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File 140508591272.png - (242.62KB , 720x588 , 10156125_767385183360210_1529296306836989089_n.png )
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Can we have a drawthread? If anyone is taking requests, please gather here so people can share their ideas!

I dunno why this hasent been done before.
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>> No. 34138
inflating jigglypuff

File 133343528194.jpg - (47.06KB , 500x402 , 1333124475054.jpg )
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Some people seem to be reading impaired, please review the rules.
Male is dominant over all boards, if you have a post and it's male, regardless if it's furry or CGI or Live, it goes into /Male/ and nowhere else.
It feels like it's almost daily that I have to clean up all the male posts on here, and this wouldn't be a problem if some people actually read the rules.
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>> No. 18135
File 134783640225.jpg - (320.31KB , 720x898 , 1347808989425.jpg )
The thread has been locked once again.
Those who posted here will be famous in the future.
As heroes, or as a warning.
May God show mercy to those who trespass this land again.

File 135218130064.jpg - (83.61KB , 600x600 , 1337229867_anthroanim_kimberly_laying_on_couch_web.jpg )
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Anyone ever grab anything from anthroanim's sets or non-FA stuff?
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>> No. 34135
File 140956844745.jpg - (126.28KB , 340x480 , 1394028264-this.jpg )
>I'd assume that left a lot of people not knowing you could be found on other sites

I don't entirely agree with everything he says, but in my case . . . THIS
>> No. 34137
Darn it, I have no money.
>> No. 34140

1. Son, I posted during my time in FurAffinity 3 journals and even a submittion redirecting to my Tumblr and DeviantART, and in numerous times during my broadcast I said "remember to visit my DeviantART and Tumblr! I even do the ask thing in Tumblr". If I closed my FurAffinity account and none of you had any idea where I went, this shows me how much you people care about paying attention of what I do, with or without advice, so why bother telling where I go? only reason I re-opened my FurAffinity page and left the links of my DeviantART and Tumblr is because the good suggestion of some trusted client I have (personally, I want to close it again, the comments there are just annoying and is a page I have to keep checking because I have the feel someone will leave a note or something, even if they see a blank profile).

2. 3 hours with such activity was WAY too much without a single hit on that post, don't come telling me ALL that people was working or out or playing videogames (I know the multitaskers). at Saturday at midnight, they were on Tumblr in that very moment checking around, so again, no justification, I know the activity on my own page. And I admit, it would be good to post that on both Weasyl and DeviantART too, you got a valid point on that.

3. I am back rolling since many requested to stay and many commissioners wanted to keep working with me, for me I could left that and move to a next job, but yeah, I need to have so good consideration with my clients and future clients, after all, they were the one that saved my buttocks in multiple times.

4. Regarding that list, it was people waiting a turn, not backlogged, I don't get paid until I officially start the commission. I delete that list since it doesn't matter to put it in public, I just kept a copy for myself. And sketches aren't 3D, a model that takes oevr 20 hours of work can't be compared on a sketch that can be done in 15 minutes (30 if I put it effort).

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 140314811060.png - (168.41KB , 1221x1411 , 1403145690476.png )
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Previous thread: >>31701

You guys know the drill.
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>> No. 34131
File 140954815075.png - (901.56KB , 1280x760 , 1409371685_necrofeline_fruitbowlfasize.png )
Anyone down for a fruit basket?
>> No. 34134
>>34131 Why is it that Rarity seems like the better blueberry? :3
>> No. 34139
File 140958854714.png - (519.14KB , 1991x1395 , 1407540261296.png )

File 139266975079.jpg - (21.92KB , 400x400 , Isabelle_Butt.jpg )
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Because everyone wants one
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>> No. 34123
As much as I love Isabelle, yeah, where's the variety lately?
>> No. 34126
Go find some then
>> No. 34128
Would it be more prudent to make a separate Isabelle thread, then? She's the main reason I look at this thread, anyway.

File 14081503736.jpg - (90.64KB , 913x1280 , 1335351929.jpg )
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Old thread reached bump limit.
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>> No. 34099
File 140940417160.png - (270.42KB , 1272x1200 , Rain sure has a strange effect.png )
>> No. 34100
File 140940520027.png - (401.77KB , 1024x801 , letting_out_a_little_whine_by_theorangelion-d7ti3l.png )
>> No. 34102

File 140938517565.png - (291.95KB , 800x779 , 1296627920_guyfuy_amy_bikinishy.png )
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does anybody know who made this artwork?
>> No. 34090
Guyfuy made that, the artists name was in the name of the file dude!
>> No. 34101
Yep, Guyfuy.
FurAffinity file names are all that style, like 123455988.artistusername_original_file_name.jpg

File 13758313899.jpg - (167.18KB , 1280x981 , 1319075924_darcell1291_lessa_s_hyper_paw_3.jpg )
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I hope that this thread will bring about more inflated feet than we have ever seen before! (Used the last pic from the other thread for starters)
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>> No. 33974
File 140867086493.jpg - (712.71KB , 3441x2500 , Feliciapaws.jpg )
>> No. 33983
Please don't stop Mabo!
>> No. 34086
I'm not into foot inflation, but this is adorable

File 14072932309.jpg - (142.23KB , 1058x612 , z.jpg )
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How about a Meanybeany thread?
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>> No. 34082
File 140933545776.jpg - (116.56KB , 1000x728 , image.jpg )
>> No. 34083
File 140933548542.jpg - (100.03KB , 1000x728 , image.jpg )
>> No. 34084
File 140933554428.jpg - (110.04KB , 1000x728 , image.jpg )
Last one. I wish he'd do more stuff with land-based mammals.

File 14091786419.jpg - (328.22KB , 751x800 , 1336957585_daikanu_fatpanda6.jpg )
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I refuse to believe there isn't copious amounts of pandaren inflation floating about the internet, especially with such an easily inflatable race.

Inflation, vore, stuffing, if you find it, or make it, dump it here.
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>> No. 34057
File 140918113621.png - (660.22KB , 900x900 , commission___pang_and_nikki_by_morningpanda-d7aja6.png )
>> No. 34058
That's about all I have for now, I have more Tauren based art stored than Pandaren.
>> No. 34061
File 140918688628.jpg - (123.77KB , 1280x793 , 1350283170_kreizen_the_horde_s_new_gunship.jpg )
Why would the horde execute female prisoners of war when they could put them to much better use? Si-Mei and Velanaa are in no position to protest their current predicament...

It seems they've found new permanent positions in the Horde's aero-navy...

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