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File 138153068784.gif - (103.77KB , 437x430 , F5!.gif )
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Why not?
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>> No. 9538
Leprechaun 3 male version of Loretta's demise?

File 142279501010.jpg - (55.42KB , 448x416 , 7463783.jpg )
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Huge New Set
http://ype. cc/webgirl
http://ype. cc/webgirl
http://ype. cc/webgirl

File 140749042638.jpg - (435.98KB , 1250x1250 , flex9promo.jpg )
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The last thread hit its bump limit a long time ago I think so this is a continuation of that thread, which was over here: >>4003

So firstly, here's FLEX Chapter 9: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/726867/8c749fd1af/

Most of the other stuff is up on e-hentai as well, just search for DNAPalmhead.

Both No Good Deed Eats Meets Waist Ch. 3 aren't uploaded still, so if anybody ends up getting that and wants to share whenever, feel free. And also feel free to post whatever other DNAPalmhead stuff you want of course.
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>> No. 9535
Wha happen to MMZ?
>> No. 9537
Its back now apparently the section didnt exist for a while :/
>> No. 9575
Anyone know why theres nothing on mmz?

File 139998784229.jpg - (159.02KB , 1269x1280 , Alexander's Growing Assets 01 - Arkveveen.jpg )
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Huge-ass asses on guys thread?
Huge-ass asses on guys thread.
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>> No. 9566
File 142269896451.png - (238.84KB , 1280x722 , 135948319865.png )
Are these them?
>> No. 9567
File 142269899169.png - (228.29KB , 1280x741 , 135948328316.png )
>> No. 9574
Bless you

File 142277610253.gif - (756.05KB , 320x180 , buff-vegito-o.gif )
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Specifically I'm hoping to find artwork/stories/whatever involving pic related. For those who don't know, here's the scene in question:


It's pretty weird but it's one of my favorite inflation scenes of all time and got me into male muscle growth/slime stuff, but for some reason there doesn't seem to be a lot of good inflation pictures involving Majin Buu. There's even less with him and male muscle, which is odd since you'd think an actual scene like this would have inspired more.

Since it's so rare though I figured I might as well make this a general male slime inflation thread too just so there can be more content.

For now I'm thinking of trying my hand at a few Buu/Vegito pics myself if anyone else is interested in this kind of thing. P: I'm pretty slow at drawing (And not the best), but just lemme know if that's something people would like to see.
>> No. 9573
Definitely gonna give this a shot as well, because it is indeed far too under-drawn. Not sure who I wanna use though. Never cared much for any of the characters in that series in a way that demands inflating.

The big thing about why it never really gets drawn, though, is that drawing proper muscles in general, let alone drawing them to look obviously oversized and 'bloated', takes a great deal more skill than drawing a circle with a head somewhere on it and calling it good.

File 142257373862.jpg - (58.03KB , 759x544 , image.jpg )
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Anyone know if the guy in this picture has been in any other clips or things or if he has a Twitter etc. I'd like to see what else he can do and who he is?
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>> No. 9565
This is quite possibly the funniest/most awkward video I've ever scene.
>> No. 9568
Why funny and awkward? Just interested to know. I know some who find it very hot.
>> No. 9572
Link a guy up!

File 131017615996.png - (103.99KB , 650x550 , 7c7f153845bd0e748db4ae8b17843ee8-d37y5vn.png )
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Boys with bewbs thread?
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>> No. 9336
File 141961171820.jpg - (126.48KB , 1200x831 , 20100420yuno_erio2_l.jpg )
>> No. 9546
File 142240232621.png - (596.43KB , 932x700 , 1422388318_rubberskunktoo_rudy.png )
>> No. 9570
File 142275795897.png - (370.19KB , 647x1030 , Max and Flynn.png )
This thread needs some lovin'

File 140280228652.jpg - (217.44KB , 1280x986 , image.jpg )
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>> No. 9569
I would REALLY like to see some more balls inflation on this site; not too realistic, but not too fake either...

File 142266347538.png - (85.79KB , 453x440 , jaguars.png )
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How about a sports thread?

I was thinking either the characters on the logos, or the mascots, or just sports in general, etc.

File 141973319574.jpg - (137.04KB , 1000x663 , 001edit.jpg )
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I like drawing things a little more.. hmmm.. vivid? Yeah well, tell me what you think! and whether i should make a legit version of this and come out from being anonymous.
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>> No. 9541
Please come back...
>> No. 9555
N-Not to sound rude but are you guys joking around?
>> No. 9558
I don't think so, guy looks like he might've been promising.

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