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File 133421452784.png - (209.63KB , 776x474 , 1333610299733.png )
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That said, Trading is now illegal and I will not hesitate to haul your ass to prison, hoss.
No trading.
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>> No. 20000
20000 get.

File 143180011716.jpg - (14.07KB , 267x200 , Bambi_Bondage_4_by_drcurvy.jpg )
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Is Bambi Blaze still DNP? Because I might have some to post.
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>> No. 23209

TMC Inflation at its worst was on par with Bambi at her best. Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.
>> No. 23210
File 143254979578.jpg - (54.96KB , 600x600 , ctf.jpg )
Not by much if you ask me. TMC typically has better props and setup but that's really it.

TMC gave us bonerkiller Fred, Bambi gave us her redneck husband and female friend who was in a couple of videos, and BOTH of them talk way too fucking much. At least Bambi was unintentionally hilarious with her twang most of the time... TMC is pure cringe more often than not when it comes to dialog and direction.

And don't forget that TMC has a bunch of folks personal data: http://torrentfreak.com/torrent-site-copyright-troll-had-staff-access-to-member-data-150211/
>> No. 23211
Both had there good clips and bad ones. BB had great props at the time, and TMC and one of the only few that can match prop quality. As for the acting, they use models / porn stars, have a very rough script, no director and no quality control. But TMC has been adding if the clip is bad due to acting and knocking a few $ off the price. C4S has a few models that are going into fetish stuff, hopefully they can up the bar. But sadly the only way the quality will improve is if folks see a profit in making clips.

File 14323644006.jpg - (25.84KB , 398x224 , bjbi.jpg )
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I'm glad to see someone else is finally using a Blimpz costume! Maybe it's not the best clip ever, but the slideshow preview looks simple enough.
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>> No. 23191
Got to love that site; Make the most lazy, cheapest clips, buy the most cheapest suit, and think they can fool us. I bought one clip before from that site with another girl with this cheap ass suit... didn't do it for me. Better just watch a normal porn video. Can't just put on a cheap suit and think you know what this fetish is all about. Don't get me wrong, there are some good content on that site, but it's like finding needle in a haystack.
>> No. 23198
File 143242174043.jpg - (47.42KB , 590x572 , feels-bad-man.jpg )
This clip looks terrible. I wouldn't even download it if it was free.

That's the problem with this community, everytime someone who works as a "fetish model" finds out there's a new fetish to exploit, they always do it in the laziest and most half assed way possible.

Hell, I've seen better Halloween costumes than this clip!
>> No. 23208
I have a feeling that a half assed blueberry costume clip with the right words and interaction involved would be worth money. But this seems like the usual "Oh no, I'm blue, I feel bloated, oh no" repeated over and over again.

Plus, the hell is that mask supposed to be?

File 142752080594.jpg - (45.33KB , 600x526 , 0002.jpg )
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is weight gain allowed here? cos if so:

anonfiles.com/file/f2071044a2eec87f6c018835c3096639 enjoy!
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>> No. 23150
Nah, anonfiles is just really unreliable.

It'll be back up sometime for a few days then crash again.
>> No. 23205
Who is the blonde in the picture?
>> No. 23206
Someone should reupload this to stufferdb's compilation folder. Anonfiles is dead like 90% of the time

File 141622980389.gif - (61.93KB , 400x225 , frame_049.gif )
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Two clips that might be worth checking out.


-Bigger and bigger until they pop
-Cum Inflated Belly and Boobs
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>> No. 23199
Thank you Mr. P :) Glad you like them ! Muahh !
>> No. 23200

Anonymous, if you are having problems buying them from c4s, you can buy them straight from me or I can upload them to another clips site of your convenience. There are always alternatives, I'm sure we can arrange something :) Just shoot me an email with the desired videos and what payment option would work best for you.
XO !!
>> No. 23204
C4S is pretty straightforward like any other site as far as online billing goes. Not sure why you' have an issue, because If anything TMC is more tedious, going through VIDOWN and all.

File 142661414440.jpg - (108.08KB , 720x540 , Tito_hq.jpg )
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Since I felt like I should share my pastime hobby with others who also enjoy these kinda things. Without further ado let us start.

P.S If you have butt expansion clips that I do not have, feel free to share with the rest of us :)
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>> No. 23170
No problem Brother.
>> No. 23176
Y not just take a photo with it phone and put it on here :)
>> No. 23203

File 14011171802.jpg - (32.66KB , 640x480 , PICT0013.jpg )
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A while back there was a thread about a hot black girl who inflates her belly big. I believe her name was Passion4dance.
She gave me some inflates blouse photos.

I'll upload them all. Some of them shows her face too.

Have you guys seen these before?
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>> No. 21711
for starters thanks for the uploads guys they are awesome, but does anyone know if she's still active anywhere?
>> No. 21713
Last time we talked about it she was concerned that stuffing her belly was putting weight on her. Not sure what else factored into it but she's not active anymore and is probably quite against us sharing this stuff.

>> No. 23196

File 142096540467.jpg - (25.48KB , 554x371 , 655312801327609381.jpg )
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Well, Laura Loves has, once again, removed her Youtube, Tumblr, and (I think) Fantasy Feeder accounts. Did anyone save her latest videos from the last couple of months?

I'd also like to nominate her for the "Flakiest Stuffer/Gainer on the Internet" award.
>> No. 21826
i have two of them from the end of october.
one is a 40 minutes long :)
>> No. 23195

File 140125338552.jpg - (16.60KB , 227x175 , Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 4_44_02 PM.jpg )
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anyone have the olivia patterson video in the picture?
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>> No. 22149
Don't sign up. Right click on the vid you want to view get the address copy it, open http://www.tubeoffline.com/download-VK-videos.php and you should be able to see most of the videos
>> No. 22150
Not working beyond vids I can already watch.
>> No. 23194

File 141255573772.jpg - (27.02KB , 1280x720 , jojedascreenshot.jpg )
20950 No. 20950 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking for all of J Ojeda's videos... Did anyone save them? I know it's been a while since her account got nuked because her family found them apparently, but I've really been trying to search for them again and all I've found is one that has some gurgles laid over the video (pic related), and I want as many of the originals as there were...

Can anybody help at all? Thanks.
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>> No. 22852
>> No. 23189
>> No. 23192
wow that site is amazing..

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