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File 138153068784.gif - (103.77KB , 437x430 , F5!.gif )
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Why not?
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>> No. 10149
bumping a bump post, cuz it's easier than digging for the originals

File 134385203825.jpg - (136.49KB , 1000x832 , we_prick_you_by_engineskye.jpg )
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Girls inflating guys
Stuffing is OK
No furries
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>> No. 10056

She's beyond reasoning with.


And just looking at the rest of her backwards ideologies on her stupid stamps just goes to show everything that is wrong with deviantart.
>> No. 10060
Its gone, have it anywhere else?
>> No. 10180
File 143016529023.png - (337.37KB , 900x550 , 143012809934.png )
Not sure if this goes here but there is a story that does involve a girl inflating a guy.

Max lays on the ground as he feels the cold liquid of whipped cream entering inside him.

Feeling helpless, all he can do is accept his situation and let the cream enter inside him as his belly expands.

With each movement his belly wobbles and jiggles, sending a shock of sensation throughout his body. He rubs his swollen, gigantic belly and lets out a sigh of pleasure when he gently presses his belly downward.

"Mmm-uhhh... *pants heavily* I hope Suki turns the tank switch off before I---Uuuugghhh..."

Max lets out a moan of pleasure as he feels the whipped creams slowly oozing out of him from every orifices.

File 139998784229.jpg - (159.02KB , 1269x1280 , Alexander's Growing Assets 01 - Arkveveen.jpg )
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Huge-ass asses on guys thread?
Huge-ass asses on guys thread.
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>> No. 10162
File 142982132829.jpg - (109.93KB , 896x890 , Ample_Assestt_by_Prakkari.jpg )
>> No. 10163
File 142982145373.jpg - (79.29KB , 900x820 , sedalishte_the_dragon_by_prakkari-d4ofz4u.jpg )
>> No. 10179
I forgot all about Mojo! I thought he was going to get a small game at one point too wasn't he?

File 138245358520.png - (203.06KB , 1200x898 , 1382260359_calorie_gahtren1b-a.png )
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Old thread at >>3413 is saging. Post some stallion/discord/colt or any guy pone thing you find/make.

<= Like dis big discord by Calorie.
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>> No. 10106
File 142863780533.png - (273.62KB , 1280x1045 , tumblr_nmbhx33b3v1rczpkgo2_1280.png )
Party Favor balloon - Astrozone
>> No. 10109
File 142869739828.png - (74.44KB , 570x489 , doublediamond.png )
Unfortunately you got the wrong guy there. I didn't do that. I must have reblogged that our something if you got it from my Tumblr.

What I did do is this chunky Double Diamond though and I noticed he was being talked about earlier so here ya go.
>> No. 10178
File 143009430221.png - (122.32KB , 910x801 , PartyFavorBalloonB.png )
I decided to add to the Party Favor balloon idea because I really love that idea.

File 141416538211.jpg - (62.89KB , 800x640 , 8ebc1e6b0f51448a804c4bfe363be294.jpg )
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Hoping to differentiate this thread a bit from ye olde cock inflation thread. I know there's some overlap, but my favourite part for expansion is nuts, balls, cojones, orbs of a testicular nature. If you've got some of stuff where the main feature is inflated or inflating bollocks, I'd love for you to share.
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>> No. 9988
File 142711933439.jpg - (59.76KB , 800x705 , 7c92f80fc375e330001ddaed354eba0a.jpg )
>> No. 10020
Is there a sequel to this somewhere?...
>> No. 10177
Maybe you guys can help. I'm looking for a picture, it was on an earlier hyper thread here on this site, of a fox, looking nervously at the left side of the picture as he held his pants trying to support a massive set of balls which were forcing his legs a to spread. I tried a few places but the picture was deleted off of furaffinity where I had it favorited.

File 142823996025.png - (270.39KB , 1629x753 , 1383300749_ultrahand_potbelly.png )
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Can we get some chubby mutant fox please?
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>> No. 10139
Got anymore Ultrahand stuff? The dropbox with all his stuff disappeared
>> No. 10146
Nah man, it's right here
>> No. 10176
File 14300765738.png - (633.64KB , 942x1096 , zaph-waterlogged.png )

File 142976598460.jpg - (596.25KB , 1080x1920 , C360_2015-04-23-01-05-03-221.jpg )
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Ill start, with a small bloating
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>> No. 10170

Dayum, if that isn't causing a boner, I'd be lying.
>> No. 10173
File 142993376829.jpg - (67.29KB , 640x480 , Picture 200.jpg )
It was really exciting bursting out of a XL shirt, even being tight in a XX or XXXL.
I felt pretty massive.
>> No. 10175

Nice, that's really awesome man and looking great! Keep letting that thing grow... and by the way, you're not in the Chicago area are you?

File 140749042638.jpg - (435.98KB , 1250x1250 , flex9promo.jpg )
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The last thread hit its bump limit a long time ago I think so this is a continuation of that thread, which was over here: >>4003

So firstly, here's FLEX Chapter 9: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/726867/8c749fd1af/

Most of the other stuff is up on e-hentai as well, just search for DNAPalmhead.

Both No Good Deed Eats Meets Waist Ch. 3 aren't uploaded still, so if anybody ends up getting that and wants to share whenever, feel free. And also feel free to post whatever other DNAPalmhead stuff you want of course.
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>> No. 10167
Could you upload it to wikishare or e-hentai i cant seem to grt it from filedropper :/ thanks
>> No. 10169
Nevermind it worked haha
>> No. 10174

Good on ya.

File 141643312251.png - (376.00KB , 500x678 , 1138552231_rubberttheinflatabull_rubbert1.png )
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Anyone knows more?
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>> No. 10120
>>9983 This is my current favourite also
>> No. 10168
If anyone is interested in this topic and up to excahnge collections or discuss, I'm up to it.
>> No. 10172
Sadly I don't have anything to contribute that's not already here; I've had a heck of a time finding really anything like this. But I'd greatly appreciate if you shared what you have!

File 142948374421.jpg - (28.91KB , 400x400 , 14838733@400-1414175421.jpg )
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>> No. 10135
File 14294839065.jpg - (30.08KB , 400x400 , 14861681@400-1414437168.jpg )
>> No. 10138
A non-furry version of this would be revolutionary...
>> No. 10171
Yay another popping thread! \(^0^)/

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