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File 139196126115.png - (118.27KB , 333x193 , Capture.png )
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My first attempt at a violet-themed expansion morph, any tips?
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>> No. 11682
File 139201234981.jpg - (201.56KB , 1200x1200 , 1529-20131230-PrettyGood.jpg )
Not the absolute best morph I have ever seen, but FAR FAR from the worst.

If you really want tips, that may be a little tough, as you did nothing wrong really.

The pulsing back and forth from one color to the other was a bid odd, as the usual starts off as fleshy and slowly fades to blue. Also if you are looking to follow the standard, it most often starts off small and gets big, not somewhat big to bigger. For all I know though, you may wanted these to be this way exactly, and if that's the case, GOOD JOB!

I guess the only real advise I could give is, if you can keep that same quality and make longer vids with bigger inflation, you will be golden.
>> No. 11684
Thanks for the feedback, if either of you know of any videos that you think should be morphed on a bigger scale or rounder please send me a link here :)
>> No. 11708
Saw your newest one. The footage you had to work with was sub-par, but that wasn't exactly your fault. You did pretty well with what you had.

File 127837127854.jpg - (8.34KB , 360x270 , spiderhaunt.jpg )
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Anyone know where I can get it or buy it. I was looking for a specific set where a woman with a bush was morphed on a bed while taking her panties off.

Anyone remember that one?
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>> No. 11591
no worries
>> No. 11631
cool can't wait to see you morphs again
>> No. 11690
hey spider you got any update ?

File 139196402069.jpg - (259.10KB , 1280x720 , Безымянный2.jpg )
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[FLASH] Bioshock Intimate

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>> No. 11677
>> No. 11680
But....where is inflation?
>> No. 11686
hwo do you get the other ending (underwater).?
I only got the masturbating one

File 138689841658.jpg - (35.74KB , 600x527 , lCA218DK1.jpg )
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>> No. 11660
Does anyone have more of pen and paper guy's older stuff?
>> No. 11662
That thread autosaged but it's not yet gone, I believe.
>> No. 11665


File 12642846373.jpg - (24.46KB , 250x246 , 250px-BreastExpansion.jpg )
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There used to be an old morph series called "That's UnBElievable!" I would love to post a pic from it to show you all, but I haven't even been able to find one of them. I've tried Limewire, various torrent sites, and other forums to try and locate them. There were around 100 morphs that were done, maybe more. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or who knows where to find them?
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>> No. 8883
Anyone remember Flashbird's breast and belly morphs? Lots of hoses. Reminds me of his work.
>> No. 11343
>> No. 11638
File 139140950129.jpg - (31.90KB , 340x287 , 3qq82x.jpg )
i've been wondering where these had got to...glad we have then again :D

File 138084737722.gif - (709.73KB , 640x600 , ibrnFYIctcokDN.gif )
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Could have sworn there was a Skyrim/Oblivion mods thread in here but it must've been pushed into oblivion (hah). So, I'll just leave this here...

Anyway, was bored one day and decided to screw around with Photoshop and some screenshots of Skyrim mods. One of em came out half-decent so I figured what the hell, I'll post it here.

For the curious, the mod in the pic is ZGGB-T by Zaselim
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>> No. 11562
What is "renders"?
>> No. 11564
more pictures like that last one
>> No. 11596
All pictures of my bodies I am uploading there http://coldsteelj.deviantart.com/

File 139064705317.gif - (688.75KB , 196x196 , spentest.gif )
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hello i am experiment with combine 3D and after effect

i try 'video copilot' to import from daz3d

how to improve and what to use to make motion cap from an video

File 139029923481.jpg - (155.26KB , 1280x1251 , tumblr_m9qjhn3pYH1r9u466o1_1280.jpg )
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Batgirl, Harley quinn inflations?
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>> No. 11568
File 139048685637.png - (701.41KB , 663x561 , 8384d110234012a573dbb9ea9076638e-d5glkwt.png )
>> No. 11569
File 139048690293.png - (99.96KB , 479x601 , harley_quinn_by_elsinestrouno-d4idll5.png )
>> No. 11570
File 139048696971.jpg - (96.07KB , 752x1063 , harls_by_elsinestrouno-d671icv.jpg )

File 139021403690.jpg - (68.37KB , 504x600 , Footpumpgirl___Office_Pressure_by_Spiderhaunt.jpg )
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goes anyone now where i can get the full archive of there morphs?
>> No. 11545
I've also been wondering about this for a while. All I can think of is the torrent link which I still have saved, but it hasn't been seeded in a long, long time.
>> No. 11547
tried it no peers/seeder
>> No. 11549
same story here. torrent, but no seeder for it. i try every now and again. i have a lot of it, but am missing protions, maybe we could just post loose files here?

File 138670796517.png - (909.31KB , 1280x720 , 1386595479807.png )
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game : http://pastebin.com/0PS0VUGH
mods : http://pastebin.com/vkRXrPJf

For boobs : : http://cdn.3dcustom.net/BUCuploader/upload.cgi?mode=dl&file=21
For Ass : Soon ??
For Belly :??????

The mod don't work for me T_T ... and you ?
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>> No. 11313
Have you followed this? http://hgames.wikia.com/wiki/3D_Girl_Custom_Evolution_Technical_Help#Quick_step-by-step_guide
>> No. 11315
So what is the soon that you are talking about for an Ass mod? How soon we talking about?
>> No. 11355

I really like this mod. It's called the SuperSlider mod.
It even works with the breast mod. It's great.

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