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File 138153068784.gif - (103.77KB , 437x430 , F5!.gif )
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Why not?
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File 143796493248.png - (769.77KB , 1000x2200 , updatedprices.png )
Hey guys, if you want something drawn for a cheap price, head on over to my DeviantART for more info on my commission prices and what I WILL and WON'T do!:


File 141416538211.jpg - (62.89KB , 800x640 , 8ebc1e6b0f51448a804c4bfe363be294.jpg )
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Hoping to differentiate this thread a bit from ye olde cock inflation thread. I know there's some overlap, but my favourite part for expansion is nuts, balls, cojones, orbs of a testicular nature. If you've got some of stuff where the main feature is inflated or inflating bollocks, I'd love for you to share.
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File 143619891644.png - (375.57KB , 1625x992 , 1436030704_vial_simon_shark_swole.png )
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>> No. 10763

File 138522669557.jpg - (193.33KB , 784x800 , image.jpg )
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I am a looner girl and i love blowing up balloons because they are like dicks to me
Are there somethings like this??
Why not a folder just for them??
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>> No. 10718
>> No. 10761
she farted and it went into his balls.

File 143266124636.jpg - (915.31KB , 1600x1309 , 1419305382_leonkatlovre_jolty_s_revenge_alternate.jpg )
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Inflation caused by any sort of cock-to-cock interaction.
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>> No. 10716
143742736951.png doesn't belong here because theres no actual inflation in the pick its just normal docking
>> No. 10759
File 143800508658.jpg - (259.37KB , 1242x840 , 1437974923_mr_pink_tyrse4.jpg )
>> No. 10760

File 143468358234.png - (606.25KB , 1280x1024 , pop.png )
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We need more popping its been awhile now
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>> No. 10755
File 143798985520.png - (408.80KB , 1000x639 , Tentacle Trouble Pt3.png )
Sauce: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/clcoon

3 of 5
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File 143798991458.png - (400.14KB , 1000x639 , Tentacle Trouble Pt4.png )
Sauce: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/clcoon

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File 143798993848.png - (364.43KB , 1000x639 , Tentacle Trouble Pt5.png )
Sauce: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/clcoon

5 of 5

File 138245358520.png - (203.06KB , 1200x898 , 1382260359_calorie_gahtren1b-a.png )
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Old thread at >>3413 is saging. Post some stallion/discord/colt or any guy pone thing you find/make.

<= Like dis big discord by Calorie.
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>> No. 10463
Changeling, my good Anon! :D
>> No. 10729
File 143768480728.jpg - (128.20KB , 1280x960 , 1437670424_undyingwolf_bigappledong.jpg )
>> No. 10736

Oh that is just delicious. I love the tightness of the belly, love Mac's face. Mmf!

File 143754741477.png - (876.00KB , 858x478 , balloon.png )
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Guy gets in a huge water balloon and they fill it with water until it pops.
>> No. 10725
That was pretty awesome. Too bad they didn't get his hands and feet hanging out for that extra mileage. Let's find more bursting inflations like this.

File 140749042638.jpg - (435.98KB , 1250x1250 , flex9promo.jpg )
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The last thread hit its bump limit a long time ago I think so this is a continuation of that thread, which was over here: >>4003

So firstly, here's FLEX Chapter 9: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/726867/8c749fd1af/

Most of the other stuff is up on e-hentai as well, just search for DNAPalmhead.

Both No Good Deed Eats Meets Waist Ch. 3 aren't uploaded still, so if anybody ends up getting that and wants to share whenever, feel free. And also feel free to post whatever other DNAPalmhead stuff you want of course.
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>> No. 10706
I know that the new comic will be uploaded, but i was just wondering if anyone has any plans to upload it
>> No. 10710

Up on e-hentai.
>> No. 10724
hey, does anyone have an actual download link for no good deed? because it'll never really get put on e-hentai 'cause of how it works and the only results for searching besides this site are either dead or obvious virus traps

File 143156164467.jpg - (4.28KB , 120x120 , ffuupp.jpg )
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Did anyone happen to save some of ffuppedup's videos? I don't know why his vids got pulled, he was one of the best inflators on youtube IMO
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>> No. 10639
No, thats from Wrong Turn 6.
>> No. 10650
>> No. 10715
Awesome videos, are there newer ones or pictures?

File 143599403814.jpg - (73.90KB , 680x680 , 5bf.jpg )
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pic unlelated

but I just have no idea how to do it ;(
I know this guy, over here http://www.inflatechan.net/male/res/9129.html did, and its damn incredible, but I can't find any reliable sauce on how to do it myself, and he's been kill for the past forever. Someone please help
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>> No. 10651
are you sure? ive seen some pretty impressive mentos bloats that happen semi-instantly from the immediate release
>> No. 10652
Maybe there's a way to swallow it without fizzing it up too much. Or maybe swallowing in general doesn't release all the fizz. Either way, you should totally link me to some of those videos.
>> No. 10712
Absolutely right. Swallowing in general releases it too slowly or not even all of it in some cases. Too get a huge fizz use mentors but be careful- we're not made to inflate so don't do damage!

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