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can anyone morph my friend? yeah before you say anything i know its a model but she gave me permission to have her morphed. blueberry inflation, anything. i can provide more pics as well

Requests go in request thread.

File 141829255649.png - (764.29KB , 966x529 , a_royal_bath_by_blue_skinned_devil-d6e0es82.png )
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Since there is such a distinct lack of quality 3D stuff, I thought I'd post some of mine.
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>> No. 14813
File 141829291940.png - (264.47KB , 649x373 , shower_time_by_blue_skinned_devil-d826cvy.png )
All of these had to be resized in order to post. You can go to my gallery to view them in their regular size.
>> No. 14814
Link for the lazy http://blue-skinned-devil.deviantart.com/gallery/
>> No. 14818
File 14183172894.jpg - (23.75KB , 400x533 , image.jpg )
Not bad.

File 139262550121.jpg - (26.97KB , 446x336 , mah_niggas.jpg )
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Mah niggaz!

Here be some prototype shit for your enjoyment.

I have one and only one condition: this is an IC exclusive, full stop. If anyone posts this stuff to any other website, I will find out about it and you will never see or hear from me again. Someone has already done this with a prior work of mine, and now DA is charging $$ for prints (which is what pisses me off the most).

Random Q&A crap:

Q: What programs did you use?
A: A bunch of (commercial) stuff that doesn't include Poser or Daz.

Q: Where did the models come from?
A: I modelled and rigged them from scratch using the ME3 meshes as reference.

Q: Where did the props come from?
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>> No. 14734
File 141759927474.jpg - (539.52KB , 2048x2048 , ashleyg_test2_4.jpg )
Unfinished test render of Ashley, 4/4.

>> No. 14737

Goddamn, if this is what the unfinished product looks like, I can't wait to see what the final will be like.

I really like the "just starting to float" pose with Ash dropping the hose in surprise. Love what you did with her lips!
>> No. 14747
That looks great, can't wait to see how the others end up looking mostly Liara~

File 136849797420.jpg - (14.39KB , 319x241 , ache.jpg )
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Hallo, so I was bored and decided to mess about:

Also this one: https://anonfiles.com/file/4ea6b6662590c7ddbdbcff954f53020b

And this one (revisted an old one): https://anonfiles.com/file/7038481f56ab2d610edaf165092e29eb

Hope you like 'em!
In other news, general animated morph thread anyone?
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>> No. 14708
seconding this request
>> No. 14713
How the flip do you download or view these things?
>> No. 14724
Go to google, type in r/Patchyeah, they have a subreddit.

File 141732098113.png - (277.12KB , 826x461 , scrnsht.png )
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Looked pretty damn hot (especially the models), even if the actual vore content is brief. Alas, the page where it is supposed to be available is no longer functioning. Does anybody know another way to get ahold of this? I don't even know who created it. The YouTube vid was posted by somebody else at the maker's request.

(Pic is a screenshot from the video)

File 13700117915.jpg - (46.56KB , 580x562 , StealingWater-06.jpg )
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DO anyone have old marks morphs comics ? like Steling water on picture or sexy blow job inflation ??
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>> No. 11870
File 139411945885.jpg - (36.05KB , 580x562 , StealingWater-07.jpg )
>> No. 11877
Does anyone have those comics ??
>> No. 14609

File 137381786039.jpg - (0.98MB , 1640x922 , bigandfish.jpg )
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Even the longest running non-stickied single thread on inflatechan must yield to autosage eventually.

Pic is from my DA set I'm doing that basically is Jane's hobbies other than expansion. Not that she isn't huge while doing them, but..
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>> No. 14364
who is she?
>> No. 14368
Tanya Song.
>> No. 14602
File 141645392960.jpg - (344.25KB , 1200x720 , test8.jpg )
experimenting with new models

File 141559268583.jpg - (482.08KB , 1200x768 , wmaker_comparison.jpg )
14487 No. 14487 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
(Topic forked from http://www.inflatechan.net/drawn/res/84715+50.html)

This is my final post on the subject, because I really don't give a shit if people believe me or not. I've got other things to do rather then sitting around arguing if her ass is inflatable or not, like actually building my own WM model in ZB/Modo that does all the things people think Blizzard has already done.

The following link is a cropped and resized version of the gameplay preview. The footage starts at frame 1884 and ends at frame 1924 (~40 frames). The source video has been scaled up by 118%, which eases down to 100% at the last frame, attempting to counteract the camera zoom and movement towards the character.


A before and after picture is attached to this post of frame 1884 (before) and frame 1924 (after). They are nearly identical, apart from some slight perspective warping.

So, to recap:

1) There is some kind of contraction and expansion occurring. Whether or not this is caused by vertex/point level animation, skeletal animation, or a bizarre glitch, it doesn't matter. The change in volume of the character is negligible.

2) Blizzard has recently stated that they are trying not to oversexualize the female characters in Overwatch (I know that's ironic considering WM's body profile). Can you imagine the character artists saying "Yeah, let's make her ass grow when she flips down her visor"?
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>> No. 14494
I got a friend who works in the industry who told me it's an animation blending error. if you look at her crotch it's also slightly expanding. he told me it's the pelvis bone scaling itself wrong because of a rigging error
>> No. 14499
Even if it was a bug or mistake -or even intentionnal-, it had the merit to draw attention of inflation fetichists about this new game.
I think this "Widowmaker" could one of the first Overwatch's character to have an inflation-related fanart.

PS: Sorry for my english writing, I'm from the Old Continent.
>> No. 14540
Ran this by a friend of mine who has professional experience with game design.

Says it looks like a glitch - something about the 'bones' in her model not being set up right, and causing her body shape to shift when she moves position. He says it'll probably get fixed in the beta.

File 140677360686.jpg - (798.12KB , 1920x1080 , First Timer.jpg )
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The fourth thread's gone and auto-saged, so I'm making a new one, starting with something I whipped up with the two models that were posted up toward the end. Pretty much my first time mucking around with SFM.

Thread #4: http://www.inflatechan.net/cg/res/11744.html
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>> No. 14495
Pretty good,but her face looks kind of weird.
>> No. 14498
Yeah she's got a real Anthony Burch face going on there.
>> No. 14503
This thread has reached his bump limit and will soon fall into the depth of this board.

Time for a new one!

File 138909212841.jpg - (5.85KB , 275x183 , images.jpg )
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>> No. 14358
File 141377256468.gif - (711.14KB , 642x375 , 134746797968.gif )
>> No. 14360
File 141377954731.jpg - (20.80KB , 400x267 , thrilled-man.jpg )
That is awesome!
>> No. 14363
Still damn epic.
We definitely need more like this.

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