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File 134229722633.jpg - (119.13KB , 480x455 , Tribute to BigHorse BB.jpg )
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>> No. 7921
so many people ask before you and nobody answered
>> No. 8279
So whoever posted these could you please tell us where you got these?
>> No. 11282

File 138462637151.jpg - (18.15KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
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I know most of his animations sucked balls, but some of them were good. He closed the website and I think he became very religious, so as it isn't going to come back, is there any chance to post some of his old videos?
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>> No. 11178
I seem to remember a time when you could find the videos on YouTube, but nothing like this. There was no hackneyed plot, bad voice acting (what little non-synthetic there was) or unnecessary characters. As I remember, it was all just crudely animated expansions. Nothing too flashy, just enough to get the point across. When did it all go downhill?
>> No. 11179
When he tried to make a living at it.
>> No. 11279
Anyone have a siterip?

File 134964186762.jpg - (236.07KB , 530x380 , mallard_duck.jpg )
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The thread about my morphs is locked, so I can't reply to it. Therefore, I have created this post.

deviantart shut my account down, unfortunately.

I have about 85% of the morphs I did. Email me at duckboy43@yahoo.com if you'd like them.

If I find a safer place to upload, I'd make more...
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>> No. 10321
I really enjoy your work. it's unfortunate that it's been removed or taken down from most parts of the net.

Looking forward to seeing more!
>> No. 11244
Thanks, Anonymous (the second one. I think the first one was trying to make a joke. Or something).

I'm going to move to Tumblr soon. If you'd like me to morph / caption something specific, email me at duckboy43@yahoo.com with picture and idea for the caption. Once I have enough of them done, I'll launch it.
>> No. 11256
can you post the link to the tumblr page?

File 136911265052.jpg - (145.16KB , 1280x720 , Momo.jpg )
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Vidya thread.
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>> No. 11240
File 138562042352.jpg - (130.73KB , 1280x720 , MUU.jpg )
>> No. 11241
File 138562044510.jpg - (118.70KB , 1280x720 , MomoSI.jpg )
>> No. 11247
File 138593158432.jpg - (116.14KB , 1280x720 , MUu3.jpg )

File 136564341091.jpg - (35.87KB , 950x652 , House of Swell_4-045.jpg )
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Remember the site House of Swell?
It's no longer among us.
However, the poser images are.

Let us post them here.
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>> No. 11211
File 138542778461.jpg - (40.34KB , 900x675 , House of Swell-alienlust10.jpg )
>> No. 11212
File 138542788921.jpg - (39.52KB , 900x675 , House of Swell-alienlust11.jpg )
>> No. 11213
File 138542792674.jpg - (34.05KB , 900x675 , House of Swell-alienlust12.jpg )

File 138362085121.jpg - (9.65KB , 320x240 , x240-Kug.jpg )
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There's a monster in FF8 that has an attack that turns a party member into a ball and bounces them around. Here's some footage of the 3 female characters getting the treatment.



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>> No. 11173
Personally, I find it okay, considering that it's PS1 video game inflation.
>> No. 11174
I'm with Zodiac. I can't just fap to every bone that's thrown my way.
>> No. 11175
If you masturbate to bones, wouldn't you be more at home in /male?

File 138404977837.png - (389.37KB , 745x694 , !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.png )
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do you guys know how I can mess with this in a free modeling thingy?


or you can have your own fun with it
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>> No. 11140
1. Download Blender.
2. Download the .blend file from that site.
3. Open file with Blender.
>> No. 11159
File 138435559610.gif - (857.69KB , 240x228 , clint_ew.gif )
>> No. 11172
I've been messing around with Blender for a few years, but I'm not a pro, so take this with a grain of salt.

As nice as the model is, it's not well equipped for inflation deformation. I like to make a bunch of different shape keys on the undergarments and then apply the transformations. This has too much clothing which is bound to the model. I guess I could pull it off and see how the mesh looks, but it's really best used as intended: for animation, not resculpting.

File 131050484820.jpg - (428.87KB , 1025x1686 , popping_preference_by_airgrenade-d3ngvxq.jpg )
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AirGrenade thread?
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>> No. 11155
Right here : http://airgrenade.wordpress.com/
>> No. 11157

thank you.
>> No. 11158
You're welcome.

File 135726169397.jpg - (400.96KB , 600x600 , bellyplanet.jpg )
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Bigger is better right?
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>> No. 11113
Ver. 1. She can retain her own outer atmosphere. So her gravity is strong enough. She must be bigger than Earth and must hold really big pressure to keep her inner air dense enough.
Ver. 2. The whole biosphere is inside her. So she can be Earth-sized and have normal air pressure which is, in vacuum, enough to keep her firmly inflated.
>> No. 11117
This thread is awesome. I luv it.

Reminds me of a thread in 4chan's /tg/ which was started as a troll thread with a furry diaper fetish pic, and it quickly evolved into the science of diapers of holding and how they could produce petroleum, or using them as plague bombs and all sorts of science.
>> No. 11144
she must heal meteor wounds very quickly, before air escapes

File 135447615448.png - (214.49KB , 366x520 , DliwL.png )
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Of WoW, Skyrim, or Oblivion.
Anything for larger breasts, belly, or ass. Or any combination of.
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>> No. 10993
Unreal engine 3! You saw somewhere a script to import and export models in the Tera?
>> No. 11045
>> No. 11060
>>11045 I like this,
I like this a lot.

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