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File 132777763393.png - (402.37KB , 477x487 , 11.png )
5784 No. 5784
Below is a copied post from 4chan /t/
I noticed in the screenshots that you can have big boobs and also make the belly bigger without any modifications I feel it is relevant. I will repost here when I have downloaded and installed it, however I can verify it works based on numerous replys.

Copied from 4chan /t/

The Klub 17 6.3, a cracked version of 3D SexVilla 2.
It's a 3d porn game where you can have straight, lesbian, gay, tranny, femdom sex with highly customizable models.
You can make your own sex poses.


Content pack v1.1
Adds tons of new poses, clothes and models.
Expand all images
>> No. 5785
File 132778012163.jpg - (243.97KB , 1920x1080 , 11t.jpg )
OP here, made this in about 2-3 minutes, there are numerous sliders, however the base models are fairly low polycount, meaning that if you put sliders to full you'll end up with a pointy abdomen.
This is the maximum breast size. and the largest "pregnant" belly slider setting.

But you can make the belly and body bigger with the other sliders, post your girls when you're done.

All credit goes to The creators of the klub 17.
>> No. 5787
File 132778274082.jpg - (110.23KB , 1280x1018 , The Klub 17-0001.jpg )
Dumping screenshots, sorry about the resolution.
I found scarlet johanson and angelina jolie in the premade folder, and gave them big boobs and bellys.

To get a penis on a girl, select strapon with "no pantie" ticked. this removes the back pantys

sorry for futa content on "inflate cg" but I think big boobs and bellys are welcome and you can do what you want with this program.

There's even a slider for feet, which makes the girls feet huge.. so good news if you.. like massive feet.

Not sure why that's an option but it is.
>> No. 5788
File 132778275460.jpg - (66.51KB , 1280x1018 , The Klub 17-0002.jpg )
>> No. 5789
File 132778281097.jpg - (99.71KB , 1280x1018 , The Klub 17-0003.jpg )
>> No. 5790
File 132778281917.jpg - (100.70KB , 1280x1018 , The Klub 17-0004.jpg )
>> No. 5791
File 132778283021.jpg - (59.08KB , 1280x1018 , The Klub 17-0005.jpg )
>> No. 5792
File 132778284375.jpg - (104.71KB , 1280x1018 , The Klub 17-0006.jpg )
>> No. 5794
Protip: Increasing spine length, means there is more room for belly, and the belly geometry doesn't clip/break or go pointy until much higher levels.
>> No. 5798
Did anyone get a NSIS error upon installation. And how do we get it fixed.
>> No. 5800
Can't you just download it from here for free anyway? Or is it a different version?

>> No. 5801
Got the fix, if it gets a NSIS error just re-download the file. I though it might be acting up because it was modified, but it was a simple messed up download.
>> No. 5802
The free download is a different version which limits the mode's and action significantly.

I installed it as a portable application, glad to see you fixed the error.
>> No. 5804
Mmm, I foresee many sleepless nights with this.
>> No. 5809
I can download the pack
but not the first file
how does it work with torrent?
please help
>> No. 5810
Could someone re-upload this, but not as a torrent file please? That would be appreciated.
>> No. 5811
Why can't you download torrents?
>> No. 5814
yes please
as a normal download
that would be great
>> No. 5819

the content pack seems to be gone, due to it being tied to Megaupload, can we get a fileshare or other site link?
>> No. 5832
Found the content pack, trying to find a good place to put it up where it will stay
>> No. 5851
Anyone got a non torrent download link please?
>> No. 5875
belly is too small......
>> No. 5890
File 132856218982.png - (361.74KB , 1024x658 , Aleia.png )
This Night Elf was fun to make. This program is really good! It's like the Fallout/Mass Effect character creation but better!
>> No. 5891
Did anyone re-post the content pack yet? That would be handy. Thanks.
>> No. 5907
Anyone know if these models can be exported to some kind of common format? If so I could modify them to some extreme proportions.
>> No. 5908
Anyone know if these models can be exported to some kind of common format? If so I could modify them to some extreme proportions.
>> No. 5926
Any update on the content pack?
>> No. 5989
One last try, Did anyone manage to re upload the content pack? Thanks.
>> No. 6002
File 132928005161.jpg - (115.42KB , 1440x900 , 1325671552997.jpg )
This, the program is lovely but that content pack really needs to be uploaded again.
>> No. 6011
I agree. Does anyone have this floating around on a hard drive somewhere?
>> No. 6015
i have it, and I've thought about posting it though my Dropbox as a public link, but I'm unsure as to how secure that is... thoughts?
>> No. 6035
You could make another account with a dropbox to upload it to, then delete the account when everyone has the file. Or you could just upload it to a file sharing website again.
>> No. 6036
Filesharing sure got much harder lately.

Here are a list of some file sites which are still currently operating

Here's a list of currently operating file sites
>> No. 6037


The content pack is almost 700 MB...
>> No. 6038
File 132968799943.png - (216.17KB , 218x655 , Hinata.png )
I made a Hinata model if anyone wants it uploaded.
>> No. 6050
alright, going to give this a shot...
I put the Content Pack in my Dropbox and generated a public link. I'm not sure what the transfer speed will be like but posts comments here and if it works I'll leave it up for a few days. Happy gaming! ^^

>> No. 6051
>> No. 6053
Thanks, it's downloading pretty okay 215KB/s, it finished and said basically "download fucked up" so I'm retrying and I'll get back to you.
>> No. 6055
Nope it's corrupted
>> No. 6056
it works perfect on my end; no problem. it must be corrupting in the download... any ideas?
>> No. 6061
well... i got an email from Dropbox saying that my Public Link functionality has been suspended for three days for generating excess traffic, so... bollocks x(
>> No. 6260
Can someone put content pack somewhere? Mediafire is my personal recommendation, but there's also another service similar to Dropbox called SugarSync that I don't believe has quite so many traffic restrictions.
>> No. 6261
Can someone put content pack somewhere? Mediafire is my personal recommendation, but there's also another service similar to Dropbox called SugarSync that I don't believe has quite so many traffic restrictions.
>> No. 6262
Can someone put content pack somewhere? Mediafire is my personal recommendation, but there's also another service similar to Dropbox called SugarSync that I don't believe has quite so many traffic restrictions.
>> No. 6263
Damn phone doesnt respond right sometimes. Sorry for the three fucking posts, my finger slid across the button and managed to trigger it three times.
>> No. 6321
I can't get it... The Pirate Bay goes to a blank page and the content pack gives me an error too
>> No. 6698
>> No. 6701
Thank yoooouuuu
>> No. 6995
File 133704915316.gif - (496.00KB , 500x206 , tumblr_m3pvsqlpxs1qfcp49.gif )
much obliged :)
>> No. 7177
could you upload that Hinata model it looks great
>> No. 7178
File 133906046427.png - (777.27KB , 746x666 , Full of Fun! 2.png )
Having way too much fun with this program, too bad max settings still doesn't fix the poor facecount on the meshes...

Additionally, this is pretty much the biggest you can ever make someone in this game.
>> No. 7195
How did you do this?
>> No. 7200
File 133932352285.jpg - (304.70KB , 1440x900 , 2- All Tied Up.jpg )
This is Koko, an "immigrant" from China. She's "volunteered" for a little test.
>> No. 7202
File 133932368436.jpg - (304.91KB , 1440x900 , 3- Plugged In.jpg )
She has "chosen" to try out a little device that can adjust certain.... aspects of a woman's body. The device is a secure fit, perfect for Koko
>> No. 7203
File 133932378136.jpg - (272.37KB , 1440x900 , 4- It Begins.jpg )
Well, well, well... It looks as though the device has activated properly without a hitch. Let's see how much we can accomplish today, hm?
>> No. 7204
File 133932390115.jpg - (267.56KB , 1440x900 , 5- Pressure's Rising.jpg )
Readings look good, the "volunteer" appears to be reacting nicely.
>> No. 7205
File 133932456466.jpg - (98.87KB , 720x540 , server_error.jpg )
...And it appears we have reached an impasse. The pressure seems to be too great for the subject; we will have to develop a secondary device to prevent any more mouth-based leaks.
>> No. 7213
File 133939818731.jpg - (379.67KB , 1600x1200 , Our Servers.jpg )
We have our top scientists developing a fix, working round-the-clock to create a secondary device to prevent any further leaks. It shouldn't take too long; I shall keep you all posted.
>> No. 7214
File 133940718374.jpg - (536.65KB , 500x450 , The Plot Thickens.jpg )
Here's a live feed from our security cameras. The "volunteer" appears to be a living channel for all the air we are pumping into her at this point. Our scientists report that the backup device will be ready as early as tomorrow.
>> No. 7220
File 133949540343.jpg - (267.75KB , 1440x900 , 7- All Sealed Up.jpg )
Gentlemen, I present to you: The Ultra Plug 9000!
As you can see here, the "volunteer" has the device firmly clenched between her teeth, utilizing our patented algorithms and sine waves to prevent any air from escaping.
>> No. 7221
File 133949558690.jpg - (267.76KB , 1440x900 , 8- Back To Business.jpg )
And here are the results. As you can see, our team of "volunteer" scientists have created a masterpiece that will be remembered for eons. Just look at that marvelous body swell with the glory of our company's products!
>> No. 7222
File 133949572128.jpg - (273.48KB , 1440x900 , 9- The Camera Adds Ten Pounds.jpg )
You say you heard a "pop" noise coming from our "volunteer?" You must be hearing the sound of PROGRESS!
>> No. 7223
File 133949585014.jpg - (273.00KB , 1440x900 , 10- Bold And Brash.jpg )
Maybe you were right, I guess that was the sound of a button or two, from our esteemed "volunteer." Oh well, now she has more room to test further.
>> No. 7224
File 133949608574.jpg - (289.61KB , 1440x900 , 11- She's Gonna Blow!.jpg )
Another pop? I thought she wasn't wearing any more clothes?

Uh, whoops. Looks like we need to end this test, or we will have to call the janitors again. One moment.
>> No. 7225
File 133949619334.jpg - (289.10KB , 1440x900 , 12- Sweet Relief.jpg )
Aaaannnnd... Done. There, she's still intact. We'll just give her a moment to return to normal...
>> No. 7227
File 13394963709.jpg - (259.98KB , 1440x900 , 13- FSSSSssssshhhhh.jpg )
Looking good. She might even be able to walk away with only a minor amount of internal bleeding.
>> No. 7229
File 133949653574.jpg - (285.26KB , 1440x900 , 14- Now I Only Look Obese.jpg )
Hmmm.... The last one didn't take this long to deflate....
>> No. 7230
File 133949659679.jpg - (273.59KB , 1440x900 , 15- Something Seems Wrong___.jpg )
She's slowing...
>> No. 7231
File 133949668436.jpg - (293.65KB , 1440x900 , 16- Stuck.jpg )
That's really odd. She appears to have stopped deflating, I wonder what's still trapped in there?
>> No. 7232
File 133949687054.jpg - (293.96KB , 1440x900 , 17- Oh Well_.jpg )
Ah. Well, she doesn't seem to mind, and neither do we.
>> No. 7237
Aaaaannd~ reinstalled my copy of the game to fix some glitches, along with getting the other 3/4ths of the content pack working.

Anyone have any suggestions for what I should do next with this program? A succubus forced to inflate with all of her past misdeeds by a couple of angels? Or perhaps a pregnant schoolteacher, playing with a dildo on her desk? Toss me some suggestions and I will make it.
>> No. 7239
Can you do a blueberry story?
>> No. 7246
Ah... wish I could, but >>7178 is literally the closest to a blueberry in size and shape that this program can handle; I will fiddle around in the program on my end, just to see if I can even come close to anything relevant to a blueberry inflation.
>> No. 7250
File 133967120370.jpg - (316.17KB , 1440x900 , The Klub 17-0003.jpg )
Hmmm.... Fiddling with this a bit got SOME results. Here, have two pictures, not much potential other than two or three stills, so after these two, I am done with blueberries in this program.
>> No. 7251
File 133967122597.jpg - (262.71KB , 1440x900 , The Klub 17-0005.jpg )
>> No. 7269
What are the facial sliders you used for that?
>> No. 7293
File 133992075747.png - (959.99KB , 1308x787 , Capture.png )
It's just a matter of balancing what is given to you. I modified the "cheeks" sliders, moving towards "round" and "convex." Raise either too much and your character will have a chubby granny-type face.
>> No. 7294
File 133992174843.png - (612.28KB , 1522x679 , MyBodyIsReady.png )
Sorry for the long delay on this response, but I guess better late than never, huh? (Also, please excuse the arm-clipping in my picture, as the game doesn't handle most poses correctly once we get that big.)

For full body inflation, it's all a matter of carefully tweaking various settings to get the maximum size without too many graphics glitches.

In >>5785, they had forgotten to play around with the abdomen and chest size settings, for instance. As you can see in their picture, the character gets the job done, in terms of pregnancy, but they could've done so much more.
>> No. 7295
File 13399226811.png - (740.04KB , 1213x825 , Two Tomatoes Glued to a Demon Smurf.png )
Breast expansion works a little bit different; if you want to get huge, get creative. As you can see in this picture, I actually LOWERED certain sliders to achieve certain special tweaks to the breasts.
>> No. 7314
Hmmm... I downloaded and installed the Content Pack, but I can't seem to access the additional features it offers - or at least they aren't showing up as options as far as I can see. Can anyone advise?
>> No. 7315
File 134004784679.png - (31.99KB , 643x220 , Help is on the way_.png )
Did you run the content importer? It's supposed to run after you install the content pack.
>> No. 7317
Hmmm, that didn't pop up after the installation process. I may have to go hunting for it. Would it be in the same file folder the other Klub material installed under?
>> No. 7322
Yes, it is in the installation folder; what should've happened is that once the content pack was installed, it should've gone through a "second installation" that takes several hours to import all the poses.

If you want to save time, cancel the setup once it starts to import the poses, they're nice to have, but not quite necessary.
>> No. 7339
File 134044818822.jpg - (7.31KB , 201x251 , nami drunk.jpg )
This program is awesome, simply awesome. I wish that there were more options for belly size (not to mention fewer clipping issues on clothes for the bigger models), but for what it is, it is faboo. I have a lot of heavily customized models and outfits, and by customized, I mean that I dug out the texture files and overhauled them completely. If anyone is interested, I'll find a way to share what I've got. It's mostly DCU, MLP, One Piece, and a few assorted bits and pieces.
>> No. 7346
yes plz to the MLP, I made human Rarity, but wouldn't mind seeing yours.
>> No. 7348
Dang, I suppose that's one way to go about it. How big's the filesize after compression?
>> No. 7353
File 134060231568.jpg - (10.73KB , 230x219 , nami diary.jpg )
Ok, here's my character pack:


It has a text file with instructions.

Characters included:
She-Hulk, Red Sonja
3 One Piece girls,
Baroness & Scarlett,
Death (from Sandman),
Ragged Robin (from The Invisibles),
all 6 of the main MLP girls,
5 characters from Batman comics,
Assorted Video Game Characters,
Ranma Saotome, Jessica Rabbit,
Violet Beauregard, Gwen Ten,
Xena, and a few original characters.

This includes outfits, body shapes, makeup, personalities, etc.

>> No. 7355
I tend to avoid anything erotic involving the MLPFiM crew, humanized or otherwise, but thanks for everything else in the pack, Spiderhaunt! You're a real saviour!
>> No. 7357

You rule!
>> No. 7358
Can someone put the torrent to the game somewhere other than the pirate bay? My ISP's blocked it.
>> No. 7359


>> No. 7363
File 134062501953.jpg - (4.00KB , 140x140 , nami wink.jpg )
Cheers, I'm glad you like it. It's been fun to play with!

By the by, I am open to suggestions for future character pack additions. ^_^

Oh, and I forgot to mention, my character pack assumes that you have the content pack installed. Without it, you'll have a lot of weirdly missing bits.
>> No. 7368
Maybe you could make Jenna, Dusty and Aleu from the Balto Movies as Anthros. This whould be nice.
>> No. 7372
File 134085943351.jpg - (9.52KB , 259x194 , nami huh.jpg )

Who, who, who, and what?

I know you're speaking english, but I have no idea what you're talking about. I notice the word "anthros" in there, so I think I'll stop you there. Humanized MLP is about as close as I get to anthro, mate. Just not my bag. Besides, this program isn't really set up for anthro stuff.

...Except for that creepy-as-hell cat head thing in the hats section, and you're on your own with that hoobajoob.
>> No. 7373
>Humanized MLP is about as close as I get to anthro
But it is anthro.
>> No. 7375
If i go on thepiratebay.org I will be arrested due to its now banned in the UK.
>> No. 7376
File 134087607336.png - (950.61KB , 1440x900 , OH GOD KILL IT.png )
Not quite. "Humanized" in this context means is more of a personal interpretation of "If this pony was a human, what would they look like" sort of thing. The resulting character is more of an homage to the original, rather than half-human, half-pony hybrid.

Besides, like Spiderhaunt said, the most anyone can do in terms of anthro is a few creepy latex masks and a fur-covered swimsuit thing with a rabbit tail. Picture definitely related.

Now that that's fully explained, I have to go get my scientists to develop a magnetic acid to clean my hard drive with.
>> No. 7377
File 134087638218.jpg - (305.80KB , 1440x900 , 1- Behold My Brand New Sexual Position.jpg )
Before I go, something to cleanse some palates.
>> No. 7378
File 134087642176.jpg - (304.72KB , 1440x900 , 2- I Call It A Blowjob.jpg )
>> No. 7380
File 13408919286.jpg - (8.00KB , 189x267 , nami silly.jpg )

This makes me wonder if there's a way to use the pose editor to adjust body slider values in-game. Of course, I am referring explicitly to poses that would effectively blow up the models in real time. Hmm... Gonna have to tinker.
>> No. 7381
Thanks for the models! Gonna have to try importing these and the ones from the other content pack this weekend. I just hope it won't screw up my save files. Got a few models going that I'm fairly happy with.
>> No. 7382
File 134096747149.jpg - (8.51KB , 173x291 , nami actually.jpg )

It WILL screw up your saved files, unless you read the bit about preventing that very thing in the little text file I included in the archive. It should tell you how to keep it from losing your stuff. Bit of a pain, but so is the TK17 save file naming convention. *shrug* I don't suspect that they anticipated this sort of sharing.
>> No. 7384
Thanks for the heads-up. I'll proceed with caution.
>> No. 7388
Anyone know how to change the active sexmate if youre doing solo stuff?
>> No. 7390
Solo stuff usually defaults to whoever is in the second character slot of your three, unless whoever designed the pose decided otherwise. Rearrange the characters amongst themselves to decide who does what to whom, or who works solo.
>> No. 7397
I downloaded a software called cameramouse2012 that is supposed to be used as a tracking (head to mouse) software, but I think it could be used for the interactive poses in TK17 as a phony Kinect device.
If you've played this game you know that the interactive poses have a small "i" icon in the character part you can move, that icon makes your mouse the penis, dildo, hand, mouth, etc. That interactivity is sort of cool, but it needs an extra hand to control the mouse, which makes it difficult to do other stuff at the same time. I came up with the idea of tracking my penis/hand with this software and it works pretty good.
I hope this helps y'all!
>> No. 7401
>By the by, I am open to suggestions for future character pack additions. ^_^

Callisto to go with Xena?
I'm working on making humanizations of several background ponies from MLP:FiM. Any requests?
>> No. 7406
File 13413172048.jpg - (5.96KB , 225x225 , derp.jpg )
>MLP:FiM background characters

Only the obvious.

...And maybe DJ PON-3.
>> No. 7408
Moondancer? Well, that's an odd request...
Just kidding, Derpy was next on my list, after Lyra and Bonbon. Maybe with a bonus muffin-top version?
>> No. 7470
Crazy ghost bumps on this thread, strange. Someone must REALLY like your humanized ponies, Spiderhaunt.

Friendly bump, regardless.
>> No. 7498
That was me, it was an accident. I'll get to the background mares soon enough!
>> No. 7555
Not sure if anyone is still here. Anyways, has anyone tried out the pose editor? For some reason, it won't work for me. Nothing happens when I try to move the models even though I've selected them.
>> No. 7582
Same boat here, after all the time I put into this game, the most I have gotten a character to do in the pose editor is.... well, come to think of it, I am not quite sure I ever got it to do anything.
>> No. 7583
Does anyone know how you can reset a character to their original state, or how to set up a blank character to detail?
>> No. 7594
File 134367833568.jpg - (8.51KB , 185x272 , nami explaination.jpg )
I don't know about reverting characters, nor "blank" models, but you can copy any model, and manually set all the sliders to their respective average point. Should give you nice basic model.

As for the pose editor, I haven't actually bothered with it at all yet. I'll dink around with it later tonight, and see if I can make it function in any capacity, them post my findings here.
>> No. 7597
File 134377296333.jpg - (7.91KB , 259x194 , nami thief.jpg )

Ok. This took a lot of trial and error, but I got the pose editor to work for me. It is about as far from "user friendly" as you can get without being straight coding.

There are two tricks that make MOST of it manageable. First, when you start out, always click the blank page icon at the top left of the editor window to make a new pose. Select how ever many models you want in the pose. This is important to do first, because you can't add more later without reverting the scene to the default pose. The second trick is that all the "pose" field values don't have sliders. Instead, they have manipulators that for some reason have to be manually set every time you want to adjust them. To do this, right click on the word "translation" or "rotation" next to the bit you're trying to move. After that, it's all pretty self-explanatory, especially if you've ever worked with poser or Daz in any depth.

Here are links to a couple of tutorial videos I found that might help you guys:


The guy who made them is kind of derpy and moves at the speed of molasses on a cold day, but you should be able to figure out the basics from those two videos. He even goes into an explanation of the animation feature.

After playing around with it for a few hours, I managed to get a couple of decent animated poses out of it, and tried them out in the game. Any poses you save will show up at the end of the list in the poses folder in the game.

The only thing I had a real problem with was trying to rotate a model. For some reason, the feet and hands have independent anchors to the hip, so you have to manually un-twist the entire model once you get the hip translated to your preferred alignment. If anyone has tips on making THAT easier, I'm all ears.

I'll probably post a poses pack once I make a few more, because if any of you have tried using standard poses with heavily inflated models, you are aware how awful it tends to look. My poses will likely all be plus-size friendly. ^_^
>> No. 7997
File 134709679642.png - (272.62KB , 409x417 , liek this if u crie evry tiem.png )
I miss this thread. One last bump before we let it die?
>> No. 8028
File 134745248325.jpg - (275.00KB , 1440x900 , 1- The STRAW.jpg )
Ah, I found an unfinished image set I left behind. There might've been more, I'll have to check on this PC and my netbook.
>> No. 8029
File 134745260048.jpg - (272.55KB , 1440x900 , 2- It's Not A Strapon We Swear!.jpg )
I think I called this one the "Super Technical Router of Air/Water" or something like that.
>> No. 8030
File 134745264283.jpg - (266.79KB , 1440x900 , 3- Feeling Kinda Light-Headed.jpg )
Don't remember what else I had planned...
>> No. 8031
File 134745270295.jpg - (255.60KB , 1440x900 , 4- I'm Sure It'll Leak Out On Its Own.jpg )
-and that's all, that I know of. I'll have to search a bit deeper, might even go back and make some new ones. This game is really THAT good.
>> No. 8041
I have an odd question to Spiderhaunt or anyone else who still uses The Klub:

Have you tried uninstalling it without hiccups? I'm worried because it's sitting right there in my C: drive as opposed to Program Files, and at best, I'd like to reinstall to the better directory.

My worry is it might delete the wrong files because it's in the root and not a subdirectory. I say this from experience; I once had to uninstall a System Shock 2 crack from the wrong directory, and it wiped out nearly my entire OS from my old laptop.
>> No. 8043
Very straightforward on my end. Depending on your setup, it'd likely be in add/remove programs and should be simple to uninstall from there. It was pretty seamless when I had to reinstall mine from scratch.
>> No. 8125

Uh, damn. Link's down. x.x

(I apologize for the double post, but I mucked up the post)
>> No. 8246
can u upload the chracter pack agian? link is down
>> No. 8250

>> No. 8253
File 135051051165.gif - (26.62KB , 464x348 , better-way.gif )


7628 models
9797 poses
2364 textures
343 toys
1350 sequences "

..so um ya
>> No. 8254
How do i download it can u provide a link 4chan does not have a link?
>> No. 8256
the links are there, you just need to use magnet files.
>> No. 8257
Downloading now.

Thanks for the heads up, never would've thought to check /t/ for this.
>> No. 8258
File 13505570258.jpg - (463.82KB , 1440x900 , 3D SexVilla 2-0001.jpg )
Followed a bit of a paper-trail, found a pastebin run by the current group working on updating the game. The new version's mostly the same from the front-end, but the pose editor is much easier to use and they fixed some graphical glitches. Can't tell if they optimized the engine at all to improve the framerate, as I am on my main PC right now.
Anyone want to test?

>> No. 8259
File 135055751241.jpg - (458.87KB , 1440x900 , 3D SexVilla 2-0002.jpg )
[added note: everyone has to reinstall the game from scratch to use the new version.]

Digging into the game, I see that they simplified clothing choice, but added customization to the clothing itself.

Pic 1/2
>> No. 8260
File 135055757540.jpg - (431.20KB , 1440x900 , 3D SexVilla 2-0003.jpg )
Pic 2/2

For example, you can turn almost any bit of clothing into latex, clear or opaque.
>> No. 8261
Downloading content pack now, will post on quality of content tomorrow.
>> No. 8269
Delayed plans. File's a lot bigger than I thought and there's not as many seeders as expected.

Tomorrow, for sure.
>> No. 8274
File 135071575863.jpg - (11.80KB , 182x276 , images.jpg )
over 20,000 mod files I believe.
>> No. 8275
File 135072140756.png - (29.09KB , 377x487 , Capture.png )
Damn right it is.
>> No. 8281
File 135089933926.png - (660.90KB , 1440x878 , Capture.png )
Popping in quickly to drop in some information really quick here-

Basically, the big content pack DOES have tens of thousands of poses, characters, clothing, HD textures and such. The files are accessed from [see enclosed picture], a ripped version of a modsite called "Gamerotica," where you download individual pieces of the torrent.

TLDR; download torrent, click on "index.html," find content you like and "download" it, run the .exe that you "downloaded," done.

Also, the torrent doesn't work on portable installs of 3dSexVilla 2, only on full installs.
>> No. 8283
*scroll* *scroll* *scroll*
Oh right.
>> No. 8293
>> No. 8294
Hey, it would be much appreciated, if you could reshare your content pack.Could you please reupload it? Thanks
>> No. 8305
Huh, just got an idea involving Cheat Engine, I need to try this.
>> No. 8306
File 135133122790.png - (899.94KB , 1629x900 , Case 1.png )
Done with my first Cheat Engine tests.

Took me a bit to find the right value, but here it is. Note the highlighted value on the left and the model on the right.
>> No. 8307
File 135133133971.png - (896.58KB , 1629x900 , Case 2.png )
If I increase that value, the model's "pregnancy slider" increases without actually having to enter the customization menu.
>> No. 8308
File 135133143034.png - (882.95KB , 1629x900 , Case 3.png )
-and further testing shows that the number can be increased to pretty much any amount. The max that that value would normally increase to is 16256.
>> No. 8309
File 135133161214.png - (908.88KB , 1629x900 , Case 4.png )
All this shows that it is possible that a "trainer" program can be set up to allow mid-pose inflation.

Here's what happens if I set the value TOO high, however.
>> No. 8310
Did a quick test, you CAN make a trainer. Built one using the built-in trainer builder in Cheat Engine, successfully inflated/deflated the model's belly.
>> No. 8318
File 135159795555.jpg - (298.66KB , 1440x900 , 3D SexVilla 2-0004.jpg )
>built one using the built-in trainer builder
Goddamn, I must've been tired when I wrote that.
>> No. 8326
File 135165894262.jpg - (12.63KB , 300x301 , bob_the_builder_lgepf.jpg )

Good job Bob.
>> No. 8334
File 135185329315.png - (825.59KB , 1629x900 , Uhhhh.png )
I have no words for this. Heh.
>> No. 8339
Anyone know a way to bind keys in cheatengine?
>> No. 8340
File 135210668752.png - (49.72KB , 565x603 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 8342
>> No. 8343
Any scanning tips for finding breast size?
>> No. 8344
Nvm i found it

Scan value type should be set to floater

breast size values are 0 (all the way to left) to 1 (all the way to right)

They're two values, one for each breast.
>> No. 9612
There are a lot of links in this thread now...

can someone tell me exactly what it is I should be downloading?

not good with english
>> No. 9613
File 136803755326.jpg - (83.31KB , 862x556 , 00002004w.jpg )
big cg bosoms in advanced thanks.
>> No. 9709
I'm tired of having to rescan every time I start the game. Anyone know a better way?
>> No. 9721
File 136937568063.png - (287.57KB , 397x746 , TaviIsNotImpressedWithYourBoner.png )
STILL WORKIN ON IT LOL I find my Octavia bonertastic.

I'm also going to make some Baldur's Gate girls. Any requests, folks? Trilogy, NPCs from mods... I know Viconia is going to be on the list, everybody wants Viccy.

Voices in all cases will be muted because of varying preferences and stuff and I only like the French and German voices anyways.

Is there any way to get the things added in the content packs in this thread to work with the version linked later on in this thread? Or am I a stubid fag and not doing things right.
>> No. 9722
File 136937607843.png - (843.38KB , 1024x746 , MoreStuffForYouAllToJackOffToWhileImBeingLazy.png )
Here is a SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW (oh bullfuckingshit) of DJ Pon-3 and Octavia having sexual relations while looking like there are people growing inside of them.
>> No. 9723
File 136937729044.png - (640.91KB , 1024x746 , SheDintPootCloothsOwn.png )
And here's Bonbon naked in a park because why not?
I've also got Lyra, the Flower Trio, Derpy (of course), Carrot Top, Berry Punch, and maybe the Princesses in the works. Any others?
>> No. 10468
Is there anyway to download this WITHOUT having to install a fucking installer
>> No. 10628
File 137879982628.png - (505.46KB , 655x559 , 0 OUT OF 10 NO AA.png )
Perfect, two birds with one stone.


Don't forget to disable the ENB if your PC can't handle it.
>> No. 10652
I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I just did a defrag on my computer (it was chugging along fairly slowly) and when I booted up this program, I noticed that all the bonus content from the original add-on pack were suddenly unavailable.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, is there a way to fix it that doesn't involve losing all my save files? I've spent a lot of time fine-tuning some of the models, so I'd hate to have to start all over again.
>> No. 10653
Crap. Hit the wrong key and entered that in the title tag by accident.
>> No. 11324
Okay, odd technical question from a total luddite here.

I was going through the program folders for my copy of TheKlub 17 recently, and I found a folder called "Import". One of the folders inside of this one was labelled "Models", and contained over 500 custom body, face and clothing models that have never once shown up in the program itself when I boot it up.

Does anyone know how I can gain access to these when running the program, so that I can tweak and customize them further? I tried moving them to the saved files section and renaming the folders, but so far no dice.
>> No. 11518
Can someone put it into depositfiles or mega. It would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 11846
File 139378324432.jpg - (69.01KB , 748x590 , La_belle_de_kadic_063.jpg )
Have you ever thought of adding in Aeilita, and Yumi from Code Lyoko? Or mabye Mai Shiranui, and Blue Mary from Fatal Fury?
>> No. 13993

Your char. pack is down. Think you can reupload that?
>> No. 13994
Do you think the game could render their foreheads?
>> No. 13996
File 141019232736.jpg - (257.24KB , 1920x1058 , The Klub 17-0827.jpg )
Because tits
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