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File 143616704695.png - (335.33KB , 542x542 , Duke Delmont - The Giver (Reprise).png )
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Not sure if this is old news already, but I discovered it through Tumblr the other day, and thought I'd share it:

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>> No. 16487
Any more like this :)
>> No. 16497
Anyone know of any more music videos that have any related fetishes in them?
>> No. 16501
File 143649276333.jpg - (250.47KB , 900x900 , MAGIC IPAD.jpg )


Not as good as the first clip, but it's something.

File 143517262958.jpg - (542.65KB , 657x930 , nat_berry_portman_stage_1_by_curvecontroller-d3cxv.jpg )
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does anyone have any of curve controller old stuff ?
>> No. 16492
>> No. 16493

File 143514555214.jpg - (104.58KB , 680x960 , image.jpg )
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Anybody have a gallery/folder of these? I remember expansion mansion having these back in the day, but I can't find the rest anymore.
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>> No. 16420
I saw him around preggophillia for just one morph.
>> No. 16440
There's a great link in >>1605 that has all of the human morphs ... but none of the furballs. Does anyone have that?
>> No. 16453
I think he made a few posts here a while back.

File 139691032498.jpg - (17.09KB , 563x422 , THE FUTURE IS NOW.jpg )
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Not sure where the best place for this topic would be - /cg/ seemed the most fitting. Anyway, has there been any progress with regards to inflation/weight gain/etc. simulation with virtual reality?

Just think of the possibilities - you could wear one of those rubber inflatable suits in real life, and put on an Oculus Rift to see a customisable, hyper-inflatable 3D body. If you triggered both at the same time...
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>> No. 12182
*somebody* on that study has to be in on the joke. Seriously.
Also, baby steppies. Perhaps someday someone will develop the technology to feel like you're inflated, and if we get the visual technology all set up by then, then the rest will be easier to work with. Might as well work on making strides with this now that we have it :D
>> No. 12183

I thought about maybe if you had clothing that would restrict correspondingly with what you were seeing, if that would be good enough. Anyways, according to the study, you can already replicate that effect with nothing more than synchronized poking, and it's so realistic that it changes the way your brain perceives your body IRL.

So, I'm sure using the exact same testing conditions, but just with a more "specialized" character model, you could achieve feeling inflated through strategic poking today right here, right now. Hell, you could probably achieve the feeling of having boobs, or some more specific fetish like macro/micro if you wanted to. If you're into that sort of thing.

Here's an interesting thought, though - what if you had like a fully spherical blueberry-type character model, and you had the person stand spread-eagle and everything, just like the test conditions, and then, say, poke the flesh on the inflated character model's body just below the hand, which, if you mapped out which skin goes where, would be like the underside of your wrist/forearm, and poke that spot accordingly, or if you poked the flesh next to their feet (not that they'd be able to see it from a first-person view), and they were correspondingly poked on their thigh? Do you think the dissonance of what you're seeing and feeling would break the illusion, or do you think that the internal logic (relatively speaking) of the situation would enhance it?
>> No. 16439
File 143570147628.jpg - (71.55KB , 658x443 , Leprechaun_3_sex_robot[1].jpg )
what a virtual inflating partner/girlfriend?

File 142565513296.png - (251.66KB , 619x439 , Untitled-1.png )
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Post what you make or find.
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>> No. 16354
Yeah, the SL mesh system is rather complex. it takes a certain type of 3D file, not to mention all the requirments to make it fit to the SL skeleton.
>> No. 16376
>>16352 >>16234 >>16214 >>16117
OMG, I love these. I hope there are more.
>> No. 16421
awesome...really like this one:)

File 143500259392.jpg - (93.93KB , 540x960 , 11011886_449624368525641_705878873994436517_n.jpg )
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I found these a while ago via Facebook, but didn't save the address. Anyone recognize them?

They're not great, but I thought they were fun.
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>> No. 16382
File 143500278245.jpg - (87.06KB , 540x960 , 11043033_449624875192257_5049974450217813232_n.jpg )
>> No. 16383
File 143500291530.jpg - (92.56KB , 540x960 , 10996796_449624938525584_4596514039102100750_n.jpg )
>> No. 16384
File 14350029707.jpg - (84.28KB , 540x960 , 13250_449625025192242_2573071676208729677_n.jpg )

File 138713362597.jpg - (554.33KB , 1500x1142 , 3dcgbe.jpg )
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Old thread saged, lets start up a new 3d custom girl thread.
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>> No. 15923
File 142877645443.png - (545.10KB , 1024x768 , Kazuu-40729667_big_p0.png )
>> No. 16275
File 143378336135.png - (447.56KB , 1024x768 , Kazuu-40729667_big_p1.png )
>> No. 16385
File 143501657952.png - (279.30KB , 1024x768 , Kazuu-51038757_p0.png )

File 13957708336.gif - (372.73KB , 300x434 , Feeling_Fuller_Animation_by_Izlude13.gif )
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Gifs of Morphs thread.

The previous thread is autosaging from too much awesome so here is a new one.

Here are some links to gifs that were posted in the last thread



Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 16298
File 143397721386.gif - (906.42KB , 350x263 , 13788173825.gif )
>> No. 16301
Those idle-animal gifts are epic however his tumblr and deviantart have been dormant anyone know what's up?
>> No. 16361
Since Pomf went down, anybody got reuploads of >>13359 - >>14578?

File 13966611472.jpg - (114.72KB , 584x915 , monoko_by_morphy_mcmorpherson-d792rw2.jpg )
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I always enjoyed morphing girls in cosplay, and I thought it would be fun to share a few I've done and see what other people make.
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>> No. 15921
File 142872855210.jpg - (652.56KB , 1365x2048 , 1427559761291.jpg )
Let's give this thread a bump and maybe this Cammy a bigger butt
>> No. 16259
File 143344636357.jpg - (95.97KB , 600x900 , 141280378832_BE2.jpg )
added just a little more curvature, hope you like it (my morphing skills are a bit rusty...)
>> No. 16358
File 143465040864.jpg - (42.42KB , 640x960 , Mami.jpg )
Can anyone give her even bigger boobs?

File 142317593047.png - (875.62KB , 713x1280 , Topless Midna.png )
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Thread 6 has fallen, 7 awakens.

Once again, post everything you do in Gmod/SFM.

Previous thread: >>14504
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>> No. 16300
Fourth it!
>> No. 16306
Is anyone actually gonna do this? The people have spoken.
>> No. 16308
Well, this thread is saging, and to make a new one we need a picture.

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