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File 135047527752.jpg - (234.94KB , 850x1189 , 1344369628898.jpg )
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Request thread to reduce requests of single characters cluttering the board.
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>> No. 85379
File 140683440315.jpg - (2.20KB , 134x85 , unnamed.jpg )
who has the larger version?

File 140432281168.jpg - (291.86KB , 2000x983 , pinkberry_tsm_med.jpg )
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Old one is in Valhalla. New one is now. Reposting this one by request from /discussion/.
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>> No. 85392

This is adorable, happy you decided to share it.
>> No. 85393
Hoping for an Annie Berry 1. Super cute stuff.
>> No. 85398
Really don't like Loli stuff but that is just too adorable.

File 139434103965.png - (366.18KB , 786x1042 , 42010150_p1.png )
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This is the new BE thread. Stop beating that old dead horse ya silly folks!

I figured someone might take over making new threads when I lost interest in daily visits, but I guess not and here we are!
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>> No. 85278
>> No. 85279
File 140666029237.jpg - (184.10KB , 480x800 , 18672178.jpg )
>>85276 >>85278 Adding to this, the artist goes by the name of Uchi and tends to purge his Pixiv gallery every now and then. You'll have to dig around the 'boorus for all his art.
>> No. 85397
File 140688181218.png - (240.47KB , 900x1100 , tumblr_n9hulaIpLf1scvctbo1_1280.png )

File 140299383654.png - (28.40KB , 821x821 , Elysium-Logo.png )
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Hello Inflate-chan. I usually post around BBW-chan and other places, but I'm often a lurker here so I thought that maybe you'd like a look at a game I've been developing.

It's a mixed-fetish text adventure game in the same vein as CoC, that I've named Tainted Elysium.
While it's a very early version of it (it's hardly playable yet) I figured since it involves (and will involve) inflation, expansion, weight gain and other shape changing fetishes you all might be interested. Plus extra outside input couldn't hurt.

So if you want to join in on the development or just want to try out the game, head on over to

And when you're done I'd love to hear what you think, if you have questions,bug reports, advice, suggestions or whatever else.

And for those of you who like surveys, when you're done one can be found at the bottom of the blog or right through this link

I'll be swinging by the thread periodically to check up on it. Thanks.
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>> No. 85258
looking pretty solid so far for prealpha, I am curious about a couple things. The first thing might be a glitch with the stomach capacity, but even when you use debug to increase it to a large amount, the character still seems to be full at around like the 100-200 range and then throws everything up. Also another random thing, this one is minor, but is there any possibility of adding popping to the game, via like an option or something?
>> No. 85350
Sorry for the late reply, I've been really distracted as of late.

Yeah so far it's just a little test area, it'll slowly expand to have more interactive parts to the ship itself and the forest will be opened up soon with a few little random events thrown in to test thing.

But yeah, this is a public pre-alpha, an unfortunately early phase of it's development lol. It's to spur interest and get some extra eyes out there looking for bugs, and plenty of minds to help guide the game down a balanced path. (hopefully, ha)

Hmn, well lets see. What commands did you try for the stomach fullness?, I may have accidentally left out something in the regulators. I'll check it out soon and test it.

You say that they'd hold the 100+ and THEN throw up? like when does it actually activate? like immediately or is there a delay till you mouse over or click something?

either way with the natural cap of 28 flOz you can only hold 2.3 times that cap, so after 64.4 flOz without any nausia influence should automatically take care of that.

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>> No. 85396
The command i used for fullness was maxful+ some ridiculous number like 200 or even 700. What happens is the belly gets full, but then when you go over the maximum that's been set girl throws up, and then no matter what when you go above 160 or so, the girl throws up, even if it's not close to the maximum. Also question, do you plan to add a way to increase character stomach capacity later on, either by character mods or just training?

File 140491334384.jpg - (246.64KB , 960x642 , fe1e83a90ae8d33040c11d5de31cc05ebf745011.jpg )
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I'm an erotica writer, and an avid fan of all types of inflation, real and fantasy, and I'm writing a piece for client that is supposed to emphasize the tightness/tearing of clothes on the inflated girl's body and during the process. Could you guys help inspire me?

i.e. thread for girls getting too big for their clothes

-pic semi-related
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>> No. 85239
Or I should say, expanding so fast that their buttons can't contain their stomachs. Whatever.
>> No. 85244
File 140657004968.jpg - (108.74KB , 606x900 , Del-Ken_selina.jpg )
>> No. 85395
Too anyone interested in the thread's main image, here. I found the source.


File 140623887070.jpg - (664.70KB , 1200x1705 , 0021.jpg )
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Hey guys, I was pleased to find this place after Pregchan's website provider shut down.

This place has some great preg and belly inflation content but I'm still curious to know if anyone has any news regarding the future of Pregchan's? Any idea if they're moving to a new website or anything?

By the way the img is from Izayoi Sakuya Kusuri zuke Nikubenki Choukyou (Touhou Project)
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>> No. 85303
Hey;bbw-chan has a board for pregnancy, and it seems a few pregchan members are posting there
>> No. 85385
Really? I haven't been to BBWChan in so long. Guess ill pay a visit
>> No. 85391
Fret not; Pregchan will rise again! Fastflame, our admin, is working on a new site. Stay tuned! :)

File 140515706747.png - (340.07KB , 790x1011 , commission_peach_samus_gassy_by_da_fuze-d7p7t3u.png )
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Can we get a gassy gals thread? Also bonus points to anyone who has the comic saved, where the girl removes and idol, and is inflated and farts until she replaces the statue, please!
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>> No. 85376

This isn't gurochan. It doesn't matter here. All of these pictures feature expansion. Nothing you say is going to compromise their legitimacy, regardless of the quality — which is actually middle-of-the-road at the very worst.
>> No. 85377
>which is actually middle-of-the-road at the very worst.

Being way too generous.
>> No. 85390
Look, its inflation based on inflatechan. End of discussion. That's the rule and we have kept said rule so we are allowed to keep this forum up and keep posting till we have fart inflation 29, Electric flatulence. If its not your thing, then there's plenty of other forums for stuff you do. Other then that there isn't even a reason as to why you would want this forum removed. It doesn't matter what YOU think, what matters is we kept to the rules and are not annoying or aggravating other boards or forums.

File 140026914836.png - (887.32KB , 749x1065 , 00.png )
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So. There's a new Hayabusa out, and we didn't even have to long for it, where's the fun in that.
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>> No. 84688
Is this still going to happen?
>> No. 84758
I want to know what the doctor says at the end
>> No. 85389

File 138193367292.png - (425.56KB , 634x477 , Gravitina Image Resized.png )
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Post huge craniums.
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>> No. 85281
File 140666704060.png - (129.83KB , 800x1000 , adfiftiesgirlbigheadoccolor140729.png )
Brainy and Busty
>> No. 85380
File 140684026111.jpg - (87.15KB , 786x1017 , 137729204654.jpg )
Looks nice. Who's the artist?
>> No. 85388
Archangel Dreadnought. Damn, that guy has come a long way since I first saw his stuff years ago. It's slow progress, but good.

File 139943264172.png - (274.62KB , 1240x1637 , commission___nico_robin_by_axel_rosered-d7hebiq.png )
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>>Previous Axel-Rosered Thread: http://www.inflatechan.net/drawn/res/82124.html

The old one won't bump anymore. So let's start a new one!
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>> No. 85381
File 140684407858.jpg - (639.69KB , 1268x1042 , image.jpg )
I do hope Axel makes another page. It's been quite awhile since I saw a comic featuring her beside Akio's
>> No. 85383
I'm pretty sure there will be considering it is a collaboration between him and Akio. I mean, it even has the trademark goofy tongue action going on there.
>> No. 85387
File 140686023434.jpg - (48.18KB , 577x474 , image.jpg )
I can hardly wait for the rest.

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