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File 143722950989.png - (413.51KB , 540x555 , 1430978055161.png )
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Since the previous warning was ignored frequently and male content being posted continues unabated I figured a more noticeable warning was in order.

**Do not post anything with a penis here. Read the rules. Misdemeanor is punishable by death. You cannot escape, citizen.**

File 140508591272.png - (242.62KB , 720x588 , 10156125_767385183360210_1529296306836989089_n.png )
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Can we have a drawthread? If anyone is taking requests, please gather here so people can share their ideas!

I dunno why this hasent been done before.
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>> No. 39644
does anyone have any good websites to find inflation pictures? if so please send a link. :3

File 141029320422.png - (766.51KB , 800x700 , 1409033683_thedoggygal_gnight_at_freddy_s.png )
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... has anyone dared?
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>> No. 39278
When people complain about MY art...I show them this.
>> No. 39639
File 143832284076.png - (435.76KB , 1204x1497 , cicici.png )
I did one T. Chica pic a day ago. Please, don't bash my coloring skills in GIMP, i know they are crappy.
>> No. 39657
Nobody is a master overnight. I've seen far worse if you can believe it. You also attemped shading which is admirable . You just need to keep in mind which direction the light is coming from and stay consistent with it and remembering that some shapes will cast a shadow on other shapes.

File 141758742096.jpg - (213.88KB , 1000x1000 , image.jpg )
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Can we get some more BE on?
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>> No. 39654
File 143840646022.jpg - (85.05KB , 576x720 , image.jpg )
>> No. 39655
File 143840656333.jpg - (43.78KB , 442x621 , image.jpg )
>> No. 39656
File 143840670752.jpg - (99.41KB , 576x648 , image.jpg )

File 139022329835.jpg - (58.52KB , 800x480 , sally_under_saddle_lr_jpg~original.jpg )
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!! vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv !!
Humans go to /Drawn to avoid "thread overweight" effect.
!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !!
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>> No. 39646
Maybe he was making a joke. Loosen up!
>> No. 39647

At this stage I don't care who's joking, who's trolling, or who's offended by what, everyone either post BigHorse shit or shut the fuck up.
>> No. 39648
File 143839335496.jpg - (641.84KB , 1024x768 , horsepoop.jpg )
Posting big horse shit for great win!

File 142769965693.png - (785.35KB , 1280x857 , A song by a pigeon color.png )
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Because nobody bothered making a new one.

Fat, inflation, pregnancy welcome.

Old thread >>35730
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>> No. 39632
File 143830392068.jpg - (0.96MB , 3200x1140 , Edit.jpg )
>> No. 39642
File 143832735580.gif - (392.18KB , 850x700 , 1438294625286.gif )
>> No. 39643
File 143834961257.jpg - (953.02KB , 1799x1200 , Fundraiser Tips 3.jpg )

File 136447114974.jpg - (196.83KB , 600x800 , 12934199084b1f.jpg )
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Staring with the sneak peek I was talking about. Now you have an idea of what I like.
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>> No. 38817
Hey JM, if you ever come back and see this, could you release the unfinished WIPs of the pictures you were teased here?

>> No. 38848
Please make more big Tow Kinds bellies!
>> No. 39641

File 143054079322.jpg - (363.55KB , 1696x2200 , Aries_Passadar_by_Zuucka.jpg )
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A thread paying tribute to that famous blue wolfette. Anything Aries goes here :D
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>> No. 39548
no wait...cancel that idea.
>> No. 39550
how is this instead, you may embellish this to make the story more interesting Zucca, when you post the next picture that the artist draws:

the vines start to run out of juice...so they pull out their tentacles and start to roll her in a particular direction. at first she's puzzled as to why she's being rolled, all she can do is grunt and moan at the discomfort she's experiencing.

later, she sees that the vines have rolled her to a nearby lake. she still does not understand what is happening. then while some of the vines simply slither around her, the other vines dip themselves into the water, sucking it up, the bulges of water traveling up their slender frames.

suddenly, the other vines which idled around slowly made their way to her pussy, nipples and bellybutton. all poor aries could do was squeal as the vines firmly pushed into, and entered her orifices once again. then it hit her...they were gonna fill her up with water. the assumptions proved correct when she saw the bulges travel through the vines, slowly approaching her holes. she was very flabbergasted.

"No!" she whimpered "It's too much!, Please!"

the bulges reached her openings, and simply paused for a bit, before gushing into her body. as soon as that happened, aries could feel her body continue to swell again, as more liquid was pumped into her. she groaned with tears in her eyes.

(to be continued...)
>> No. 39640

you back yet?

File 141536093663.png - (54.35KB , 200x204 , 1414536453_mroma_cow_pack_04.png )
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Isabelle from animal crossing getting inflated with air, water ect
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>> No. 39233

Fucking filters. I meant to say a u t i s m.
>> No. 39234
I think it's less "deep pockets" and more "I have no idea how to manage my money."
>> No. 39635

File 141547122467.jpg - (59.62KB , 1032x774 , Fat_Rosie_by_No_Straight_Lines.jpg )
35135 No. 35135 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
People are tired of seeing a AC thread filled with nothing but Isabelle so any pic you have of her goes on that thread, this one is made for everyone else!
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>> No. 39610
File 143825027445.jpg - (286.54KB , 1280x1280 , 143786018211.jpg )
Margie is cute

>> No. 39611
File 143825878914.jpg - (91.10KB , 842x566 , ss+(2015-03-24+at+11_33_23).jpg )
Haha, well I'm glad my commissions are getting attention.
>> No. 39630
Now I feel guilty for ignoring her in my town, good work, nice use of color.

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