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File 135047527752.jpg - (234.94KB , 850x1189 , 1344369628898.jpg )
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Request thread to reduce requests of single characters cluttering the board.
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>> No. 82149


File 138193367292.png - (425.56KB , 634x477 , Gravitina Image Resized.png )
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Post huge craniums.
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>> No. 81092
File 139456172053.jpg - (130.18KB , 768x1529 , image.jpg )
And sequel
>> No. 82170
Well, after a hiatus, I've decided to resume my attempts to convert 4chan posters to the big head kink. 4chan is so packed with various fetishes and fetishists to begin with I figure, with patience, some people will eventually get into it. Hopefully over time, we'll get new content due to new fetishists. This kink is very much in its beginning stages, but I think as long as it keeps appearing on 4chan, it won't be forgotten.

No promises, but I'm patient.
>> No. 82171
Mix in some vore and you might get me.

File 139754170354.png - (478.55KB , 1240x1754 , commission___demon_balloon_by_axel_rosered-d7dx5m7.png )
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Starting a newer Axel-Rosered thread.

Previous Axel-Rosered thread: http://www.inflatechan.net/drawn/res/78415.html
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>> No. 82167
not the same anon, but my story is pretty similar and right now I'm just really just waiting for him to finish my several years old shit so I can up and forget about this, he's made me feel like shit for ever commissioning artists when I'm sure there's waaaaaaay more competent guys who won't also cost me a fortune

So, do you guys know any? Possibly any that don't take more than 2 months to finish their junk? It doesn't matter if they use strict queues, I can manage that.
>> No. 82168
Don't get Captain in trouble by posting paid DNP content.
>> No. 82169
Maybe OlymipcDames? She is very reliable, quick and doesn't take too many at a time so no two year wait there typically.

File 139658572044.jpg - (260.79KB , 1653x1500 , image.jpg )
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Haven't seen nearlyenough warcraft related inflation expansion or bigness, Draenei in particular. New thread for it?
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>> No. 82117
Oh my...
>> No. 82159
File 139763692581.jpg - (280.22KB , 1319x1477 , 204686.jpg )
Please sir might I have some sauce to go with this?
>> No. 82166
Reverse search on google leads me an artist named 'joixxx'

File 138840400283.png - (45.76KB , 793x619 , Pure Coincidence.png )
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It's been a while, time for another interactive/game thread.

This one's number 3 I think.
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>> No. 82078
Updated the mod a bit, making it less of a cheat and more like an actual add-on.
>> No. 82080
So, I want to start a cow-girl 'farm' sort of deal, how is the best way to go about that, I've bread a single baby using a futa, but will all futa offspring with women be futa, or is it a 50/50 chance?
>> No. 82163
It's based on the genetic. For human race - 50/50 is standard for this situation.

File 139631692577.png - (486.20KB , 800x853 , rikaberry_by_0pik_0ort-d784tt0.png )
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The Fruits have gone bad, we must restock. Also it looks like DA deleted this addition.

Previous Thread - http://www.inflatechan.net/drawn/res/75961.html
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>> No. 82126
A DA user by the account name BlueberryGoddess89 (I might have those numbers on the name wrong) used to have these GREAT stories about a couple of girls living together, turning into blueberries and turning their friends into various fruits. They were some pretty great stories; it's a shame the account's no longer around.
>> No. 82133
AH!!! that was the name!! to the wayback when machine to see if they can be found
>> No. 82156
Really wish I had saved PkBerry's stories, especially the one with the cow TF.

File 139683913497.jpg - (301.76KB , 680x1107 , HNI_0098_JPG.jpg )
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There are too few pics of inflated LoZ women on this site.
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>> No. 82077
File 139736940768.png - (622.14KB , 1707x1872 , All done.png )
D-do they count?
>> No. 82100
File 139745007193.png - (122.38KB , 1051x994 , saria-tank.png )
Here is a color version I made, felt that I should share it.
>> No. 82154
File 139760999581.jpg - (174.10KB , 900x1002 , Sheik_Zelda_by_ManiacPaint.jpg )

File 139701969297.jpg - (17.57KB , 300x398 , 26196.jpg )
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So I have a predicament. It's cliche, but I lost all my shit in a hard disk malfunction. Of that lost, there was a lot of invictusvoxfini's work, some of it very hard to find; of that, there was a two image set of a very large, spherical girl, asian looking, begging to be killed as she swelled. I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have what I'm looking for? I can't find it anywhere. Meanwhile, I'll dump what I DID find, and hope you'll upload what you do have. Thanks, guys.
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>> No. 82055

Huh. I didn't know that the image was a 2/2.

Whether the OP said anything or not is not the end of the world to me. I'm just happy to share what I had with anyone else interested.
>> No. 82132
File 139757584196.jpg - (168.06KB , 1536x1008 , sevens_poppin_by_pregknightone-d4csnxy.jpg )
>> No. 82153
Huh, I thought there was a bigger version of that image.

File 13795170178.jpg - (27.77KB , 335x335 , dos equis man.jpg )
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I don't always inflate women, but when I do I like to watch them pop like party balloons.

Old thread here >>66301
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>> No. 82119
File 139752158815.jpg - (183.15KB , 1401x1084 , Invictusvoxfini_Sacrifice 1.jpg )
I honestly hope you're trolling.
>> No. 82121

Sorry, that was meant for >>82106
>> No. 82152
Oh, okay. :)

File 136009321298.png - (868.04KB , 775x1173 , 16.png )
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im looking for any comics on the web that feature ladies stuffed FULL of cum, could you all help me
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>> No. 81768
File 139656839876.jpg - (908.44KB , 1163x1400 , 36529554.jpg )
>> No. 81845
File 139688144168.jpg - (382.39KB , 700x933 , 131374412517.jpg )
You guys would probably be interested in this subreddit.
>> No. 82131

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