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File 140508591272.png - (242.62KB , 720x588 , 10156125_767385183360210_1529296306836989089_n.png )
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Can we have a drawthread? If anyone is taking requests, please gather here so people can share their ideas!

I dunno why this hasent been done before.
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>> No. 35953
File 141903108735.jpg - (149.84KB , 1200x818 , dragoness from shrek.jpg )
Ooooohhh these will be very useful, thank you anon, but I used up all my fast bandwidth for the month so you're going to have to cope with my scratches for a while longer.
Hope you guys like, inflated with whatever you want.

File 133343528194.jpg - (47.06KB , 500x402 , 1333124475054.jpg )
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Some people seem to be reading impaired, please review the rules.
Male is dominant over all boards, if you have a post and it's male, regardless if it's furry or CGI or Live, it goes into /Male/ and nowhere else.
It feels like it's almost daily that I have to clean up all the male posts on here, and this wouldn't be a problem if some people actually read the rules.
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>> No. 18135
File 134783640225.jpg - (320.31KB , 720x898 , 1347808989425.jpg )
The thread has been locked once again.
Those who posted here will be famous in the future.
As heroes, or as a warning.
May God show mercy to those who trespass this land again.

File 14081503736.jpg - (90.64KB , 913x1280 , 1335351929.jpg )
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Old thread reached bump limit.
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>> No. 35979
>"dat gif"
>posts jpg

Post the actual thing, busta.
>> No. 35980
Why did I think that would actually play right? 1 hour of sleep and coffee. That's why.
>> No. 35981
I swear to treesus that I saved that as a gif.

File 141758742096.jpg - (213.88KB , 1000x1000 , image.jpg )
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Can we get some more BE on?
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>> No. 35875
File 141866960384.jpg - (91.50KB , 1280x939 , 1401861726665.jpg )
>> No. 35891
File 141872941242.jpg - (237.53KB , 1280x996 , a_1274033391186_wolfjedisamuel_click_comic.jpg )

It was funnier when they mouned. Now the wall of onomatopoeia is just annoying.
>> No. 35975
File 141913593236.jpg - (368.75KB , 600x800 , 1419018867_vhsscrooge_vcxxx.jpg )

File 14190603509.gif - (371.12KB , 437x512 , FoxetteAboutToPop.gif )
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She's gonna blow!
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>> No. 35971
What's the source on this one?
>> No. 35972

[Bursting Intensifies]
>> No. 35974
Milkybody drawing Bendilin the Foxette

File 141817993199.png - (796.74KB , 570x804 , tara pls.png )
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Previous thread: >>34596

Now with more Tara Strong.

Post some fics, there haven't been a whole lot lately.
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>> No. 35966
I've got a few ideas. I just can't draw and I'm currently suffering from writer's block. And the folks who take requests probably have a list that could go around the world a few times.
>> No. 35967

Why not just share your ideas here? You never know, someone may pick one up and roll with it.
>> No. 35973
After seeing so many I really want to take up drawing, though I do desire to draw my own pony inflation. The problem is...I am a noob at arting

File 138864979620.png - (469.63KB , 605x396 , Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1_58_45 AM.png )
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Pops,booms,splats,and splooshes
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>> No. 35954
It says so in the filename

>> No. 35955
No. Just no.
>> No. 35957
"Drawn by AllyMoodyNeko"
Uh... yes. Just yes.

File 141349922013.png - (605.64KB , 722x1020 , tumblr_n3a9oinO8c1sqf4u6o2_1280.png )
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Hey, I'm not sure if this should be here or on Drawn, so how about we get some monster-girls getting inflated? I'm personally looking for pictures of Claire from Monsters University, some were posted here before, but I never saved them.
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>> No. 35930
She's gorgeous!
>> No. 35933
Alright, as a fan of that cartoon(it's a wonderful little kids show, although there are a few characters that get on my nerves, such as that damn skeleton...), I have to ask.

Is Misery really a monster?
I mean, she looks like a chronically depressed zombie-wraith, but she could just be overly pale and goth.
>> No. 35950

She's a banshee, in canon.

File 138811938987.jpg - (88.84KB , 800x589 , oc_miabig.jpg )
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Anyone have some of KitsuneZero's older stuff from around 2004-2008? He did a lot of expansion work that I personally think is great. There used to be a dump of it in a ZIP somewhere, but it was on megaupload, which is of course long dead. I've got quite a few more images to dump if you'd like, as well.
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>> No. 34178
File 14099339695.jpg - (105.51KB , 800x584 , image.jpg )
Found some more
>> No. 34190
File 141001828691.jpg - (93.36KB , 734x812 , image.jpg )
Shazam, more content!
>> No. 35946
File 141896874496.jpg - (122.10KB , 918x830 , ed9d586e871c0bba24a28c5eac9b4eb6.jpg )
Found an image that wasn't in my archive copy.

File 141834384894.jpg - (838.31KB , 2400x2400 , image.jpg )
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Let's see what you got
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>> No. 35810
Nah, he just disabled his userpage. http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/schrodingerthewolf/ There you go!
>> No. 35830
Whoa that's one neat trick! thanks!
>> No. 35944
Where did you get that pic? I've only seen the black and white version.

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