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File 141865414326.png - (211.02KB , 316x645 , b7f50bee275d20080d7e3bd0c2d43126.png )
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For shame InflateChan.
All these brilliant people and no one has taken a crack at Modding Sims 4.
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>> No. 14898
File 141927785986.jpg - (76.70KB , 569x969 , MTS_EVOL_EVOLVED-1463552-Big1.jpg )

Expanded Physique range mod.This seems like the best fat sim 4 mod I've seen so far.And really the only fat sim 4 mod I've seen.
>> No. 14915
For anyone unable to contribute to this thread as of yet, I completely advocate pirating The Sims 4. EA doesn't deserve the money, as bad as the game is... Out of Create-A-Sim, of course.
>> No. 15100
where do I put the mods folder? My game doesn't have an electronic arts folder it has R.G. Mechanics.

File 134229722633.jpg - (119.13KB , 480x455 , Tribute to BigHorse BB.jpg )
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>> No. 12474
Everyone knows about those though and not the ones in question.
>> No. 12728
This stuff is just awesome, going to go check there old work.
>> No. 15068
;_; One day

File 140979527581.gif - (251.88KB , 96x113 , CT Princess Inflate.gif )
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I'm talking this free software right here: http://www.xiberpix.net/SqirlzMorph.html

Although I'm not perfect I was able to use my Cake Takers concept sprites (seen here) and make an animation out of it. You can even have animations ping pong.
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>> No. 15019
OK, we can wait. Zola will not burst all by herself, lol.
>> No. 15046
Holy shit that client gave me M√ľnchausen syndrome by proxy.
I swear it asked me to install like ten other programs.
I wasn't able to make anything out of the program itself. Does it not take .Png images?
>> No. 15056
after playing with it it seems to only take jpgs and converts into gifs. and sometimes very large gifs.

File 139430001287.jpg - (36.86KB , 321x464 , I don't give a fuck what it is but I have an .jpg )
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This SoB gives me an idea. 3D CG toons are popular novadays, so why we re-draw them when we can have a 3D model and make our fan art look like the professional canon one?

Existing software can build 3D models from photos taken from different angles. Multiple screenshots CAN be used for this, the question is HOW. This software is not designed for it, but with some custom stuff attached with glue and duct tape it MUST work.

Just imagine we can have both easiness of tracing "stick figure cartoons" >>/oekaki/6399
and the quality of 3D animation (animation, not still pictures!) at the same time.
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>> No. 14553

No, just your posting.
>> No. 14957
File 142021411880.jpg - (138.45KB , 720x890 , 3d Nova.jpg )
http://tf3dm.com/search/?q=warframe&format=All+Formats&search=Search Does this count? Bonus pic of what I managed with one of these models. To my understanding it's more of having been ripped from the game, then converted for the source engine... THEN converted for blender.
>> No. 14983
Seems legit to me! Too bad we don't have a nyx or mag yet...

File 141660420896.jpg - (42.27KB , 561x424 , 123142324324.jpg )
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Girl fucked by monster. Cum inflation at the end
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>> No. 14952
Kind of surprised not to see this one.

Cumflation is at the very end.

>> No. 14953
It's not bad, but I'd still rate Cat girl vs. Gorilla more.
>> No. 14954

File 136564341091.jpg - (35.87KB , 950x652 , House of Swell_4-045.jpg )
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Remember the site House of Swell?
It's no longer among us.
However, the poser images are.

Let us post them here.
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>> No. 13095
File 140492742755.jpg - (69.55KB , 999x796 , House of Swell_evolute2.jpg )
>> No. 13292
File 14058108702.jpg - (64.87KB , 999x796 , House of Swell_evolute3.jpg )
>> No. 14951

There needs to be more inhuman pregnancy art.

I like this pose.

File 141749472552.jpg - (21.42KB , 271x307 , image.jpg )
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Well, it wasn't really a game. It was more like a 2D anime girl/doll creator, that you could change the poses, clothing and appearances of the girls. Main reason I'm looking for this is the feature of increasing the girls' breast and belly sizes. I keep seeing screenshots of other people's creations in this, but I cannot seem to find the 'game' itself. Does anyone have a link to it?

(Pic horribly unrelated)
>> No. 14721
Maybe you're referring to this?

>> No. 14947
Where I can find that?

File 141593891782.png - (60.46KB , 640x400 , oopsimayhaveafootpumpfetish.png )
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Picture is unrelated.
So there's this mod for Skyrim, it's called Fill Her Up.
It takes a SHIT-long time to get working (never seen so many dependencies since I accidentally walked in on an alcoholic support group, true story) but apparently it's pretty worth it. I downloaded the wrong body by accident so I haven't used it yet. But knowing you guys, good things could come of it. (pun not intended).
It needs SexLab (which needs FNIS), a certain skeleton and a certain body model (all of which have their own dependencies and it's REALLY CONFUSING.)


Here you go, if you want to take a stab at it. Chances are you have half this shit already and I'm just dumb.
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>> No. 14891
We could be getting our MCPs, yet we choose to spend our time modding Skyrim so we can fap to it. Three cheers for us.
>> No. 14916
Oh my! I've been thinking of firing up Skyrim again and install some sexy mods.

If I get the time, I'll post a little guide here for these mods, since I'll be starting from a mostly-clean installation.
>> No. 14918
That'd be great. Would be much better than my flopping about trying to achieve something.

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can anyone morph my friend? yeah before you say anything i know its a model but she gave me permission to have her morphed. blueberry inflation, anything. i can provide more pics as well

Requests go in request thread.

File 141829255649.png - (764.29KB , 966x529 , a_royal_bath_by_blue_skinned_devil-d6e0es82.png )
14807 No. 14807 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Since there is such a distinct lack of quality 3D stuff, I thought I'd post some of mine.
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>> No. 14813
File 141829291940.png - (264.47KB , 649x373 , shower_time_by_blue_skinned_devil-d826cvy.png )
All of these had to be resized in order to post. You can go to my gallery to view them in their regular size.
>> No. 14814
Link for the lazy http://blue-skinned-devil.deviantart.com/gallery/
>> No. 14818
File 14183172894.jpg - (23.75KB , 400x533 , image.jpg )
Not bad.

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