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File 135047527752.jpg - (234.94KB , 850x1189 , 1344369628898.jpg )
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Request thread to reduce requests of single characters cluttering the board.
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>> No. 82257
>making an hourglass inflation
>out of a character who already is an overblown hourglass

Waste of resources, Captain

File 139817939254.jpg - (214.57KB , 550x768 , image.jpg )
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Hey guys, I'm on the hunt for the rest of this but I've forgotten it's name. I thought it was done by type.90 but searches on him don't seem to pull this up. Any information toward retrieving the rest of this would be appreciated.
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>> No. 82353
Love this one! Enjoy!

>> No. 82354
File 139823267425.jpg - (6.41KB , 286x176 , images.jpg )
Well thanks for the find. ^.^ Guess I should've looked deeper. But seeing as it's within my power, I will grant you one wish for your discovery. >:3 Choose wisely.
>> No. 82357
File 139825704198.jpg - (17.06KB , 480x360 , Limsanity goes viral.jpg )

Duuuuude. It's you.

File 138840400283.png - (45.76KB , 793x619 , Pure Coincidence.png )
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It's been a while, time for another interactive/game thread.

This one's number 3 I think.
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>> No. 82330
They're removed. I'm not even sure those characters would've worked in the current version anyway.
>> No. 82351
If I was smarter, I could probably set it to make her breasts grow, but all I've got so far is this. Project spark has a lot of potential.

Also, I have tried multiple times and inflatechan hates my images so here's a link.

>> No. 82356
>Windows 8 exclusive

Glad to see Microsoft is still as childish as ever.

My just-as-childish complaint over, Fetish Master updated again, but it's mostly backend stuff, no new content.

File 139810600554.jpg - (492.95KB , 2120x2816 , Natasha2 by Fufuman.jpg )
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i noticed that fufuman just left deviantart and i think we should create a thread of him
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>> No. 82349

Why yes, I *am* awesome, along with brilliant and stunningly handsome, thank you for the lovely compliments. It really was the least I could do.
>> No. 82352
could u upload to a different site like mediafire cause the download didnt work and upload it as a rar or zip
>> No. 82355
File 139823346632.jpg - (197.03KB , 880x1389 , Carmel_by_Fufuman.jpg )

Oh, well that's a crying shame.

File 139631692577.png - (486.20KB , 800x853 , rikaberry_by_0pik_0ort-d784tt0.png )
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The Fruits have gone bad, we must restock. Also it looks like DA deleted this addition.

Previous Thread - http://www.inflatechan.net/drawn/res/75961.html
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>> No. 82156
Really wish I had saved PkBerry's stories, especially the one with the cow TF.
>> No. 82347
File 139820950532.png - (497.80KB , 1000x680 , bb2.png )
Here's the next part to >>82013 so that I'm not just adding in to the story discussion without any content.

If anybody is up for some blueberry fiction, I have one posted at my own DeviantArt:


Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. I'll definitely be doing more in the future.
>> No. 82348

I'll keep that idea in mind for my next blueberry story.

File 138397867612.png - (306.75KB , 1280x960 , fat_rukia_and_rangiku_by_dabeenlee-d67zo2w.png )
78033 No. 78033 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone manage to have some of dabeenlee's stuff. He recently deleted or archived his pics and I would like to complete my collection with him.
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>> No. 81061
Does anyone have the Fat Fairy Tail Cana pic?
>> No. 81747
>> No. 82344

File 13887143301.jpg - (24.26KB , 300x293 , image.jpg )
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Got this from Tumblr
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>> No. 82333

Shocked this hasn't been made into a story yet (especially if Catwoman had her body in Batman Returns but her personality from B:TAS). Catwoman finally brings Batman's true passions to the surface. We've seen enough sad ending Batman/Catwoman stories, I want to see one where they finally become a pair. Batman would make an interesting feeder, considering his technological prowess.
>> No. 82335
Pfft, I'm not complaining and I don't see why they'd need to moderate this stuff. I don't feel like hopping between three fuckin' chans (pregchan, inflatechan, bbwchan) to get my fix of expansion and weight gain overall.
>> No. 82338
Can we get some fat/inflate Batgirl in here?

File 138329894353.png - (15.66KB , 575x700 , e6a1aeb749d816be80d22fb5120e7422-d6scwxj.png )
77710 No. 77710 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Let start a MLP EG inflation collection.
I found this pic on DA with button popping twilight.
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>> No. 81510
File 139561282945.jpg - (116.47KB , 545x666 , Jedah inflating Pinkie.jpg )
>> No. 81522

this is strangely cute.
>> No. 82334
Well sheeit. It seems that Kissasta has left DA and FA. Someone re-upload his fine-ass work?

File 137037057670.png - (529.31KB , 800x1167 , skullgirls__gimmie_another_one__by_faomuwg-d673o6m.png )
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Old thread's no longer bumping, go save what you can and repost it here when the old thread disappears.
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>> No. 81022
Why no Painwheel Expansion?
>> No. 81616
File 139603767249.jpg - (815.10KB , 1500x1476 , see__my_hat_is_really_strong__by_satsurou-d5o5xr0.jpg )
>> No. 82326
Can't wait for Eliza to get in, hopefully that will give this thread some life again.

File 137383481057.jpg - (110.51KB , 904x700 , Yukiko Amagi absorb too much.jpg )
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Here the first or second Persona Series Girl Inflation.
Post any art of Persona Series Girl Swelling up like a balloon.
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>> No. 82322
File 13979632764.jpg - (609.80KB , 827x1063 , 42919402.jpg )
>> No. 82323
File 139796669115.jpg - (200.12KB , 1000x2323 , image.jpg )
Well... that's one way bring the thread back on topic.

Captcha: time lgrown
>> No. 82324
File 139796717355.jpg - (294.27KB , 962x830 , image.jpg )

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