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File 135047527752.jpg - (234.94KB , 850x1189 , 1344369628898.jpg )
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Request thread to reduce requests of single characters cluttering the board.
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>> No. 88125
File 141379899022.jpg - (262.32KB , 1072x1580 , AmySorelSC4.jpg )
If anyone's at all interested, I'd love to see Amy Sorel inflated all huge and round with blood she's gorged herself on, being a vampire and all, perhaps looking ecstatic and horny from the tight, satisfying fullness and pure bloodlust.

File 141414965013.jpg - (205.46KB , 1000x967 , 1413085454130-2.jpg )
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File 138818896780.gif - (280.85KB , 800x600 , Stri stuffn and (or) instant fat (or is it).gif )
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Also, the last one of the thread 11 >>79021 is kept under a thick layer of auto-sage. Don't miss it.
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>> No. 88235
You can see some pitiful attempts at plot by those links, but it's too eye-raping to post it here.
>> No. 88237
As ridiculous as that is, at first glance I thought this was Willix. She's saying, "A little bit more and I shall burst!" and the guy is saying that he doesn't have enough money for a little bit more. Kinda hot...
>> No. 88242

Maybe she's mocking society by gaining weight on purpose and then writing down people's reactions? Of course stopping is harder than she expects it to be, and she has a little monologue at the end with Jane.

File 141406510593.jpg - (287.86KB , 1024x1408 , lara_croft__tomb_inflator_by_expansion_fan_comics-.jpg )
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Holy crap this image blew my mind...um, girls in peril thread?
>> No. 88241
>Lara Croft dives down into the Mediterranean Sea to find the Lost City of Atlantis. What she finds amazes her, for she has found an underwater city as divinely magnificent as the heavens themselves, and hundreds of mermaids coming to and from the city.

>Little did she know though, mermaids are mischievous creatures and not to fond of surface-dwellers. Before she can get any decent photographs, Lara is ambushed by a horde of very beautiful but dangerous mermaids.

>They turn up Lara's scuba tank to the maximum level, inflating her breasts, butt, and belly like huge balloons, puffing up her cheeks, bulging her eyes, and filling her senses with fear. This continues as the mermaids turn on and off the tank repeatedly, tease the humiliated diver, and take turns blowing their enchanted air through Lara's mouth, inflating her even more.

>They continue doing this to her until she eventually explodes and the mermaids use her tank to inflate their own breasts like balloons to impress the mermen of their city.

fukken a

File 141367409759.jpg - (809.46KB , 1680x1176 , Stangers_With_Candy_by_ChadRocco.jpg )
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New berry thread because the old one is shot:

I tend not to focus on Violet too much but I thought this was a unique piece since she's neither a circle nor "fat" looking. I thought the artist did a really nice job with the face too.

I was bored a couple nights ago and couldn't help wonder what it'd look like if her hand was swollen up too. That turned into wondering what it would look like if her face were a bit bigger and so on and so forth until you get the next two images.

DISCLAIMER: While the image in this post is the original that the artist posted on their deviantart, the following two are photoshop edits of the original. The artist does not know about these and has nothing to do with them. I am not posting them anywhere else but I thought they would be of interest to people here. The artist also does not have much else of interest in their gallery as far as we would be concerned.
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>> No. 88215
File 141404090910.png - (469.77KB , 1500x1200 , sango__berry_burst___p4_by_alorok-d7v2y0x.png )
>> No. 88216
File 141404099143.png - (709.60KB , 1800x1500 , sango__berry_burst___p5_by_alorok-d7v2yxf.png )
>> No. 88239

Supposedly this little commission series is still unfinished, but no offense towards Alorok I was alittle disappointed in how Sango progressed in expansion.

He/She has done so many much greater blueberries, especially love that OC who grows and has to be squeezed daily.

File 139434103965.png - (366.18KB , 786x1042 , 42010150_p1.png )
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This is the new BE thread. Stop beating that old dead horse ya silly folks!

I figured someone might take over making new threads when I lost interest in daily visits, but I guess not and here we are!
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>> No. 88211
File 141403350648.jpg - (332.93KB , 1173x1142 , 46646355_p0.jpg )
>> No. 88227
File 141407898126.jpg - (540.94KB , 2700x1800 , 1413632892_jacques00_nurse_inoculations00c.jpg )
>> No. 88236
File 141410500173.jpg - (64.92KB , 1087x937 , 1414096145_zahkey_img386.jpg )

File 137383481057.jpg - (110.51KB , 904x700 , Yukiko Amagi absorb too much.jpg )
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Here the first or second Persona Series Girl Inflation.
Post any art of Persona Series Girl Swelling up like a balloon.
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>> No. 87630
Live, damn you!
>> No. 87631
File 141204602727.png - (931.50KB , 1400x1499 , yukari___persona_by_jcdr-d5kitfo (1).png )
>> No. 88228
File 141408090393.png - (836.92KB , 1240x1754 , PersonaGirl3.png )

File 141245871215.jpg - (7.57KB , 196x300 , majin_buu_female_mode_by_pandagirlpanda-d52ov10.jpg )
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Hey, exhausted my resources looking for this comic where the ladies of DBZ fight against a female Buu, who does the whole "force self down throat" thing to Bulma(maybe, I forget). Otherwise, muscle inflation thread?

Pic kinda related.
>> No. 87787
sadly I only know of one example and it would be this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN1ryaBqtnA though sadly a mix of inflation and weight gain
>> No. 88225

File 140432281168.jpg - (291.86KB , 2000x983 , pinkberry_tsm_med.jpg )
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Old one is in Valhalla. New one is now. Reposting this one by request from /discussion/.
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>> No. 88210
File 141403340411.png - (181.59KB , 640x495 , 46637284_p0.png )
>> No. 88220
File 141406465820.jpg - (102.55KB , 448x656 , Growth Hormones.jpg )
Here you go m8
>> No. 88221
File 141406471120.jpg - (63.69KB , 346x252 , KidsGrowUp01_AD.jpg )

File 141186969081.jpg - (156.14KB , 850x698 , shydude1.jpg )
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For whatever reason, inflation content very rarely depicts the act of penetration itself. Does anyone have some more art that does?
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>> No. 88193
Oh it's right fucking there. Sorry dawg>>88192
>> No. 88200
>filename includes Bambi Blaze
Instant boner killer.
>> No. 88206
I'm glad someone else has the same thoughts lol

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