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File 138153068784.gif - (103.77KB , 437x430 , F5!.gif )
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Why not?
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>> No. 8581
Not a fan of fat/weight gain but thats cute! :) I love Foxy lol

File 140955840668.png - (183.35KB , 846x478 , Awestruck.png )
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Anybody have any? I've been playing with DA 3D on my veeery slow ass computer and made a couple renders. Does anybody else have anything like this or make any themselves? Please share!
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>> No. 8596
So hey, can you post all the pic you have? ... or were I can find them?
>> No. 8597

This is the only place I have posted them. I dont know anywhere else that I can. And so far thats all except two that I cant upload because they're too big
>> No. 8598
We don here? http://www.hentai-foundry.com/

File 132615816247.jpg - (197.00KB , 788x950 , 132580804944.jpg )
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So, I'm curious as to if people would like to do expansion roleplay (Inflation, mpreg, weight gain, the like) with the other members on here.

So, here's how it should go down. Just respond here with what you like, and what you want to do, maybe some fandoms if you like that, and contact info. Then other people respond to you or just contact you.

If you're interested, feel free to reply.
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>> No. 8477
I'm gong to post again XD

This is just a copy/paste from my vore site....

I haven't had a good long term RP partner in a while! Especially not any interested in all my kinks!
So, I'm looking for new partners to RP here through notes or on YIM!

I'm going to list some of my favorite kinks and some of my biggest dislikes as well, but I'll post a direct link to my main F-List so you can all see my full list as well!

Anyway, here goes!

* Being Pred
* Watching other preds (Being an observer)
* M/M (I'm Gay~)
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>> No. 8478
File 140917915171.jpg - (190.01KB , 738x913 , 1248334.jpg )
Also, unrelated ad picture!
>> No. 8595
Skype: mog.lobb

I'm big into preg, mpreg and ovi/eggs (esp. to realistic sizes) and inflation (esp. cum inflation). Other kinks I'm pretty flexible on, incest, shota, bursting, gore, non-consensual whatever, but not huge on spherical stuff. Will play with all kinds of genders and don't mind moving roles around.

File 141109952818.png - (522.02KB , 587x386 , Inflatedguy belly inflation.png )
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File 141005820043.png - (33.47KB , 608x756 , most unimpressive.png )
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I uh...I draw a lot of inflation and fat stuff for the JJBA fandom, mostly Stardust Crusaders villains. Just thought i'd put up one of my favorite pieces i've done here
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>> No. 8575
File 141069938755.png - (68.25KB , 1208x1175 , lover voodoo.png )
Oh hey here's some Steely Dan inflation to put into my thread because why not?
>> No. 8592
File 141109277642.png - (161.15KB , 731x898 , Capture.png )
>> No. 8593
File 141109278885.png - (83.85KB , 716x645 , Capture2.png )
hey 2.0

File 14100587295.png - (34.84KB , 559x757 , Urrph.png )
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So ZZ has quickly become my number one absolute favorite Jojo character. His design, his Stand, his personality, they're all so great. So of course I have to draw expansion art of him. It's all here for you guys. Enjoy
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>> No. 8546
File 141006066059.png - (40.45KB , 685x757 , hosehosehose.png )
One more for tonight, but now, I must rest
>> No. 8582
File 14109141426.png - (194.48KB , 360x232 , pol surprise.png )


Kudos, I don't think anyone has ever drawn anything erotic of ZZ until now.
>> No. 8591
>>8582 ZZ's my main Jojo husband man, gotta appreciate this cute bae

File 13957809608.jpg - (96.84KB , 533x1280 , 1395773724_draco122_draco122sketchcomicsketch1.jpg )
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I didn't actually notice the penis at first.

Also, the previous popping thread doesn't bump anymore: >>1272
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>> No. 7980
That's her vagina. It's inflated.
>> No. 7989

I don't think so. Compare with frame 5.
>> No. 8584
Any more? Old thread disappeared. :c

File 141000584287.jpg - (69.67KB , 600x800 , scrnt0414-02.jpg )
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This is probably not right for this site but its the only place I know of to ask...

Im looking for a gay porn video that was floating around for a while. Two guys in a shower with a double bag enema kit. One fills the other with both bags. The one that got filled stands up and walks accross the room and you can see his belly is really bloated. Anybody know of this video? Where can I find it?

Pic is not from the video
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>> No. 8561
Darude - Sandstorm
>> No. 8565
i think you want "The other side of aspen" from falcon studios
>> No. 8580
yeah, that was it! Other Side of Aspen: Snowed in. Thanks!!

File 135684557629.jpg - (155.23KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_m6n32abvjo1ras1e2o1_1280.jpg )
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Anyone else got pictures of their own gut?
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>> No. 8572
File 141067302321.jpg - (434.62KB , 1392x1392 , 20140913_190309.jpg )
>> No. 8573
File 14106730774.jpg - (452.30KB , 1392x1392 , 20140913_185700.jpg )
sorry, i just cant stop posting
>> No. 8574
File 141067317137.jpg - (405.87KB , 1392x1392 , 20140913_185705.jpg )
wish i couldve handled more, one of my biggest yet

File 140392288099.jpg - (126.70KB , 900x639 , extra_finn_by_prisonsuit_rabbitman-d5g3wmn.jpg )
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Because you can never have enough fat Finn.
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>> No. 8232
Source on this artist?
>> No. 8236
>> No. 8556
File 141046564760.png - (145.11KB , 595x644 , lewd.png )
Anyone have the full version of this?

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