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File 135726169397.jpg - (400.96KB , 600x600 , bellyplanet.jpg )
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Bigger is better right?
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>> No. 11144
she must heal meteor wounds very quickly, before air escapes
>> No. 13944
Can you post another inflation like this?
>> No. 13969

"As for what it takes to pop a human? It happened once. Took a sudden and abrupt pressure drop of 8 atmospheres. Bits and pieces of the poor fellow were found hanging from stuff 50 meters up. He and his buddies were decompressing after a deep sea dive on an oil rig. He was near the door in a room with 8 atmospheres with pressure. Someone did the wrong thing and decompressed the whole chamber. Check "Uncontrolled decompression" on the wikipedia."

Except for the fact that is completely and utterly wrong, what you have just described is what happens when an explosive goes off by someone.
The guy didn't pop he got crushed and ripped apart by the force of the air rushing out of the chamber.

File 140970225978.jpg - (33.84KB , 620x413 , SummerLesson.jpg )
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The screen shot is from VR demo called 'summer lession' that was shown to the press yesterday and there has been controversy here is the video link


So what do you think? is she worth inflating?
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>> No. 13948
File 140981916186.jpg - (3.97KB , 96x96 , 8276.jpg )
>>13937 modding

u haz ps4 devkit?
>> No. 13950
Nope, but if get's realised outside of Japan or realised in Japan for that matter. It will be a good number of years before she will be available for inflating
>> No. 13952
Goddamn wordfilter.

File 140857792531.jpg - (12.35KB , 352x143 , Unknown-2.jpg )
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Hey everybody. I remember a thread from a while back that talked about WoW inflation and such, and i was wondering if anybody had a link to a mentioned mod? There were pics with it, but i can't find any of them... It pretty much made all of the female characters have huge bellies & breasts. Anyone remember it, or better yet, have a link?

Aside from that, post inflated CG WoW characters.
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>> No. 13831
Any mod for huge titties?
>> No. 13840
would be lovely to see a mod to make pandaren males and females even fatter
>> No. 13844
I've got one that affects most of the races, just gotta double check if it'll still work with the current patch.

File 140924178815.jpg - (129.57KB , 894x894 , before_and_after__by_kirbydude247-d7wp9an.jpg )
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I think this guy love himself

Dose disabling comments make him arrogant?
>> No. 13843
Was this really worth making a thread for? Just to bring attention to some asshat who fills up his gallery with crappy half assed attempts at blueberry morphs? There are a ton of people on dA just like this guy so this type of garbage isn't unique to just him.
>> No. 13854
>Dose disabling comments make him arrogant?
No, it makes him a coward.

File 140757082472.jpg - (250.52KB , 640x480 , VanessaMontangemorph.jpg )
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Started morphing again and went right to latex images in my collection. Any other latex BE shots lurking out there? As an inflation fan, it's an obvious approach but a satisfying one.
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>> No. 13714
File 140831550315.gif - (639.29KB , 197x209 , tumblr_mw0xdcfaGX1sdv3fwo1_250.gif )
I got about 5 gifs. I'd like more if you guys have them.

Seems most of them are too big for this board (I know right?)
>> No. 13715
File 140831552518.gif - (321.36KB , 218x182 , tumblr_mw6f4qUMqe1sdv3fwo1_250.gif )
>> No. 13716
File 140831555334.jpg - (83.78KB , 900x595 , not_getting_up_by_arianefan-d3e5b4m.jpg )

File 138717042080.jpg - (384.97KB , 658x745 , bbb.jpg )
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Miscellanious Poser/Blender/DAZ stuff.
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>> No. 13336
Then it's obvious you aren't a 3D modeler.
>> No. 13339
I think he was making a joke.
Fucking Poe's law, I swear, mang.
>> No. 13342
I think you should be able to figure that one out.
People never ask for an easy step by step tutorial to become an awesome pencil artist.
If 3D modeling was such a doddle, why isn't there an abundance of fantastic material out there? Why doesn't HBO have at least a couple of CGI shows on their roster?

File 140619458027.jpg - (804.07KB , 2880x4712 , SFM flex edit tutorial.jpg )
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i found how easy it is to make custom flex morph for sourcefilm maker, and i made tutorial for you

with this now you can inflate any model now
>> No. 13316
I'm not certain, because I've never used DMX, but when working with SMD&VTA, renaming the flexes in Blender is unnecessary, as that info isn't stored in the VTA, only the key number.
>> No. 13340

Actually they are.

Theres a list with the key numbers up top, and each individual key below in the incoherent mass of numbers.

Seriously, i've had compile errors because of it.

File 140394583280.jpg - (98.22KB , 600x600 , 6793638398_f2f855089f_o.jpg )
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Anyone have some more asian pics?
>> No. 12994
>> No. 13329
File 140643987982.jpg - (126.54KB , 450x600 , af44b19cbf787e4f3663eedc4facb0ba.jpg )

File 138376094052.jpg - (66.35KB , 375x500 , _XmKseq1Zw7m7ykZBEnqTQ.jpg )
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Does anyone have any other pics of her?
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>> No. 12436
File 140129370039.jpg - (51.91KB , 576x768 , 4673ee4f4711b58aa96b6d781fdf2244 (1).jpg )
>> No. 12439
File 140134171140.jpg - (29.54KB , 377x500 , 2eb8c667f3e07cf2508a81f3bea95d57.jpg )
>> No. 13328
File 140643981025.jpg - (39.43KB , 480x640 , 37e672166d224f4a304e329409f790529922d17b.jpg )

File 139796062119.jpg - (352.05KB , 720x960 , Drainie copy.jpg )
12169 No. 12169 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I was bored today... So, Draenei'd a picture XD

I don't get how "Morphers" can do this so easily :/
>> No. 12347
Pretty good, mate.
>> No. 13291
After the first hundred morphs it gets easier and you start picking up speed.

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