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File 133421452784.png - (209.63KB , 776x474 , 1333610299733.png )
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That said, Trading is now illegal and I will not hesitate to haul your ass to prison, hoss.
No trading.
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>> No. 20000
20000 get.

File 140895982763.jpg - (129.60KB , 708x399 , Новый точечный рисунок (4).jpg )
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>> No. 20680
Would you pay $261.81 for an average Disney movie or $564.36 for Titanic? Hopefully not.
>> No. 20681
Oh you funny man you.
>> No. 20724

The length of the clip is somewhat of a factor when it comes to pricing, but content is what mainly dictates it. For example, my 40 minute stuffing set Italian belly stuffing is around $10 per clip because it's implied you'll want to buy both, and while there is a lot of emphasis on belly distension it's not sexually explicit.

I tend to charge a more for videos that are sexually explicit, or involve inflating or enemas because it takes longer for my body to recover from filming those. They're also more rare on the internet, demand is usually what dictates price anyway. :)

I did listen to everyone on here, as well as Reddit and Tumblr when it comes to price. The most expensive video in my shop is $22, I believe, no more $30 clips. Also take into consideration that I only make 70% of what I charge, so $14 off a $20 video. Not so much, eh? I want to strike a balance between reasonable cost of you all, and something that'll make a legitimate partial income. If you don't like the pricing, you can enjoy my YouTube videos (which I will be uploading more regularly in HD now) or my blog content. Some of my non-hd stuffings and inflations are less than $10 too!

Thank you for your support, regardless. Lots of awesome new content in the works, and a few new uploads TODAY!

File 140929571727.jpg - (217.95KB , 650x436 , 86742.jpg )
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there was a download link that isnt on hear anymore. pls help.
>> No. 20693
File 140929909920.jpg - (30.90KB , 500x357 , download.jpg )
I have the complete video. I'll reupload it within a couple of days.
>> No. 20723
Still waiting for anon to deliver

File 140891677032.jpg - (15.89KB , 426x240 , unnamed.jpg )
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Ok, I have been searching through deflations and have realised that there are few. So, lets have a preference off for best deflating farts :/ Here is mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Upo5IsKwAmA
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>> No. 20716
I actually bought her a new adjustable pump, shower hose enema kit, and poppers, so hopefully we'll see more awesome videos from her soon.
>> No. 20717
Hi charles, you will be surprised how big she will get when using poppers with air or water. I use it most of the time and get massive.
>> No. 20722
What are poppers? I know of the drug, but are these different?

File 140125338552.jpg - (16.60KB , 227x175 , Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 4_44_02 PM.jpg )
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anyone have the olivia patterson video in the picture?
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>> No. 20565
I'm also curious! How do we download the files?
>> No. 20660
bump - any further instructions on how to download?
>> No. 20721
something is wrong with the link

File 140908648589.jpg - (124.64KB , 800x1191 , 103bonnie_all.jpg )
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mMMMM yes here we go
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>> No. 20718
right here's the thing. you say "hot british accent" but living in England and seeing her profile says "London" I've got horrific visions of every slapper I've had the misfortune to overhear on the tube.
>> No. 20719
OH GOD I FOUND HER ON YOUTUBE, Do you really not hear that like nails on a chalkboard or do all brit's sound like mary poppins to americans?
>> No. 20720
Lol, no, I don't think that is the case. I think the appeal is a different change of pace in the way people speak is what Americans fund attractive about the "British" accent. You hear it day in, day out, so it's nothing new to you. Frankly, I find Cockney accents to be endearing, but a British person I would think equates that to your average southern American redneck. Just a thought, "ya'll" :p

File 14087123005.jpg - (59.64KB , 640x640 , 1408640880653.jpg )
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Has anybody posted this goddess before? I keep coming back to this for obvious reasons http://xhamster.com/movies/3135698/an_omg_pregnant_belly.html

pic unrelated
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>> No. 20699
ass game is strong with this one
>> No. 20712
I remember seeing at least one other video of her but I can't find it at the moment. Can anyone help?
>> No. 20713
More of her from earlier in the pregnancy. OPs video starts half way through.

File 140939011446.png - (439.16KB , 1024x640 , 6.png )
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does anyone know this vid?
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>> No. 20709
I think she's spoofing that lady that tried to pass that off as real and the local news outlets actually bought it for a while until they suggested she go to a doctor.
>> No. 20710
>> No. 20711
They're talking about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CSjkICxHBM

File 140929779181.gif - (896.11KB , 320x184 , CaptHammerinPain.gif )
20690 No. 20690 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I've been trying various types of inflation and I just tried a water enema inflation.
I felt like I was going to shit my guts out.
Do water enemas always end like that?
Because afterwards was 30 minutes of hell for me.
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>> No. 20704
Most people, especially beginners, will want to get rid of the water pretty soon. Intoxication is not an issue about unless you try to hold them in for a long time.
Still, correctly salted water can be more comfortable and save you a few trips to the bathroom afterwards.
>> No. 20705
I never really physically hurt with water either direction (the messiness is a bother though), unless I also had a fullish bladder...OW! Something must get squeezed that doesn't want to be squeezed...

Air on the other hand just feels like the most extreme gas cramp for me, and because it "floats" you can't really get it back out at will... No lie, I was so hot and feverish and drenched in sweat from the pain I think it cured the cold I had.
>> No. 20707
Come on.

File 139210375028.jpg - (39.39KB , 641x354 , shy.jpg )
18406 No. 18406 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, was wondering if anyone had her "Bellyache" videos, or could at least tell me if they were worth the 10 bucks.
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>> No. 19942
Dailymotion videos this online call bellyache David
>> No. 19943
can we have a link
>> No. 20701

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