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File 135047527752.jpg - (234.94KB , 850x1189 , 1344369628898.jpg )
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Request thread to reduce requests of single characters cluttering the board.
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>> No. 92400
Hey, me again. I'm just giving another update on the Adelita twins piece I'm working on. It's coming along though I'm still trying to get the expansion part right (how da fuck do ya inflate a skeleton?). So thanks for your patience and what not.

File 141367409759.jpg - (809.46KB , 1680x1176 , Stangers_With_Candy_by_ChadRocco.jpg )
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New berry thread because the old one is shot:

I tend not to focus on Violet too much but I thought this was a unique piece since she's neither a circle nor "fat" looking. I thought the artist did a really nice job with the face too.

I was bored a couple nights ago and couldn't help wonder what it'd look like if her hand was swollen up too. That turned into wondering what it would look like if her face were a bit bigger and so on and so forth until you get the next two images.

DISCLAIMER: While the image in this post is the original that the artist posted on their deviantart, the following two are photoshop edits of the original. The artist does not know about these and has nothing to do with them. I am not posting them anywhere else but I thought they would be of interest to people here. The artist also does not have much else of interest in their gallery as far as we would be concerned.
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>> No. 92390
File 142491729619.png - (904.47KB , 800x1171 , madoka_s_garden__pumpkin_by_0pik_0ort-d8j5ok2.png )
Second to last one in the series, last part should be up in April.
>> No. 92424
File 142512145063.png - (445.91KB , 1032x958 , 139249832911.png )

This is so awesome, yet I can't stop laughing for some reason just because of how crazy everything is getting.

Yep, this is definitely madoka magica alright.

Keep it up Ghassy, you're doing madokami's work
>> No. 92473
Man, I wish there were more berry artists like that on pixiv. Berry fetish stuff doesn't seem too hot in Japan.

File 141167774060.jpg - (343.84KB , 700x897 , super_dreadnought_breasts_by_necrobern-d4ev7gn.jpg )
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didn't see one here, so I thought I'd start one. Specifically looking for pics of Anna Kaboom/Kozuki but might as well make this a Yu-Gi-Oh thread in general.
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>> No. 92459
If they haven't seen it yet, they don't care.

It was a Banana Galactic pic, Inflatechan is against posting paid content.
>> No. 92460
Wait, it was??? Huh, didn't know that, I thought that series was all about weight gain and not BE. Well then, shows how much I know about that.
>> No. 92472
File 142532199490.png - (443.80KB , 388x848 , victim.png )

You want more requests? Oh my, you are really on a roll!

Anyway, how about a spherical inflation of Kotori, all while wearing this tiny outfit? It doesn't matter if air/helium or blueberry juice, as long as she turns out to be round and huge.

File 142523111710.png - (523.12KB , 1000x1000 , 14068589591.png )
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Loli Inflation and Loli inflation accessories.
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>> No. 92465
File 142529600280.png - (886.86KB , 2100x1600 , 47140737_p0.png )
>> No. 92468
File 142530857928.png - (780.96KB , 981x1075 , Etna Balloon.png )
Where is all the good body inflation for lolis?
>> No. 92471
File 142531938369.png - (556.05KB , 800x800 , 18787337.png )

File 140719908412.gif - (60.22KB , 314x290 , Impregnation Animation-1279003201899.gif )
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Old thread hit the bump limit here: >>82610
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>> No. 90819
File 142071764080.gif - (108.70KB , 279x259 , SanguePassareAty.gif )
>> No. 90886
>> No. 92470
File 142531928242.gif - (237.27KB , 150x150 , Impregnation Animation-0001.gif )

File 140580499424.jpg - (44.37KB , 193x424 , 2HeIrina.jpg )
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This is where my comics are now:
Thought Bubble
Swelling Invasion 2
all free
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>> No. 91161
I love this comic~
>> No. 91808
File 142296739953.jpg - (256.63KB , 1039x1500 , 2HeLena_01_00.jpg )
The prequel to the current series is now avaiable at: http://2hebubble.tumblr.com/

download it at: http://2hebubble.tumblr.com/completecomics
>> No. 92466
File 142530461829.jpg - (288.62KB , 1055x1505 , TB_1_000.jpg )
Thought Bubble #1
Sauce: http://2hebubble.tumblr.com/completecomics

File 14074358134.png - (166.39KB , 500x698 , tumblr_n4ph84vKjU1sl0jc5o1_500.png )
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>> No. 92443
File 142524112527.png - (875.22KB , 1152x1064 , rwby2_by_newstuff4u-d7j7e73color (1).png )
This is the only other one I have completed.
>> No. 92444
File 142524122470.png - (73.19KB , 1208x836 , rwby1_by_newstuff4u-d7j7df3color.png )
Ruby's only in flat colors for now.
>> No. 92445
File 142524158385.png - (886.53KB , 1204x1084 , rwby4_by_newstuff4u-d7j7eld (1) (1) (1) (1) (1).png )
Haven't started this one, but it hasn't been posted so why not?

File 141955253232.png - (525.48KB , 1024x573 , comiss_stream_18th_fwocvr_01_by_kecomaster-d77ngr2.png )
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It's good to change things up a bit every now and then. Let's have a thread about what happens AFTER inflation. Even if there's no depicted inflation beforehand, it may be relevant to the interests of the thread.

(Keep in mind, popping has it's own thread: http://www.inflatechan.net/drawn/res/86342.html )
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>> No. 91426

The GreyofPTA picture that you posted, and that was deleted due to content. Please stop pretending you didn't do it, administrators can see your IP address and search for your deleted posts.
>> No. 92433
>> No. 92438
File 142523255740.jpg - (116.34KB , 632x1264 , tmp_8763-jasmine_inf_deflation_by_dwarfpriest-d81m.jpg )
No let the thread die. Over half this thread has no Inflation at all because deflation without being inflated more than regular size beforehand is not related. And half of the other posts are flattening or rubber/doll girls. This is like posting bbw with almost no wg and trying to make it a thread.

File 139023483353.jpg - (173.73KB , 654x441 , 137574646275.jpg )
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OK, let's be honest. You refuse to allow multiple images per one captcha. I can't see how it can hurt, but I know you can move this thread to /drawn in one click.
I'll fill it here, tell you it's OK to move it and than you'll do it. Wait a bit, please.
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>> No. 91996
Does anyone here have his TF art?
>> No. 91997
Does anyone here have his TF art?
>> No. 92436
Yep, some of his TF art can be found here:


File 142184170263.png - (73.95KB , 187x189 , Dballoon.png )
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Storage: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8kl0cpbschel7ha/AAAA11bFJbPeyAQq8fAtY3Hja?dl=0
Same ol' rules, no kids, no toilet humor, one character/request/person. Please provide at least one reference image and a description of the drawing.
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>> No. 92300
File 142463024631.jpg - (26.75KB , 600x401 , stop-sign.jpg )
Ok guys, stopping getting new requests for now. I'll work on the rest of the unfinished requests, and then next month or so start a new edition.
Thanks for flying Dee Arlines.
>> No. 92391
Cool, thanks for your generosity!
>> No. 92435
awesome! I hope to see mine!

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