , 425x632 , Morph 11.png )
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I just started to get into making morphs and wanted your guys opinion on how well I make them. If u guys like this one, I'll post the rest of my morphs. Just to note, I currently use Gimp to make them.
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>> No. 12408
File 140092448176.jpg - (138.26KB , 960x638 , IMG_113.jpg )
One I just did,I'm a bit more satisfied with this one though... Again, this one was done in SAI.
>> No. 12409
File 140092548276.jpg - (115.69KB , 960x638 , IMG_101.jpg )
Ah right, originals!
>> No. 12410
File 140092555928.jpg - (147.77KB , 960x638 , IMG_113.jpg )
And two... I did a ton of retooling on this one x.x

File 138713362597.jpg - (554.33KB , 1500x1142 , 3dcgbe.jpg )
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Old thread saged, lets start up a new 3d custom girl thread.
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>> No. 12098
File 139648123533.jpg - (355.72KB , 1093x614 , Custom 3D Girls-0027.jpg )
>> No. 12143
File 139732897825.jpg - (301.98KB , 1093x614 , Custom 3D Girls-0029.jpg )
>> No. 12365
File 140052048414.png - (234.90KB , 674x572 , Custom 3D Girls-0053.png )

File 137381786039.jpg - (0.98MB , 1640x922 , bigandfish.jpg )
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Even the longest running non-stickied single thread on inflatechan must yield to autosage eventually.

Pic is from my DA set I'm doing that basically is Jane's hobbies other than expansion. Not that she isn't huge while doing them, but..
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>> No. 11430
File 138885151892.jpg - (868.21KB , 1312x1050 , drow02.jpg )
Steam belly girl does not, sadly. She was something I whipped up as an experiment. See, each month I take donations to produce New stuff, and whoever donates the most in a given month gets a request. (Note, I reserve the right to refuse a request) Steam belly girl was from November and was basically just 'Something with breasts and belly'. So I tried to make it interesting looking.

I look a lot of what I did with her and used it in my next pic. Which is, as usual, too large to submit here without sizing it down....
>> No. 11774
File 139316933693.jpg - (597.02KB , 1640x922 , FebB1.jpg )
>> No. 12311
File 139950005980.jpg - (695.50KB , 1640x922 , jedi1.jpg )
This months donation drive theme is sci fi.

File 13987341524.jpg - (226.37KB , 1920x1080 , exblue-03.jpg )
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>> No. 12226
double post... sorry... I didn't think the first one went though. Mods can delete one of these

File 13987340702.jpg - (30.97KB , 600x444 , GymViolet3_preview.jpg )
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File 139580397154.jpg - (1.87KB , 84x120 , url.jpg )
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I remember seeing the full size of this here some time ago. Original artist deleted it and says he no longer has a copy. Anybody save it?
>> No. 12064
taylor_swift_belly_expansion_2_by_marcel19 there's your search query. Get Kraken
>> No. 12065
Yep. Nothing on Google and marcel19 totally deleted it from his files. I asked.
>> No. 12222
File 139871243631.jpg - (82.46KB , 414x594 , taylor_swift_belly_expansion_2_by_paulscowboys-d7e.jpg )
lo, it hath returneth

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