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File 142818143188.jpg - (60.01KB , 414x415 , Lego Trash.jpg )
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The old thread was old, Time for a new one! Request thread to reduce requests of single characters cluttering the board.
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>> No. 97806
File 144137431251.jpg - (289.75KB , 1800x1190 , Samus's Suit Malfunction.jpg )
I come bearing gifts. O:

File 143416151843.png - (143.01KB , 640x480 , Blaineley_farts_and_burps.png )
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Let's get a fart/burp+inflation thread going, double points if the inflatee is pulling a roaring dragon and letting it out at both ends.
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>> No. 97634
File 144077537653.jpg - (944.58KB , 2500x2000 , 1366835973380.jpg )
>> No. 97636
I wish one day there's a sequel of this with Asuka and/or Mari...
>> No. 97815
File 144140307249.jpg - (492.59KB , 2378x1562 , four_farting_girls_by_lazei-d989lw7.jpg )

File 142834885818.png - (721.68KB , 1000x691 , cornelia_li_blueberria_by_0pik_0ort-d8ol9yz.png )
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Old thread is autosaging, so figured its time to post a new one, with some new content.
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>> No. 97805
It's more of a "come on, you can put more effort into this!" face. Also I used this pic: http://i.imgur.com/FtluABG.jpg as a reference for it.
>> No. 97812
Well, how heavy are they on average? Think about how much a gallon of water/juice weighs, then imagine how many gallons of juice she holds.
>> No. 97814
Heh, the title was 0piks idea, but I thought it was cute.

File 14409670662.jpg - (16.35KB , 500x327 , Dunno.jpg )
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I'm searching for a "sequence" of two images that Axel Rosered did, in these images there is a woman in a grey dress bite by a bee (if I remember well) that cause her inflation.
Anyone got these?
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>> No. 97791
File 144132059294.gif - (266.02KB , 384x288 , giphy.gif )
Thank you Sir, you have my gratitude.
>> No. 97792
Forget to quote, dang.
>> No. 97811
Ok this one is pretty old. Does anyone know the one with elizabeth swann from pirates from the carribean fatten up and she's say now I really can't breathe.

File 142523111710.png - (523.12KB , 1000x1000 , 14068589591.png )
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Loli Inflation and Loli inflation accessories.
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>> No. 97800

Thank you.

Also, does anyone have any of the Sari Sumdack inflation from the previous loli board?Possibly the Sari Sumdack pics? or possibly just something new for this one.
>> No. 97802
Does anyone have this one picture of the cookie clicker Girl Scouts ?
>> No. 97809
File 144138035523.jpg - (69.22KB , 290x363 , 46952272_p0.jpg )
What can I say?
Confused me.

File 144080469749.png - (324.25KB , 1124x668 , 1440803051412.png )
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Growth Academy (alpha version 0.1) is out!
What is Growth Academy? Growth Academy is an 18+ Visual Novel/Dating Sim centered around expansion fetishism for the purposes of entertainment, artistic exploration, and sexual expression. The basic premise is as follows:

You're Hotsure Keisuke. You've been transferred to Seichou Gakuen (Growth Academy), a high school for gifted students. Except apparently by gifted, they mean the student body has some really odd shapes to it. Choose your waifu and win her heart before the school year ends!


It is in its developmental infancy and is growing over time into a more complete game. What exists now is a proof of concept and beginning.
Now Enrolling!
The project needs support! Writers, artists, musicians, and even signal boosters and idea men. No game of this nature can exist without content, and so content providers are in high demand in order to see this come to fruition.

http://growthacademy.socialparody.com/ - Sign up today!

(Cast group shot included, the in-game individuals are more finished)
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>> No. 97803
my main criticism of this: the pacing of these fetishes themselves and the pacing of a high school dating sim don't really fit together. it almost requires a "one night stand" kind of setting. I understand how it works with expansion being a part of puberty and girls getting bigger over time, but I feel like there are plots more appropriate for the unique concept of expansion than that of literally every single other VN.

on a related note, there seem to be two major camps to "expansion" (I'm beginning to loathe our use of the term because giantess and muscle growth have almost always been considered unique from expansion) seems to consist of two camps; the "shape" camp, who derive beauty from the fetishized form itself, and the "body horror" camp, who are more interested in the fear/disgust associated with bodily tranformations. these groups are neither strict nor exclusive, but I've always leaned much more heavily towards the latter, and thus am a bit biased against how the story is being made so far. Getting really fat/big boobs/whatever being treated as a safe and expected process of a girls life, integral to herself, and even enjoyed and cherished to a certain extent just seems so boring to me. I'm sure this isn't the case for all of the girls, but either way, they have a lot of time to cope with it.

Finally, I don't really wanna stir up shit here since it's already been stirred plenty, but you guys should at least include a body inflation and/or blueberry side character, considering you need more than 6 people for a high school and that both of them have been requested constantly, even more than some of the love interest fetishes.

Anyway, that was my essay, consider what I said or not, idgaf. It's your guyses project and you're doing a great job so far.
>> No. 97807
Considering how rare it is for something like this is to reach this point in development, I think it'd be smart to hold off on implementing a Full Body/Blueberry Character until the game reaches a more finished state. We don't want to have to keep track of too many characters too early. I love Full Body as much as the next guy, but I also think that we shouldn't do too much at one time.
>> No. 97808
It also sounds like they're more interested in Growth/Gain than any sort of body horror-ish stuff, and that's all been settled a while before they advertised it here.

File 137037057670.png - (529.31KB , 800x1167 , skullgirls__gimmie_another_one__by_faomuwg-d673o6m.png )
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Old thread's no longer bumping, go save what you can and repost it here when the old thread disappears.
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>> No. 97795
File 144133413453.jpg - (556.76KB , 785x1100 , 1427688501_cleverfoxman_page1.jpg )
>> No. 97796
File 144133452664.jpg - (548.67KB , 798x1100 , 1427688658_cleverfoxman_pg2.jpg )
>> No. 97798
File 144133482111.jpg - (499.42KB , 776x1100 , 1427688799_cleverfoxman_page3.jpg )

File 144122664934.jpg - (214.66KB , 484x701 , Repleation.jpg )
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Hey guys, I've been making this stuff for forever. Thinking of putting up more if you like it.
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>> No. 97787
Yes. The stuff without my signature is stuff where Ive borrowed textures or reworked other material.
>> No. 97788
Also, the low res is because I may want to sell hi res versions at some point, if people like it enough, here's to hoping :P
>> No. 97797
Hosting anything someplace?

File 141123892857.png - (438.32KB , 1024x1024 , lalonde_breast_expansion_by_vicsagod-d752lzv (1).png )
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Homestuck stuff goes here.
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>> No. 97779
File 144127370494.png - (229.51KB , 1630x1660 , kan3.png )
if i may shamelessly self-promote here, i draw things like this at http://tokobakure.tumblr.com/ (as well as deviantart, same username)

i'll post another example after this one, i feel like it'd be weird to come in and post every single thing i have here so i'll just let people look at my homestuck tag on my tumblr if they want to see more
>> No. 97780
File 144127376364.png - (215.25KB , 1300x1300 , jade.png )
>> No. 97781
File 144127381881.png - (142.54KB , 1700x1400 , jade2.png )
(actually i'll post this one too since it's a continuation of that last one)

File 142059369775.jpg - (60.85KB , 1024x704 , pokemon_new_team_aqua_and_magma_admins_by_igphhang.jpg )
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A newer thread for pokemon girls. Upload any girls you want, it'd be great if it was the new Courtney or Shelly though.
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>> No. 97646
File 14408462996.jpg - (704.33KB , 2400x2346 , fat karen.jpg )
some karen
>> No. 97702
I'm going to be a very honest Grammar Nazi here.

How do people mess this up? These artists are usually at least 16, right? At this point don't they understand the difference between "your" and "you're"? It seems like that should have been something that everyone would know by now, yet people really mess this up and it just looks very terrible and instantly makes me assume they're underage. It's just so simple a mistake.

but those tits are nice though so who am i kiddin
>> No. 97765
What? You've never owned a grounded before?

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