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File 135047527752.jpg - (234.94KB , 850x1189 , 1344369628898.jpg )
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Request thread to reduce requests of single characters cluttering the board.
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>> No. 86515

Yes to this!

File 138840400283.png - (45.76KB , 793x619 , Pure Coincidence.png )
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It's been a while, time for another interactive/game thread.

This one's number 3 I think.
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>> No. 86513
File 140967678935.jpg - (96.04KB , 1062x588 , UhOhBrodance.jpg )
>> No. 86521

Wow, so not only do you feel smug for knowing about some random indie BIT.TRIP.RUNNER clone nobody else has heard of, because we haven't memorized the names of every single flash clone for every other flash game in existence, but you even posted a congratulatory note to yourself for doing so, because nobody else even cares enough to notice.

Are you trying to meta your way around the word filter or something?
>> No. 86524
If you actually read his post, he's upset that they didn't Google it, not that he didn't know what it is.

Calm your shit, it's boiling.

File 139943264172.png - (274.62KB , 1240x1637 , commission___nico_robin_by_axel_rosered-d7hebiq.png )
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>>Previous Axel-Rosered Thread: http://www.inflatechan.net/drawn/res/82124.html

The old one won't bump anymore. So let's start a new one!
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>> No. 86491
File 140960702530.jpg - (32.46KB , 600x400 , 201145-cromartie02_super.jpg )
The Axel cycle just keeps on rolling!
>> No. 86520
File 140971468985.png - (289.32KB , 700x525 , tna_bundle_by_axel_rosered-d7xp976.png )
Is there any doubt at this point that he isn't just fucking with everyone to see how far he can get away with it?
>> No. 86523
It's beginning to reach the point of parody. I ordered 10 pics from him a year ago and have only gotten four. I'm trying to pry at least a WIP pic out of him now. Meanwhile Nylonwave made me a professional looking 10 page and 47 pic comic for in less than two months from some plot ideas in a note. I'm never ever giving Axel one cent ever again.

File 140850393158.jpg - (156.17KB , 600x722 , 92642.jpg )
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Let's be fair, it's been about 3 years since Snaketrap updated with anything, and with his website down do to lack of keeping it up, it's safe to assume he is dead. Let us honor this person for helping with his artwork.

I personally liked his work anyhow, it was some solid inflation comics and whatnot
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>> No. 86382
Let's be fair it's almost impossible to stop people from pirating without resorting to draconian measures that drive potential fans away. If you are so thin skinned that you cannot handle people wanting to share your content then you probably shouldn't put yourself out there. The only reason I've not bought Snake's stuff is cause his site is kaput. Else I would have.
>> No. 86384
where's enhancement shaman?
>> No. 86519
While it's missing in that link, let me tell you that it isn't worth it. It has a great fucking premise, but it doesn't do anything with it. The girl gets her status of b.e.ing every time she uses magic, casts maybe three spells, then the story ends with her beginning her grand adventure. It's the second most disappointing thing I've ever bought, the first being Starbound. Anyway, I had some stuff no name was missing, so here it is. https://mega.co.nz/#!68t1gRQK!Lwmpur0G1rtubPbSmYnfqRzQrD8XB632wTXPwQTYHHc

File 14090977718.jpg - (129.06KB , 722x1024 , cake01_zps2fe8f082.jpg )
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>> No. 86493

I believe that was one of the few bootsynekomata pieces that still exist out there.
>> No. 86507
The few?

>> No. 86509

Yes, the few, that man had alot more than 42 pieces of art back in the day.

File 140026914836.png - (887.32KB , 749x1065 , 00.png )
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So. There's a new Hayabusa out, and we didn't even have to long for it, where's the fun in that.
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>> No. 85389
>> No. 86499
would really love to see the translation completed is there an update
>> No. 86506
He says "with enema I take over world, ahahah"

File 140463530940.jpg - (215.39KB , 1024x1448 , inflated_ego___cover_by_expansion_fan_comics-d7dbh.jpg )
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Can anyone confirm whether "Inflated Ego" from Expansion Fan Comics is any good? Inflation/transformation involving nozzles is one of my kinks.
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>> No. 84906
Anyone know where one would pirate something like this? The main places like TPB and KAT have virtually no expansion comics.

(Don't ask about pirating things here.)
>> No. 86323
I'm not in a position to say if the comic worth it to be read.... but I got some beautiful feedback about the story. I heard the writer was working on a fourth chapter too. (just sayin') ;)
>> No. 86498
Are there any other expansionfan comics with belly inflation or ass expansion?

File 140580499424.jpg - (44.37KB , 193x424 , 2HeIrina.jpg )
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This is where my comics are now:
Thought Bubble
Swelling Invasion 2
all free
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>> No. 86488
File 14096045825.jpg - (373.01KB , 1200x1597 , fredrikpage000.jpg )
The complete comic is now available for download in higher resolution here: http://2hebubble.tumblr.com/
>> No. 86494
Got it!
>> No. 86497
Also have sweeping invasion here

File 137383481057.jpg - (110.51KB , 904x700 , Yukiko Amagi absorb too much.jpg )
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Here the first or second Persona Series Girl Inflation.
Post any art of Persona Series Girl Swelling up like a balloon.
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>> No. 86291

Same here, man. Naoto and Chie are the best. And I'm pretty excited for P5, too.
>> No. 86475
>> No. 86484
I'm, sorry but, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt4w4TSWC9E HYYYYYPPPPPPEEEEE!!!!

File 13952202798.jpg - (736.43KB , 1984x2805 , inflationsuit03.jpg )
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Just noticed the old thread dropped out of sight. Post your pics of ladies in inflated latex catsuits, drysuits, zentai, spacesuits, whatever is airtight and elastic.
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>> No. 86230
Everytime I see that I read it like,
"..here is my han-dle,here is my spout"
>> No. 86455
From Pillow Talk
>> No. 86483

Way ahead of you:

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