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File 138717042080.jpg - (384.97KB , 658x745 , bbb.jpg )
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Miscellanious Poser/Blender/DAZ stuff.
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>> No. 13336
Then it's obvious you aren't a 3D modeler.
>> No. 13339
I think he was making a joke.
Fucking Poe's law, I swear, mang.
>> No. 13342
I think you should be able to figure that one out.
People never ask for an easy step by step tutorial to become an awesome pencil artist.
If 3D modeling was such a doddle, why isn't there an abundance of fantastic material out there? Why doesn't HBO have at least a couple of CGI shows on their roster?

File 140619458027.jpg - (804.07KB , 2880x4712 , SFM flex edit tutorial.jpg )
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i found how easy it is to make custom flex morph for sourcefilm maker, and i made tutorial for you

with this now you can inflate any model now
>> No. 13316
I'm not certain, because I've never used DMX, but when working with SMD&VTA, renaming the flexes in Blender is unnecessary, as that info isn't stored in the VTA, only the key number.
>> No. 13340

Actually they are.

Theres a list with the key numbers up top, and each individual key below in the incoherent mass of numbers.

Seriously, i've had compile errors because of it.

File 140394583280.jpg - (98.22KB , 600x600 , 6793638398_f2f855089f_o.jpg )
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Anyone have some more asian pics?
>> No. 12994
>> No. 13329
File 140643987982.jpg - (126.54KB , 450x600 , af44b19cbf787e4f3663eedc4facb0ba.jpg )

File 138376094052.jpg - (66.35KB , 375x500 , _XmKseq1Zw7m7ykZBEnqTQ.jpg )
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Does anyone have any other pics of her?
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>> No. 12436
File 140129370039.jpg - (51.91KB , 576x768 , 4673ee4f4711b58aa96b6d781fdf2244 (1).jpg )
>> No. 12439
File 140134171140.jpg - (29.54KB , 377x500 , 2eb8c667f3e07cf2508a81f3bea95d57.jpg )
>> No. 13328
File 140643981025.jpg - (39.43KB , 480x640 , 37e672166d224f4a304e329409f790529922d17b.jpg )

File 139796062119.jpg - (352.05KB , 720x960 , Drainie copy.jpg )
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I was bored today... So, Draenei'd a picture XD

I don't get how "Morphers" can do this so easily :/
>> No. 12347
Pretty good, mate.
>> No. 13291
After the first hundred morphs it gets easier and you start picking up speed.

File 132779667068.jpg - (173.05KB , 646x826 , jessie.jpg )
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Time for a new thread if i may be excused :D
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>> No. 14332
File 141344553925.jpg - (407.02KB , 693x868 , sucker_girl_by_hellresident_infl8-d81dy6p.jpg )
Commissions : hr_inflation@yahoo.com
>> No. 14333
File 141344559049.jpg - (212.99KB , 1024x768 , pool_prank_gone_wrong_by_hellresident_infl8-d8255o.jpg )
Commissions : hr_inflation@yahoo.com
>> No. 14334
File 141344565142.jpg - (160.65KB , 1024x768 , vintage_by_hellresident_infl8-d82wqhy.jpg )
Commissions : hr_inflation@yahoo.com

File 139282717551.jpg - (652.02KB , 1920x1080 , 4DefendersLow.jpg )
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The last thread reached his bump limit, so let's start a new one !
Once again, if you have any Gmod pics, feel free to upload them.

For anyone interested, I am now taking commissions, so feel free to ask me about it via email.
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>> No. 13654
File 140780683683.jpg - (353.66KB , 1920x1080 , 2014-08-11_00001.jpg )
how do you guys get the belly to be nice and round for the model posted last thread? this is what i get when i try editing the belly bone in joint tool
>> No. 14043
How are they linked to the face flexes?
>> No. 14899
can someone make a expandable fempyro and scout for download for bender?

File 140303909399.jpg - (44.35KB , 498x504 , 0dc545710e963d0166e5768922912d20.jpg )
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I was on some tmblr sites and stepped across this http://vimeo.com/7093152 now im asking myself if theres an entire movie .

pic not related
>> No. 12755
I also stumbled on a video on Vimeo and was wondering if anyone has seen the full version of it.
The video is a showreel of visual effects and one clip has a deflated woman, inflate after being fed a crisp.
It starts a 44 seconds in to the video. I was hoping to find the complete advert for the clip but I havent find it so far.
Anyway here is the link...

File 140234412657.jpg - (23.55KB , 443x639 , 000.jpg )
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Post any video by Mark's Morphs!

File 140167766093.jpg - (653.55KB , 203x2000 , pink_pressure_2.jpg )
12453 No. 12453 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does Anyone have the old AG morph with the seagull sitting on the girl? It was my favorite, but I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 12454
File 140168605032.jpg - (99.64KB , 900x996 , 134610841263.jpg )
Here you go, it's one of my favs as well
>> No. 12478
does any one have his image of a girl in a green/red striped jumpsuit

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