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File 133421452784.png - (209.63KB , 776x474 , 1333610299733.png )
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That said, Trading is now illegal and I will not hesitate to haul your ass to prison, hoss.
No trading.
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>> No. 20000
20000 get.

File 141278377883.jpg - (63.74KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )
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Anyone know who she is?
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>> No. 21082
anyone have the deflation videos?
>> No. 21083
it's amazing how all of us EM folk are scattered about random places.
>> No. 21153
She was my first, anyone have her videos? I lost all of mine to a dead hard drive.

File 140517917176.jpg - (78.66KB , 268x400 , kangaloon.jpg )
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How many of you actually own and wear Inflatable suits? What's it like wearing them? Why are they so goddamned expensive?
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>> No. 21137
Long video is a bit big to fit in a 1MB gif so here's an actual video :


Might have to try to inflate it more later on~
>> No. 21145
File 141476428584.jpg - (128.98KB , 972x2000 , hugesheep.jpg )
Dang, literaly popped the zipper when I took it off :p

Fortunately it's not too hard to put back on
>> No. 21152
Big and puffy <3

File 141462689554.jpg - (41.50KB , 1280x720 , lep.jpg )
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Leprechaun 3 scene in 720p. Enjoy.

>> No. 21127
File 141462702977.png - (272.44KB , 550x468 , dd.png )
by the way, you'll want the 'direct download' link.
>> No. 21144
Thanks, dude.

How many more years until we get a movie with some sort of budget to do anything even close to this?
>> No. 21151
When someone writes a script that somehow doesn't manage to be an obvious niche porno and excuses the inflation away as body horror, in which case you get another horror movie like Slither in which case it's a question of how not-turned-off are you going to get by all the corpses.

File 141481829888.jpg - (143.14KB , 608x590 , image.jpg )
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Hey! So it's Halloween and I found one awesome costume on Instagram. You guys know of any good violet or inflatable costumes? I thought this girl did a pretty damn good job.

File 141466969325.jpg - (48.98KB , 500x332 , tundra-animals-Arctic_Fox.jpg )
21134 No. 21134 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
cannot find anywhere the link the that megashare page for the download of laura lovess old videos .. can anyone give it to me ? thanks
>> No. 21135
yeah it's a real shane

she really tickled my johnson
>> No. 21148
i have a larger folder. will post later when uploaded. enjoy this for now https://www.mediafire.com/?gw58o7obip53qff
>> No. 21149
heres 2 gigs worth of her videos.

File 139136186836.jpg - (36.30KB , 900x506 , 181329211_orig.jpg )
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Which inflation is better? I'v always preferred the 2005 one.
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>> No. 21143

Didn't we have a thread with more art from the guy? Can't seem to be able to find it...
>> No. 21146

Is that the thread we're looking for?

It won't bump for some reason...
>> No. 21147

No. There was another one with a small comic that for some reason he didn't seem to upload anywhere else.

File 141314937625.jpg - (9.31KB , 275x183 , omgcat.jpg )
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So this is fun...

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>> No. 21039
Made mah dick twitch. Good show.
>> No. 21106
File 14143864929.jpg - (508.88KB , 1920x1036 , monsters-inc.jpg )
wheres the kid wazowski
>> No. 21140

I applaud and appreciate this reference.

File 141338622583.jpg - (46.58KB , 558x1024 , BiKNuukCMAEUujq.jpg )
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images from https://twitter.com/FredFlate not paid material so don't kill me
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>> No. 21120

holy shit that's Sara Jay
>> No. 21124
File 141462461488.gif - (544.87KB , 361x480 , 20140416_152440-MOTION.gif )
from wonderhussy

>> No. 21132
Is she into that sort of thing or something?

File 141453975091.jpg - (26.08KB , 480x360 , image.jpg )
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Hey probably a long shot but did anyone happen to save the videos from the YouTube account: thenewstuffer bigbelly?

Pic somewhat related
>> No. 21114
the person in the picture is drain octane. video of the picture is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USHzCtr4oDE

no sure if this is what your looking for.
>> No. 21115
Nah just couldnt find a picture of her. Sorry if that was confusing it said I needed a file to upload so I just grabbed one. I Appreciate it though

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