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File 133421452784.png - (209.63KB , 776x474 , 1333610299733.png )
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That said, Trading is now illegal and I will not hesitate to haul your ass to prison, hoss.
No trading.
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>> No. 20000
20000 get.

File 141724846082.jpg - (92.07KB , 918x715 , 139877734559.jpg )
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I saw this on an old thread, and it got me thinking. Has anyone else made smaller inflatable dolls like this? I figure they'd make good gif material, as well as being smaller, cheaper, and easier to make. (not to mention store)

My favorite idea has been to take a doll, drill holes in the solid body for airflow, and then epoxy sections of rubber glove over the breasts, belly thighs, ect. The only problem would be of sealing the joints (like hips, shoulders, neck)...

Anyone else have any interest?
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>> No. 21624

>Sees he has put mods on the Meow sister dolls
>Knows how much they run for between Amazon and ebay
>Rages slightly

Maybe it's because I collect them but I couldn't sift through his mods. They're decent, but that's a LOT of money invested right there...
>> No. 22704
File 142757048115.jpg - (200.13KB , 1024x768 , 6232926376_6e70a641b7_b[1].jpg )
Ive's got a bunch of latex gloves and glue, and recently access at the library to a 3d printer (for any "generic" parts, like tubes other bits).

Only thing is I don't have any dolls or anything to build this on (and would feel awkward buying them, being a guy). That and I have no time right now. (but perhaps soon?)

If you're going to glue pieces of rubber glove to a doll and inflate them, why not glue some covering over the joints first to prevent leaking, rather than faffing about with baffles and shit?
>> No. 22732
I've actually been hoping you'd post even more ever since your first posts here because wow~

You make me feel weird things that I didn't expect to feel about dolls.

File 142752080594.jpg - (45.33KB , 600x526 , 0002.jpg )
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is weight gain allowed here? cos if so:

anonfiles.com/file/f2071044a2eec87f6c018835c3096639 enjoy!
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>> No. 22698
Go to BBW Chan bro.
>> No. 22727
March of 2015 and there are still people who have yet to catch on that other forms of expansion are not forbidden nor discouraged here. Wow.
>> No. 22731

"Expansion" in the loosest possible term. But it's certainly not inflation.

File 142714993352.jpg - (10.39KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
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Does anyone know how many videos MissTeenBelly did? And Does anyone have all of them?
Could You Share them?
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>> No. 22678
So how many videos did she do anyway?
>> No. 22679
File 142739174784.png - (29.89KB , 268x664 , Capture.png )
Definitely some videos here I can't find on the internet in here, and this was in 2010!

(Thanks, Wayback Machine!)
>> No. 22730
Soooo..... Does anyone have all her videos in decent quality then?

File 142757768445.jpg - (103.36KB , 1019x730 , wdsfgnbm.jpg )
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[Was originally on >>20112 but decided to make a new thread and copy my posts as that one stayed perpetually buried]

There are a whole LOAD of furry/animal latex inflatable suits...has anyone ever seen any of anime characters? Do any of them even exist? Is there anyone who makes them?

Is this something anyone would want?

I know that [image sauce] has designed latex characters and has pics of a few that they have ordered on their site (and mentions somewhere that suits would be possible), but do any suits like this exist?

Image Sauce: http://squeakscience.deviantart.com/art/Inflatable-Eureka-520640427
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>> No. 22724
The attached image is cosplayers Lulubird and Ayareinami*YAY* and I happen to know that those costumes are not seamless. In one video showing the sisters flagging down a taxi, the black material under Lulubird's arm popped out of the arm hole of the suit. Thus, the main body of the suit is something like a "farmer john" coverall.

From photos of other cosplayers' plugsuits, this is common, especially amongst the vinyl costumes. The amount of structural detail in the plugsuits would make lots of seams, and thus lots of potential leaks and weak spots in an inflatable. If most of the details were painted or printed on, then an inflatable version might be practical.
>> No. 22725
There was this. I seem to remember the breasts, hips and butt were inflatable.
>> No. 22729
That's a REALLY good start. (I'm curious to see more pics/vid of it inflated, and how big it can get :D)

Anyone know where more pics and/or a source can be found? I might just look into ordering one with a few alterations... (inflatable double skin anyone?)

File 142661414440.jpg - (108.08KB , 720x540 , Tito_hq.jpg )
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Since I felt like I should share my pastime hobby with others who also enjoy these kinda things. Without further ado let us start.

P.S If you have butt expansion clips that I do not have, feel free to share with the rest of us :)
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>> No. 22721
that is strange,

I go to reply and all recent posts do not appear. Just the ones from Friday the 27th
>> No. 22722
fixed it appears to be?
>> No. 22728
this one was hot, thanks for sharing

File 14274351438.jpg - (14.63KB , 640x360 , isadora.jpg )
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Is it OK to post a video from a studio that is now gone?

Isadora Valentine previously made a POV video about sticking a pump up your ass and inflating you until you pop. She also makes reference to blueberries.

Her studio is gone from C4S and her blog is gone as well. Google can't find her anywhere. Seems like she moved on from fetish porn. Happy to share it, if the mods give their blessing.
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>> No. 22706
I downloaded the file from mega but there seems to be different videos than the one you described in the zip file.
>> No. 22723
There is no ZIP file. It should be a single MP4 file. She describes how she's going to get a bike pump, stick it up your ass, and blow you up until you pop.
>> No. 22726
Awesome, thanks so much for sharing.

File 142303981024.png - (373.69KB , 854x480 , vlcsnap-2015-02-04-02h42m02s72.png )
22128 No. 22128 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Because the other thread stopped bumping... and there were two conversations going on at the same time.


- Clown Suit: https://mega.co.nz/#!wBRAHZpR!aR35_8mWhXWJ1189k-0liMT8k_4xmu7AFqrEqECNTKM (not sure if its her.

- Untitled (apparently): https://mega.co.nz/#!j9chkBIC!zSnt2nyhhqtuQwqQ8fB1NxSgil8Vbiz053mvyiPS4RY

- "Your very own inflatable latex maid doll": https://mega.co.nz/#!W9lQWJAD!uicALd_dlPnE_-crcSCDxv0We-9YYRx3zybErHFtXkc

- "your very own inflatable latex maid doll 2": https://mega.co.nz/#!Gx0Q0LCI!-7vF8J2laP7MLaZwtbXXQmjbteAaDTDGxLExtYiJWs0

-Helium Workout: https://mega.co.nz/#!D5cjgDpa!LsZvfhfm9iME781XnlItNRJF9ovK-8dB4QLVEZjiR6s

- Helium Workout outtake with just breasts inflating: https://mega.co.nz/#!C09RCaAZ!_iE5r-zeUNBcWfnE_MDbBEHdVFBBRPSKXPWgjT0IU7c
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 22673
Whatever happened to the Inflatable Maid?
>> No. 22710
This one is from a little while ago trying out a new inflator, it's very strong and inflates super fast :)
*video is kind of loud at the beginning

>> No. 22711
This is good inflation speed! Too bad I don't like the suit :/ find it a bit creepy
Wish could see a girl in this without the mask

File 142681134329.jpg - (57.07KB , 400x569 , 111344.jpg )
22603 No. 22603 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
If anyone remembers Comedy Inc from Australia, there was a skit about Mcdonalds and two girls stuff themselves with food and they both end up with big bellies. Does anyone have or know where I could Find this Clip? Its pretty good from what I remember
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>> No. 22695
then the search continues!
>> No. 22705
Okay before I start watching Season 3.
Has anyone watched any other seasons or episodes?

Season 1 doesn't have the scene

I've skimmed most of season 2 and nothing as far as I could tell but I know that isn't full proof.
>> No. 22707
That cause it doesn't exist. The troll has won.

File 140093462085.jpg - (342.16KB , 1600x1070 , V044130-f.jpg )
19640 No. 19640 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I've uploaded the blouse inflation scene from the Vol.4 Dream girl. On Dailymotion
Do you guys think I should upload the rest of it?
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>> No. 22672

>> No. 22686
OK, I hope I did everything right. Here is first part, about a dozen clips, zipped.


If it works, I will upload next one tomorrow or next day.
>> No. 22700

It worked for me.

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