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File 140508591272.png - (242.62KB , 720x588 , 10156125_767385183360210_1529296306836989089_n.png )
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Can we have a drawthread? If anyone is taking requests, please gather here so people can share their ideas!

I dunno why this hasent been done before.
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>> No. 33913
A character from the Korean cartoon "Squirrel and Hedgehog"

By weighty I mean like >>33854 but a little more top heavy

File 133343528194.jpg - (47.06KB , 500x402 , 1333124475054.jpg )
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Some people seem to be reading impaired, please review the rules.
Male is dominant over all boards, if you have a post and it's male, regardless if it's furry or CGI or Live, it goes into /Male/ and nowhere else.
It feels like it's almost daily that I have to clean up all the male posts on here, and this wouldn't be a problem if some people actually read the rules.
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>> No. 18135
File 134783640225.jpg - (320.31KB , 720x898 , 1347808989425.jpg )
The thread has been locked once again.
Those who posted here will be famous in the future.
As heroes, or as a warning.
May God show mercy to those who trespass this land again.

File 140314811060.png - (168.41KB , 1221x1411 , 1403145690476.png )
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Previous thread: >>31701

You guys know the drill.
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>> No. 33890
Bumpin fo sauce!
>> No. 33931
That was drawn by marswmallowbeam apparently
derpiboo dot ru/search?sbq=artist%3Amarshmallowbeam
create account & change options to see nsfw

>You have been banned from posting on All boards for the following reason:
>Posting a blacklisted link. (ru)
damn, the filters here are even worse than moot's
>> No. 33938
Derpibooru steals art to fill their servers, you do realize this? They make money from the ads on their site and the viruses anyone who downloads their stolen images gets. And don't compare this site to 4chan, at least we aren't home to racism and homopbobia..

File 14081503736.jpg - (90.64KB , 913x1280 , 1335351929.jpg )
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Old thread reached bump limit.
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>> No. 33932
File 140859667633.jpg - (91.35KB , 730x491 , image.jpg )
anyone know where I can find more if this person's work? I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 33936
Thumbtack! How you doin, buddy?
>> No. 33937
File 140860404880.jpg - (60.53KB , 692x554 , image.jpg )
I love this pic.

File 13758313899.jpg - (167.18KB , 1280x981 , 1319075924_darcell1291_lessa_s_hyper_paw_3.jpg )
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I hope that this thread will bring about more inflated feet than we have ever seen before! (Used the last pic from the other thread for starters)
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>> No. 33830
Oh god, this is incredible!
>> No. 33864
Bumping plz
>> No. 33935
File 140859848591.jpg - (208.88KB , 983x1280 , 1408375738_i81icu812_miko_double_feet_inflation.jpg )
I have something new tomorrow, just wanna colour it.

Speaking of awesome uncoloured pieces, i81icu812 is keeping up his awesome pawflations!

File 138938689361.jpg - (52.79KB , 607x522 , AmyRoseInflatesEnigma20XX.jpg )
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Well the old one is the 8th page so its dead. So time for a new one.
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>> No. 33849

There's a few I linked to earlier, in >>33164
and >>33478. I'm not sure if there's more, but these are the main two from where these images come from (aside from other people's folders, I mean).
>> No. 33860
Anais and Nicole as Giant Blueberries
>> No. 33927
File 140855201824.jpg - (82.75KB , 738x799 , gallery_1_743_52325.jpg )
bigger version

File 139686360455.png - (212.62KB , 664x745 , krys.png )
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Place for furry CG stuff. I'll start.
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>> No. 33924
Would ponies also be accepted here?
>> No. 33925
Due to our traditions, if you have a 3D blueberry Rarity, you're free to post it in MLP thread, blueberry thread or 3D thread according to your own taste.
Also, if you have Rarity, Applejack, Twi... multiple images, it's also good to point on them in other threads by a single and elegant message:

>Guys also look here
>> No. 33926
I've forgot to mention in the last case you should choose the thread which will probably stay longer.

It's a decency, not a rule. Anyway, if it causes drama, dramatic clowns will be punished, not you.

File 134619484411.png - (475.07KB , 1200x1200 , Bueberry Jubilee.png )
17397 No. 17397 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Come with me, and you'll see, a world of just blueberry furries.
Post blueberry inflation of any kind. MLP, vixen, dragon, its all welcome (as long as female).
Also, a huge thanks to Kbryme for really making the last thread take off and keeping it alive.
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>> No. 33885
File 140826347194.png - (249.65KB , 808x701 , mfbbs2.png )
Just actually did a trade with the guy (drrichtofen720). Blueberry of his fox character.
>> No. 33889
I am Drrichtofen720, I'm just wondering if someone would do my character Alexis the Hyena as a blueberry.
>> No. 33911
Anyway would anyone like to do this?

File 136914177038.jpg - (122.29KB , 500x822 , lcv-toys-5450_png.jpg )
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Stumbled across this in a Dollar General the other day and bought one for kicks. They can get REALLY big, like 16+ inches. Relevant and hilarious. ^^
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>> No. 33717
File 140761522927.jpg - (74.69KB , 470x640 , hourglass_suit_1.jpg )
Originally posted these in live, but probably more appropriate here. New custom hourglass doll/suit.

First pic is slightly underinflated.
>> No. 33718
File 140761535198.jpg - (104.42KB , 640x589 , hourglass_suit_3.jpg )
This is the more normal amount of inflation.
>> No. 33910
File 140844309031.jpg - (186.50KB , 819x1024 , 140763760420.jpg )
I can't resist. Sooo sexy.

File 14084222683.jpg - (93.07KB , 640x592 , 1392331986_floofy-skunk_1392065625_puffedup_image.jpg )
33908 No. 33908 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi all, I'm looking for more inflation pics that have this kind of bodyshape (pic related). The best way I can describe it is that the characters have been fattened by air/liquids, rather than the other way round - inflated by fat, which I see as something like >>33872 or >>32598 for instance. So, realistic (but huge) fat proportions, with none of the flab. Thanks in advance.

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