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File 133421452784.png - (209.63KB , 776x474 , 1333610299733.png )
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That said, Trading is now illegal and I will not hesitate to haul your ass to prison, hoss.
No trading.
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>> No. 20000
20000 get.

File 141073108617.jpg - (75.48KB , 480x640 , tumblr_mge1blTdVW1s30rnco2_500.jpg )
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Does anyone know who this person is or if she has any videos/photos anywhere?
>> No. 20843
File 141073130826.jpg - (77.89KB , 480x640 , tumblr_mge1blTdVW1s30rnco1_500.jpg )
>> No. 20845
Looks like it's from a closed tumblr account.
>> No. 20848

File 141047386923.jpg - (16.22KB , 200x200 , image.jpg )
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Littlegainer-eve- thoughts, opinions? She has grown over her time on tumblr
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>> No. 20839
Not really a defense, but some people prefer not to use Google for their fetish searches. Even if they're not logged in.
>> No. 20844

It's as easy as it looks
>> No. 20847
I'm so derp, I ask what her tumblr is and I'm already following her. -.-

File 140891677032.jpg - (15.89KB , 426x240 , unnamed.jpg )
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Ok, I have been searching through deflations and have realised that there are few. So, lets have a preference off for best deflating farts :/ Here is mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Upo5IsKwAmA
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>> No. 20742
Now I'm curious...
Are you basically talking muscle relaxants?
>> No. 20808
Hey OP, I've scoured the internet a lot for videos you're describing. I was lucky to snag a few off youtube before they got nuked.
Excuse the poor quality and the in your face converter/downloader logo at the top.
>> No. 20846
File 14107463025.png - (329.71KB , 959x543 , sads.png )

man I miss this gal
she was willing to try all sorts of inflation-related things

File 141072321651.gif - (36.97KB , 307x288 , 725.gif )
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Breast expansion sense from the long lost USA oddity Lost On Earth.
To my knowledge this was the final of three episodes. Hence, this was the first and last time the inflatable chest was ever used.

Very strange but cool little thing. Wish they took advantage of it one last time in the show :/

All three of the BE are in the first 4 minutes of the show

I have some gifs of the scenes on my tumbler

File 140929571727.jpg - (217.95KB , 650x436 , 86742.jpg )
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there was a download link that isnt on hear anymore. pls help.
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>> No. 20813


Well I'm seeing people having problems with the other link so this lurker is going to share the copy I've had downloaded for a while
>> No. 20814
May the internet god bless you, mighty anon.
>> No. 20840
Is it just me or is part 2 on Mega being uncooperative with anyone else?

File 14042079127.jpg - (89.28KB , 800x1200 , mini-IMG_2484.jpg )
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Just purchased the Diane Ultimate Stuffing set from Stuffer31. All the videos are .wmv and wont play in any of the players on my computer. I'm using Windows 8 (unfortunately). Anyone know of anyway I can watch it. I can't even find a decent wmv player that will run it. Please help! Will dump pics from the set.
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>> No. 20836
would you mind please sharing?
>> No. 20837
would you mind please reading the DNP list?
>> No. 20838

File 140971373350.jpg - (47.87KB , 591x591 , 1409688568605.jpg )
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I like girls in inflatable life vests... was just wondering if that is just enough to be talked about here... I was just wondering if there's others like me here.
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>> No. 20736
File 140978677232.jpg - (117.88KB , 640x610 , 14727981539_5ce40e1773_o.jpg )
Oh and getting to see them out of the water after a proper dunking is always worth it.
>> No. 20811
File 14103966754.jpg - (12.22KB , 467x393 , 13971932064_2579ef4971_o.jpg )
I think I found a freakishly big one...
>> No. 20834
File 141067059426.jpg - (91.59KB , 635x631 , 14740903602_780b549993_o.jpg )
Seems I'm the only one of two...

File 141066777665.jpg - (19.24KB , 320x240 , l_834c2cf7.jpg )
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Trying to find out where this girl is from, I see her videos floating around but nothing leading back to her. Anyone know? Pic related; it's her.


File 14104246001.jpg - (379.11KB , 1131x707 , cropped_header_1408496336903.jpg )
20816 No. 20816 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, I saw a few replies expressing excitement over what's hopefully the end of content drought. I'm definitely an inflation/stuffing clip connoisseur myself, so I'm all about that.

I've been getting a surprising amount of messages and emails over the last month from girls with our fetish asking me how to get into filming clips, what I like about it and what I don't. Honestly there's nothing about the filming process I don't like. Unfortunately, most of the girls (and the guy) I talked were pretty turned off after I mentioned having to reply to countless asks demanding I post certain content, blackmail threats, and content leakage. It is definitely one of the most time consuming and exasperating parts of being a fetish model, and I'd be lying if I left that bit out and made everything out to be sunshine and roses.

It's an unfortunate reality that so many models end up deleting because of shit like that, thus the content drought. I want to encourage more girls to make sexy videos for us to enjoy, and to become successful in what they do and hopefully stick around. What advice can I get for other models and myself who deal with this crap? I'm handling it the best I can, and I'm aware that a couple tactless idiots do not define the majority (of which have been awesome as hell and righteously supportive). Any tips?
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>> No. 20829
Just a warning; everyone you speak politely to will fall in love with you and think it's reciprocated.

Many people will demand you to sacrafice of yourself with absolutely no gain and they will begin to expect it of you if you cater once to their whims.

Many people will assume you're a total slut, others will think you're a manipulator and some will know that you're a human pursuing your own path and that you're free to do so even if they disagree with methods or content.

The most important advice to follow is to do this sort of thing FOR YOURSELF. Figure out if this is what you want to do and if sharing yourself as a fetish model truly is what you want to do, then you're on the right track.

Poll the community for what they want and then produce that and sell it to them, it's a golden formula that will surely bring you wealth and fame.
>> No. 20831
I agree with the poll. Don't try to please everyone just please a big %.
>> No. 20832
That's pretty much the only thing you CAN do. If you do try pleasing everyone all you product becomes is a contrived mess that NO ONE likes.
Though it is still a good idea to produce a little bit every once in a while for the smaller percent of people because then you still have them as customers at least a bit instead of not at all; but you have to produce it specifically for them just like you do the majority of it for the majority of the people.

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