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File 140167766093.jpg - (653.55KB , 203x2000 , pink_pressure_2.jpg )
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Does Anyone have the old AG morph with the seagull sitting on the girl? It was my favorite, but I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 12454
File 140168605032.jpg - (99.64KB , 900x996 , 134610841263.jpg )
Here you go, it's one of my favs as well
>> No. 12478
does any one have his image of a girl in a green/red striped jumpsuit

File 139407577648.png - (298.86KB , 425x632 , Morph 11.png )
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I just started to get into making morphs and wanted your guys opinion on how well I make them. If u guys like this one, I'll post the rest of my morphs. Just to note, I currently use Gimp to make them.
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>> No. 12408
File 140092448176.jpg - (138.26KB , 960x638 , IMG_113.jpg )
One I just did,I'm a bit more satisfied with this one though... Again, this one was done in SAI.
>> No. 12409
File 140092548276.jpg - (115.69KB , 960x638 , IMG_101.jpg )
Ah right, originals!
>> No. 12410
File 140092555928.jpg - (147.77KB , 960x638 , IMG_113.jpg )
And two... I did a ton of retooling on this one x.x

File 138713362597.jpg - (554.33KB , 1500x1142 , 3dcgbe.jpg )
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Old thread saged, lets start up a new 3d custom girl thread.
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>> No. 12098
File 139648123533.jpg - (355.72KB , 1093x614 , Custom 3D Girls-0027.jpg )
>> No. 12143
File 139732897825.jpg - (301.98KB , 1093x614 , Custom 3D Girls-0029.jpg )
>> No. 12365
File 140052048414.png - (234.90KB , 674x572 , Custom 3D Girls-0053.png )

File 13987341524.jpg - (226.37KB , 1920x1080 , exblue-03.jpg )
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>> No. 12226
double post... sorry... I didn't think the first one went though. Mods can delete one of these

File 13987340702.jpg - (30.97KB , 600x444 , GymViolet3_preview.jpg )
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File 139580397154.jpg - (1.87KB , 84x120 , url.jpg )
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I remember seeing the full size of this here some time ago. Original artist deleted it and says he no longer has a copy. Anybody save it?
>> No. 12064
taylor_swift_belly_expansion_2_by_marcel19 there's your search query. Get Kraken
>> No. 12065
Yep. Nothing on Google and marcel19 totally deleted it from his files. I asked.
>> No. 12222
File 139871243631.jpg - (82.46KB , 414x594 , taylor_swift_belly_expansion_2_by_paulscowboys-d7e.jpg )
lo, it hath returneth

File 128684816835.png - (704.06KB , 648x487 , Isis2.png )
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I don't suppose anyone has any links to any mods for altering girl's breast or possibly belly and hip sizes (or any other interestingly sexy mods) in AG3?
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>> No. 11672
hi i got download for articial girl 3 and other one for http://www.mediafire.com/?po8x2c5x2mhk8mw

but how can like the direction suppose be extract all it?
>> No. 11683
>> No. 12210
How do you mod it? When I start up the Make program to equip it to my girl, it doesn't show up.

File 12807046436.jpg - (21.63KB , 484x600 , businessman.jpg )
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Gentlemen, I come to you all offering a deal to which we all can benefit from, but in the grand scheme of things, you shall benefit more.
Before the hands of tyranny and greed wrested control of Stormr's Zone (or the ExpansionMansion, if it pleases)and handed it to those who seek profit, I took the liberty of appropriating the numerous morph sequences of Project-P as well as the entire collection of the single morphs (aka Hugies). Now, before anyone asks, NO, I DO NOT HAVE THE ONES OF WOMEN TRANSFORMING INTO ANTHROS.
So now, gentlemen, I ask you but a humble question:
Anyone interested?
(picture unrelated)
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>> No. 13760
Did anyone ever get a hold of Raven and the pumpkin trick?
>> No. 14296
File 141312578520.jpg - (1.96KB , 100x78 , huge048.jpg )
Does anyone have the full size version of this image?
>> No. 14315
File 141325299968.jpg - (52.34KB , 700x552 , huge048.jpg )

File 139691032498.jpg - (17.09KB , 563x422 , THE FUTURE IS NOW.jpg )
12117 No. 12117 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Not sure where the best place for this topic would be - /cg/ seemed the most fitting. Anyway, has there been any progress with regards to inflation/weight gain/etc. simulation with virtual reality?

Just think of the possibilities - you could wear one of those rubber inflatable suits in real life, and put on an Oculus Rift to see a customisable, hyper-inflatable 3D body. If you triggered both at the same time...
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>> No. 12168

Wh- How? Why? You know what, I don't care.

Alright, if it benefits body image disorders and phantom limb syndrome and shit, I say we start a charity to gather research money. That way, the public will give money to our cause while we watch and plot in the shadows like creepy perverts. Literally everyone wins.
>> No. 12182
*somebody* on that study has to be in on the joke. Seriously.
Also, baby steppies. Perhaps someday someone will develop the technology to feel like you're inflated, and if we get the visual technology all set up by then, then the rest will be easier to work with. Might as well work on making strides with this now that we have it :D
>> No. 12183

I thought about maybe if you had clothing that would restrict correspondingly with what you were seeing, if that would be good enough. Anyways, according to the study, you can already replicate that effect with nothing more than synchronized poking, and it's so realistic that it changes the way your brain perceives your body IRL.

So, I'm sure using the exact same testing conditions, but just with a more "specialized" character model, you could achieve feeling inflated through strategic poking today right here, right now. Hell, you could probably achieve the feeling of having boobs, or some more specific fetish like macro/micro if you wanted to. If you're into that sort of thing.

Here's an interesting thought, though - what if you had like a fully spherical blueberry-type character model, and you had the person stand spread-eagle and everything, just like the test conditions, and then, say, poke the flesh on the inflated character model's body just below the hand, which, if you mapped out which skin goes where, would be like the underside of your wrist/forearm, and poke that spot accordingly, or if you poked the flesh next to their feet (not that they'd be able to see it from a first-person view), and they were correspondingly poked on their thigh? Do you think the dissonance of what you're seeing and feeling would break the illusion, or do you think that the internal logic (relatively speaking) of the situation would enhance it?

File 139533170068.jpg - (55.96KB , 480x360 , n_a.jpg )
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Does anyone have the old Nanodyne Fantasies morphs? Apologies for the size of the pic but this was the closest thing I could find.
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>> No. 12095
File 139646516533.jpg - (107.69KB , 640x480 , hgf.jpg )
>> No. 12096
File 13964652699.jpg - (110.22KB , 800x600 , BBW1.jpg )
>> No. 12097
So it still exsists. I was kinda hoping it had been lost. seeing it now only deepends that wish.

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