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File 140508591272.png - (242.62KB , 720x588 , 10156125_767385183360210_1529296306836989089_n.png )
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Can we have a drawthread? If anyone is taking requests, please gather here so people can share their ideas!

I dunno why this hasent been done before.
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>> No. 34632
Give me two hours, and I will get them all drawn and posted.

File 133343528194.jpg - (47.06KB , 500x402 , 1333124475054.jpg )
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Some people seem to be reading impaired, please review the rules.
Male is dominant over all boards, if you have a post and it's male, regardless if it's furry or CGI or Live, it goes into /Male/ and nowhere else.
It feels like it's almost daily that I have to clean up all the male posts on here, and this wouldn't be a problem if some people actually read the rules.
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>> No. 18135
File 134783640225.jpg - (320.31KB , 720x898 , 1347808989425.jpg )
The thread has been locked once again.
Those who posted here will be famous in the future.
As heroes, or as a warning.
May God show mercy to those who trespass this land again.

File 141177230579.png - (762.43KB , 2000x3000 , FattypieVSDoor3.png )
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Previous thread: >>32598

Which artist has improved most, recently?

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>> No. 34640
File 141202879655.png - (392.63KB , 1035x1200 , Luna Sleeping.png )

Thanks for the advice! I think I will just keep writing, as I quite enjoyed the first one I made, might as well keep doing something I enjoy!

Also, that's a great picture, but somehow Carrot Top's face is what sells it the most for me. She just looks so... shocked. Poor thing.


And this is why I voted for CDTMod. As I said before, look at the early pages of the DT blog, compared to something like this, it's almost completely night and day in terms of quality. Just fantastic improvement.

And once again to balance text, please enjoy a pony.
>> No. 34644
I do kind of enjoy writing, but I still feel quite a bit of shame when it comes to my fetishes, so I don't write much. If you truly enjoy it, by all means, go for it. Btw, many of my stories are based on pics, so yeah, get inspiration where you can.

Lately I've been doing non-clop writing, but I still have two new chapters planned for rarity and applejack explore inflation. One will be luna having seen their dreams and gets curious to demand to try it too, and an rd/aj cider drinking contest with wonderful carbonation.
>> No. 34648
File 141208124745.png - (848.66KB , 4271x2252 , RoyalHighnessSunbuttColored.png )
Just because I'm listed as one of the options in the OP poll, I'll go ahead and post something on here for those who haven't seen any of it yet. I'm just starting with Not-So-Little Pony drawings...and drawings in general. I'm always looking for critiques and helpful hints. So you know, if you see anything glaringly wrong, tell me. If you have a helpful hint to help me fix it, that's even better.

File 139022329835.jpg - (58.52KB , 800x480 , sally_under_saddle_lr_jpg~original.jpg )
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!! vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv !!
Humans go to /Drawn to avoid "thread overweight" effect.
!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !!
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>> No. 34643
>> No. 34645
That's awfully morbid and probably accurate. Not sure how I missed it so many years ago, but that really does ruin the sequence.
>> No. 34647

Really? I think it's hot. But, that's why I like BH's stuff, there's some dark ideas to some of his work, hell, look at the Swallower series, with the fish's guts coming out it's mouth...also a hot sequence.

File 141029320422.png - (766.51KB , 800x700 , 1409033683_thedoggygal_gnight_at_freddy_s.png )
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... has anyone dared?
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>> No. 34580

I'd be ok with that.
>> No. 34619
File 141191405386.jpg - (131.85KB , 800x476 , 841.jpg )
Seems like bonnie maybe was female after all
>> No. 34646
Seems like maybe I won't be getting any sleep ever again after all...

File 137021631423.jpg - (78.64KB , 1000x1000 , MuQ_dulcine-and-snow-knocked-up-snow.jpg )
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Since the Drawn thread has the Loli thread, how about the Furry thread has a cub thread?
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>> No. 34613
File 141185872880.jpg - (56.84KB , 661x700 , aefields_gynan-dryga-ddurala.jpg )
>> No. 34639
File 141202067617.jpg - (124.26KB , 640x480 , HNI_0005_MPO.jpg )
>> No. 34641

File 136914177038.jpg - (122.29KB , 500x822 , lcv-toys-5450_png.jpg )
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Stumbled across this in a Dollar General the other day and bought one for kicks. They can get REALLY big, like 16+ inches. Relevant and hilarious. ^^
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>> No. 34617
>>/drawn/85685 here's the original post
>> No. 34629
File 141197724675.jpg - (186.35KB , 640x269 , HourglassDoll_3.jpg )
>> No. 34634
Laying on the doll while it inflates, it's hard to get a scale in the pictures but it's actually around 6 feet tall...

File 137359205965.jpg - (32.73KB , 324x499 , Big Horse_oooooyes.jpg )
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Does anyone have a comic by big horse where a tiger girl is pranked by a purple kangaroo and gets her mouth glued to a water valve?
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>> No. 34621
Here's an archive of some of his older work.

>> No. 34625
File 141195152436.jpg - (192.04KB , 900x583 , image.jpg )
>> No. 34626
File 14119515582.jpg - (81.28KB , 533x800 , image.jpg )
One of my favorite pics from that link

File 14119220106.jpg - (118.99KB , 992x1280 , 1410567139_mr_pink_dulcebunny.jpg )
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>> No. 34624
File 141194629414.jpg - (97.04KB , 797x637 , Aurelina-Blimpiest - Copy.jpg )

File 141091582511.jpg - (136.42KB , 700x628 , CHAERG!.jpg )
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Does anybody know where I can find the game in plain executable form?
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>> No. 34496
Oh that's easy. If you're in the page with all the game stuff, there should be an option on the top (I forgot which one but its one of the menus on the top left) and you can select 'Run game engine' or something of the sort. Just don't do full screen because that makes weird flashes
>> No. 34564
Can someone upload some new toys? it would be greatly appreciated..
>> No. 34615
So no one has other characters? darn

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