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File 133421452784.png - (209.63KB , 776x474 , 1333610299733.png )
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That said, Trading is now illegal and I will not hesitate to haul your ass to prison, hoss.
No trading.
>> No. 11791
File 134783650494.jpg - (47.14KB , 256x384 , 1347756363330.jpg )
Double locked take that unlocker, you fiend.

File 139714844463.jpg - (18.14KB , 400x225 , tumblr_n3sdnxKS291srdrrho1_400.jpg )
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So, popular stuffing girl guro-kun AKA reiinapop has a boyfriend who can apparently cum massive amounts repeatedly, resulting in the attacehd pic (Guro-kun says her stomach was flat before sex).

Does anyone know of any similar occurrences? Are there any precedents for this sort of thing? And most importantly: can we somehow manage this level of fetish sex ourselves, or are we genetically screwed over?
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>> No. 19222

You're so fucking dumb. So if she has the fantasy of being cum-stuffed and pretend is cum-stuffed, she aint roleplaying, she's being serious about it, right?

It's because of pieces of shit like you that we can't have nice things.
>> No. 19225
I thought she had already pigged out before taking those pics, cause her normal stuffings get similar sizes...
>> No. 19249
File 139771689348.png - (269.43KB , 842x455 , Yourstruggles.png )
To say nothing of the hour and a half (at most) that it would take to move this hypothetical quantity of "baby batter" through such a small orifice into such a confined space, the alternative would be worse. If such a thing were to take place in the average time needed for such an act, there would likely be no survivors on either end. The cannon-like blast on his end and the sudden immense pressure on hers would tear them both to bits.(at least... the parts they care about there and then)

Seeing someone act it out with an inflatable rig and make it believable... I'd pay money to see that.

File 135720710169.png - (766.63KB , 1563x551 , violet_beauregarde__a_true_blueberry_story_by_umro.png )
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Well then... Someone grew up :O
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>> No. 19245
File 139766584739.jpg - (92.88KB , 1024x579 , photo(2).jpg )
kept the pic for inflatechan as i knew it would be gone from deviantart
>> No. 19246
PLEASE tell me you made more
>> No. 19248
You can notify him to upload those pics to this thread on his page you know:

File 139769994046.jpg - (34.68KB , 600x306 , 1190_105874559623548_1905768287_n.jpg )
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amazing. would lov video

File 139711394615.jpg - (12.92KB , 250x250 , cable dog.jpg )
19165 No. 19165 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I have a filipina that will do eating/stuffing shows live on cam. She has been doing this for 4 years for me and I just convinced her to go public. So basic details, 25 for a regular show about 10-15 mins long. 50 for a topless show. If you want more you just have to haggle. She does not have paypal. She excepts xoom or western union. So shows are coordinated a few hours in advance. If there is an interst I will post pics and contact info. It may take me till tuesaday though to get that out. pic way unrelated.
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>> No. 19209
do you have a pic of her empty?
>> No. 19214
I believe that is, I haven't sent her any money recently. She can get pretty big too. She is getting ready to do and all day stuffing for me in a few days. best 100$ i'll ever spend.
>> No. 19244
What's the contact info? I'd be interested in shows as well.

File 136535790922.jpg - (362.26KB , 814x1000 , blueberry_brianna_2_by_engineskye-d4lctdq.jpg )
14623 No. 14623 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Ohay guys. While not inflation in the strictest sense, it's an older, kinda chubby Violet reciting most of the lines from the original film (no singing). Not the best acting, but it definitely did something for me.

(Pic unrelated)

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>> No. 19234
What happened to the morphs of the Lagniappe Violet, are those still around?
>> No. 19242
I have the old set, but looking at it again, I think I should make some updates and post the improved versions, more to come.
But here's one from that set.
>> No. 19243
file's too big, here's a link:

File 139759748178.jpg - (167.70KB , 1280x978 , asian.jpg )
19236 No. 19236 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Does anybody have any more of her videos? I want to see more of the butt expansion.

File 139531513212.png - (101.80KB , 324x324 , 2YmLD49.png )
18818 No. 18818 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It seems Laura Loves has deleted her Youtube, uStream, Tumblr, and Fantasy Feeder accounts. I have a good deal of her Youtube videos (all but one or two, I think), which I will post within a few days. Did anyone else save any of her stuff?
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>> No. 19223
I didnt get an email ether
>> No. 19224
Heh, told ya.

Br, >>19124
>> No. 19238

Mr. Norway, please send the emails again, preferably through Gmail or something similar. Doesn't look like we received them.

File 138702361041.jpg - (45.67KB , 1280x720 , dietcoke_mentos_pt1_mp4_snapshot_03_55_[2013_12_14.jpg )
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>> No. 19227
In italy uploaded.net don't work.... Soooooo use 4shared.com
>> No. 19228
In italy uploaded.net didn't work. Sooooo can u use 4shared.com?
I have found this
>> No. 19231
and this

File 138808860185.jpg - (102.92KB , 790x894 , vallery.jpg )
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>> No. 18701
bump, please post :)
>> No. 18702
i think he means he wants to bump this thread so he can have the download
>> No. 19217

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