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File 138153068784.gif - (103.77KB , 437x430 , F5!.gif )
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Why not?
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>> No. 8624
Iiiii however am a fan of fat and weight gain and this is great.

File 141161229010.jpg - (254.41KB , 960x1280 , 20140819_000000.jpg )
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Last thread seemed to be dying so made a new one.
Here's an album of my 1st public inflation, its around 20 images. I'll upload 2nd after some editing.

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>> No. 8633
File 141219026055.jpg - (266.60KB , 1280x960 , image.jpg )
Any idea why my thumbnails appear upside-down?
>> No. 8634

None, but looking hot as always, Bio <3
>> No. 8637

Are you posting from a phone? I've oft heard that can create some issues.

Nice pics though.


Hot belly btw. I'd wobble it.

File 14122046713.png - (138.98KB , 714x924 , IMG_20140908_0001.png )
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Why not?

pic semi-related, sorry for shitty art ;_;

File 135006517133.jpg - (111.46KB , 640x400 , genza.jpg )
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Not sure if there's a thread for this but could we get art/photos of young guys playing with balloons? The bigger, the better.
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>> No. 8184
The Loon Ranger Productions is gone, so I doubt you can find any of their films online.
>> No. 8344
Actual sex with cuntballoons, anyone?
>> No. 8635

File 140749042638.jpg - (435.98KB , 1250x1250 , flex9promo.jpg )
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The last thread hit its bump limit a long time ago I think so this is a continuation of that thread, which was over here: >>4003

So firstly, here's FLEX Chapter 9: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/726867/8c749fd1af/

Most of the other stuff is up on e-hentai as well, just search for DNAPalmhead.

Both No Good Deed Eats Meets Waist Ch. 3 aren't uploaded still, so if anybody ends up getting that and wants to share whenever, feel free. And also feel free to post whatever other DNAPalmhead stuff you want of course.
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>> No. 8530
If you're posting it, put it on wikisend.
That works for any kind of file
>> No. 8627
File 141208039069.jpg - (488.34KB , 1280x1280 , image.jpg )
new comic just released. can somebody please upload it?
>> No. 8631
can somebody upload all gain, no pain?

File 141200189949.jpg - (68.54KB , 608x448 , fc7128ce09d01ee1508982a2b434a2f88122383426490cb375.jpg )
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Since youtube just deleted the movie i was wondering if anyone had the clip where the main character gets his enema. I want from the point were he gets his underwear pulled down to the very end of the scene. Please help.
>> No. 8626
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0E-6QBvpY4 Only one I have seen is this clip.

File 138401109545.jpg - (62.73KB , 600x652 , rubybozu1.jpg )
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Post the girliest dudes getting big
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>> No. 8616
File 14116914862.png - (184.26KB , 560x560 , boy getting pumped.png )
this guy girly enough?
>> No. 8622
>> No. 8623
File 141191094578.jpg - (270.98KB , 990x1280 , 1394254759_lycanthropy10_bountiful_bridget.jpg )
never mind

File 141185634411.png - (241.65KB , 800x765 , commission___p_balloon_tobe_by_jamesmantheregenold.png )
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Because even the boys need blimping!
>> No. 8620
File 141187063161.png - (540.00KB , 646x925 , Float-Cloud-Oort.png )

File 139204250860.jpg - (97.40KB , 614x636 , bigfatnick.jpg )
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Came across this pic a while back on another board...wanted to see if people had any others.
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>> No. 8479
File 140919614560.jpg - (126.41KB , 500x659 , tumblr_nay35cQ1231svt1wjo2_500.jpg )
Second part of a new comic (first part was breast expansion, so not bothering to post). Whole comic can be found here: http://naughtylittlelines.tumblr.com/post/95880223597/yeah-im-weird-and-looking-for-others-to

(They also are looking to commission someone to write F/M expansion stories, according to the previous post)
>> No. 8608
File 141160907477.jpg - (69.75KB , 500x456 , tumblr_nce1msLBCS1svt1wjo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 8618
File 141183713069.jpg - (137.85KB , 700x610 , tumblr_nce1rsN6fZ1svt1wjo1_1280.jpg )

File 132615816247.jpg - (197.00KB , 788x950 , 132580804944.jpg )
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So, I'm curious as to if people would like to do expansion roleplay (Inflation, mpreg, weight gain, the like) with the other members on here.

So, here's how it should go down. Just respond here with what you like, and what you want to do, maybe some fandoms if you like that, and contact info. Then other people respond to you or just contact you.

If you're interested, feel free to reply.
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>> No. 8601
M/M Inflation, solely popping. Strongly prefer being the victim. I'm not big into fandoms, since I prefer original content. I'm up for almost anything inflation-related, excluding maybe M-preg and weight gain. I like unusual inflation methods, like laughing gas/made up drugs/Some form of magic.

I am gay, so I'd prefer a male top, but I'm fine with wemens in rp.
>> No. 8602

Skype is 'a healthkit'
>> No. 8617
Sometimes you want something done fast!

I'm almost exclusively into mpreg, eggs and cum inflation - anything where it goes sex->inflation.

If I'm on this skype account, that means I'm basically up for something quick and light - so if you wanna fill someone up or get filled without a whole lot of text time, just give me a shout while I'm on or just straight up start RPing - I don't mind if you get grabby without asking.

add me on Skype as --> gravidar

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