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File 138153068784.gif - (103.77KB , 437x430 , F5!.gif )
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Why not?
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>> No. 10999
The X-Parasite is a really nice touch!

File 14409907771.jpg - (399.22KB , 787x750 , agu6.jpg )
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Can we get a thread with guys just ever so close to going boom, but they thankfully don't?
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File 144101409257.jpg - (80.16KB , 800x519 , 1bfda4c86376107fdf33d04750dd963b.jpg )
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File 144101411175.jpg - (101.48KB , 940x561 , ae454051a4f26e9800287b1f1ad0d2d6.jpg )
>> No. 11005
File 14410141211.jpg - (105.41KB , 800x485 , dddc461b86e76f1ac1f5585caea62e22.jpg )

File 143974497438.jpg - (84.90KB , 604x514 , x_c5642b85.jpg )
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Alright peeps, due to the extreme amount of furries, fat, shotas, dicks, you got it, it's time to set something else up.

Time to submit in some human male belly inflation, right? Just a few rules tho:

-No shotas
-Photomorphs, drawings, videolinks... Whatever, we just need some male inflation running there
-Make it HUMAN
-No weight gain

Alright, let's get started... With a drawing from shoker2008. There's plenty more, but this one's my favourite of his.
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>> No. 10965
File 144088524512.jpg - (37.73KB , 588x530 , Bloating.jpg )
>> No. 10966
File 144088527723.jpg - (21.19KB , 396x529 , Too much.jpg )
>> No. 10986
File 144099328957.png - (278.10KB , 502x282 , Balloon stuff copy.png )

File 142394078055.png - (701.41KB , 998x700 , 1408129180_rubberskunktoo_doki6forweb.png )
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Anyone have any more of it? It's another one of my rare-er fetishes, having someone blow up like a balloon and also have their cock grow with them...

Rubberskunktoo has a few pieces that I know of, but it's still pretty uncommon.
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>> No. 10235
Who's the artist?
>> No. 10236
nylonwave is the artist
>> No. 10984
bump en masse

File 142078087796.jpg - (79.11KB , 600x600 , 200708181019-pix1.jpg )
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>> No. 9530
He would've exploded anyways. Granted he may have been able to blow up bigger than he did if they'd been in open space when it happened, but he was doomed to explode in the end either way.
>> No. 9926
File 142565571484.jpg - (49.96KB , 900x720 , hundred.jpg )
>> No. 10983

File 142043384486.jpg - (293.09KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_nfs09kxZQO1saw6nmo1_1280.jpg )
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Bringing this shit back because it needs to carry on

Fat, thin, hefty, in-between, real, or morphs, whatever your poison be, just make sure it's male, human and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, above the age of 17.

No. Moe. Babyfuck.

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>> No. 9531
>> No. 9604
File 142310040136.png - (863.12KB , 816x581 , 1.png )
And here's real life me
>> No. 10982

File 141463748988.jpg - (322.34KB , 1032x788 , tumblr_mjq9pjv94e1rjya4mo1_1280.jpg )
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Anyone have any pics of cocks that are thicker than they are long, or at least close to it?
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>> No. 9181
>> No. 9811
File 142405541258.jpg - (94.61KB , 965x1132 , 1424025131_omnlnk_grindak_-_by_gammanaut.jpg )
>> No. 10981

File 140632439336.jpg - (99.13KB , 1300x750 , doublepump.jpg )
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Haven't had a cock growth/inflation thread for a while. Has anyone got any new stuff to share?
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>> No. 9827
File 142420465581.jpg - (127.84KB , 1280x960 , 1424125030_starfig_erfsonblimp_png.jpg )
Kind of counts?
>> No. 9839
I know that it got posted here somewhere (not sure but I think in male, not furry)...but I can't seem to find it. (maybe it got buried over time? or perhaps just buried in it's thread, since I didn't take the time to check each and every thread)
>> No. 10980

File 132615816247.jpg - (197.00KB , 788x950 , 132580804944.jpg )
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So, I'm curious as to if people would like to do expansion roleplay (Inflation, mpreg, weight gain, the like) with the other members on here.

So, here's how it should go down. Just respond here with what you like, and what you want to do, maybe some fandoms if you like that, and contact info. Then other people respond to you or just contact you.

If you're interested, feel free to reply.
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>> No. 10976
Heya there! I thought it could be fun to play with some of you guys.

I'm genderfluid and identify as Female mostly but I also can be Male, so I play either or really! It doesn't matter its roleplay~

Weight Gain
Cartoon Physics
Any Gender
Extreme Kinks
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>> No. 10977
So I've been going back and forth if I should post something on here since I always would prefer people to RP with but I can be picky on the quality of the writing involved. Since I like a nice fluid writing with both people involved. I can do male or female but lately my kick has solely been male and male. I don't mind things getting deeper and deeper into sexy time but typically I like to keep things at foreplay at first. Just to see how the other person writes and such.

When it comes to people and situations I like I do have a thing for using superheroes and villains and in particular elastic heroes/villains. Either original or established works for me. Which if you've ever seen my DA page is probably no surprise. Still I've also done original characters in the past and never had a problem with that either. I also don't mind other set ups too. Inflation wise full body is my main thing, no popping but the bigger the better.

Skype is haikufrenzy, let me know in your friend request that you're from here and stuff. I get paranoid about that kind of stuff.
>> No. 10978
Whats your opinion on furries?

File 138522669557.jpg - (193.33KB , 784x800 , image.jpg )
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I am a looner girl and i love blowing up balloons because they are like dicks to me
Are there somethings like this??
Why not a folder just for them??
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>> No. 10950
>> No. 10971
This thread is literally the only reason I come to Male boards lol
>> No. 10972
Milkybody please we need you!!!!!!

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