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File 133421452784.png - (209.63KB , 776x474 , 1333610299733.png )
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That said, Trading is now illegal and I will not hesitate to haul your ass to prison, hoss.
No trading.
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>> No. 20000
20000 get.

File 141925193051.png - (196.85KB , 355x230 , Capture.png )
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Hi guys

Do any of you remember the show "revenge files of Alistair fury"? There was an episode called "the luck of the irish" and had a scene where the sister's boobs inflate to a huge size.
Can Anyone find it? I can't find any episodes online
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>> No. 22028
what's the Oblivion situation?
>> No. 22029

Basically someone lied about there being an inflation scene in the movie Oblivion and posted links to shock videos under the guise of "proof".
>> No. 22041
Yeah I think it's safe to say we got trolled hardcore. These anons seriously need to find something better to do with their time.

File 142204267393.gif - (88.20KB , 480x360 , best395.gif )
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We really need some live things here becose well this part is called live
so lets post live things not fucking drawings or toys inflating
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>> No. 22038
Am I the only one missing descriptions for all these bare links?
>> No. 22039
>> No. 22040
>>22033 nope is not me
im still trying to find who is she

File 142216926289.jpg - (374.79KB , 1047x2048 , image.jpg )
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Great air belly inflation

File 142167964638.jpg - (182.79KB , 1547x1227 , PAY-Laura-Pell.jpg )
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"Petite Laura Pell, 34, weighed nine stone last summer and kept herself in shape by going to gym three times a week and eating a sensible diet.

But after being struck down with an illness which has baffled doctors, she began to retain fluid which caused her body to swell in size.

She piled on more than a stone in weight in just 24 hours and now tips the scales at 17 stone - and is putting on an average of one-a-half-stone every month."

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>> No. 21965
Another link. I had issues with the video loading on the first one.


Thanks for the share.
>> No. 21968
Poor woman! I hope she will get back to her normal.
This is really not sexy at all...
>> No. 22030
I agree. Eugh!

File 141522404773.jpg - (23.91KB , 320x240 , l_8f4d8575.jpg )
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Anyone got a source on this? It would be absolutely awesome (inflation with a car tyre pump and !!deflation!!) if it weren't for the music and poor quality audio (the deflation is definitely audible though).

Also, post videos of deflation.
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>> No. 21969
No, it doesn't work.
>> No. 22002
Looks like you fellers on /live/ need some help, well your ol' pal /drawn/ is here to save the thread.

right click the vid you want, click copy link location and paste into the link below.

>> No. 22013
If you're using Google Chrome, the add on extension FVD downloader also works.

File 135720710169.png - (766.63KB , 1563x551 , violet_beauregarde__a_true_blueberry_story_by_umro.png )
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Well then... Someone grew up :O
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>> No. 21502
>> No. 22005
>> No. 22011
File 142202390965.jpg - (127.69KB , 600x450 , image.jpg )

File 142149675728.jpg - (102.11KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-00001.jpg )
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>> No. 22000

I thought him calling on the admins like they were his personal attack dogs was the absolute funniest.
>> No. 22006
"Admins! This post offends me! Remove it at once."
"Oh, why certainly. Oops, the banhammer slipped. You're banned now. Whoopsies!"

But on a more serious note, I think that the title of the thread *is* rather misleading. When I hear "Inflates after stuffing" or a similar variant, I usually think that they eat first and then inflate with a pump. There's a lot of videos of that. But this is just expansion resulting from stuffing.
>> No. 22010
Guards! Guaaards! Nice get.

File 141481829888.jpg - (143.14KB , 608x590 , image.jpg )
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Hey! So it's Halloween and I found one awesome costume on Instagram. You guys know of any good violet or inflatable costumes? I thought this girl did a pretty damn good job.
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>> No. 21997
>I guess I was one of the people who liked the piercings.
Yeah, to each his own, but piercings are one of those things that's just an immediate nope from me. One thing they could do is include a picture of the model so we can clearly see them and know what to expect. For example, Rayne is a pretty big girl, but I don't think the thumbnails make that clear. I was kind of surprised at how fat she was when I actually started watching the video. Was a pleasant surprise for me, but if that isn't your bag it would kind of suck.
>> No. 22001
I like that they're shooting in many directions with the blueberry clips, even though none of them have really hit the mark for me. All the clips seem to focus on the fully inflated shape- with most comments pleading for bigger and bigger inflation. While outrageously bigger is definitely my thing when it comes tits and ass inflation, with blueberry, it really is the process that matters. I loved how Violet's arms and legs inflated, with the hips becoming gigantic before the belt pop. They almost had it with the Caroline clip at the bar, where her pants blew up nicely- I just got turned off with the whole whoozy act.

I also can't stand it when the actress cries or screams or mentions pain. I guess I just like the excited and confused reaction of the original film. It's strange how they consistently keep missing something like the skin turning blue BEFORE the inflation starts.For some reason, that bothers me. Also, as long as they keep using that latex outer coat and no pants, I'll stay away from now on- and I've bought 6 of Taylor's blueberry clips and one of Maxgrowth's (hated it), so yeah, I'm complaining but also supporting TMC.

It's a tough thing to turn a two minute scene that constantly cuts away into a 9-15 minute scene with little to no edits that people will feel is worth buying.

Personally, I think there's something to the fact that so little was actually shown in the original. Little things turn me on (inexplicably) about the original:
- I like that she had already started to fill up while Wonka and Mr. Beauregarde were talking
- I like that there was an audience and that Violet barely moved.
- I like that she kept chewing.
- Something about her becoming silent as she reaches full size. I don't know why I like that. It has something to do with how talkative she was before.

oof. sorry about the novel, folks.
>> No. 22004
Personally I only like the suit with the top on.
I think they could really improve things by finding some kind of blue felt material and sewing it/glueing it over the suit so that it actually looks like cloth material. Seeing the latex suit and the way light hits/reflects off it always reminds me it's just a latex suit. I think if it actually looked like clothing the imagination would have more to play with.

File 140125338552.jpg - (16.60KB , 227x175 , Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 4_44_02 PM.jpg )
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anyone have the olivia patterson video in the picture?
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>> No. 20660
bump - any further instructions on how to download?
>> No. 20721
something is wrong with the link
>> No. 21999

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