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File 136287775621.png - (6.85KB , 300x300 )
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I have come crawling back.

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>> No. 6888
hmm...wasn't it....who was it again?
I can remember seeing it somewhere before : o
>> No. 7115
okay! Well, I don't remember where I saw that sprinkler-paint-Thing but it would be a funny idea. So anyways! I hope this thread goes on soon! D:
>> No. 7524
The wild boar was fragrant and succulent, having been marinaded well with herb-scented wine and stuffed with garlic cloves, but even so I only just managed to finish it. The Countess had two helpings, both identical in size, and then leaned back, her face congested to a pale puce colour, and mopped the sweat from her brow with an inadequate lace handkerchief.

‘A pause, eh?’ she said thickly, smiling at me. ‘A pause to marshal our resources.’

I felt that I had not any resources to marshal, but I did not like to say so. I nodded and smiled and undid all the rest of the buttons on my shorts.

During the pause, the Countess smoked a long thin cheroot and ate salted peanuts, chatting on interminably about her husband. The pause did me good. I felt a little less solid and somnolent with food. When the Countess eventually decided that we had rested our internal organs sufficiently, she called for the next course, and Demetrios-Mustapha produced two mercifully small omelets, crispy brown on the outside and liquid and succulent on the inside, stuffed with tiny pink shrimps.

A MILF. Stuffing her belly beyond any believable size. The best. Episode. Ever.

File 137363525556.png - (44.66KB , 400x400 , Moekakicanvas3.png )
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Let's see if this works. If it doesn't, here, have a pic. :D
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>> No. 6696

that picture sums up almost everything that is inflatechan

think about it.

fruity burst
>> No. 6700
Some of us are fruitier than most! :3
>> No. 6701
File 137882184537.jpg - (14.33KB , 313x270 , 5702154_std.jpg )
I like it firm and fruity

File 13686169174.png - (21.32KB , 500x500 )
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>> No. 6882
Bump, just wondering if anyone has the other pics that were done during the stream?
>> No. 7355
File 138445383748.jpg - (846.29KB , 2100x2100 , aa_and_marsh_5.jpg )
>> No. 7375
huh the thread is autosaging whoops

File 13727228626.png - (13.34KB , 400x400 )
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I felt uncomfortable without a fresh thread.

No new content to post yet but I'm gonna do a stream very soon so there's that. And by very soon I mean tonight! In an hour or so.

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>> No. 6659
>As in, don't be posting lods of posts and cause this to autosage. Srs.

You boys had one job
>> No. 6661
File 137861680548.jpg - (12.49KB , 264x300 , PLEASE.jpg )
Seiga is it possible for more sphere stuff like the left part of this picture? Pretty please?!
I know it was a while ago but I cant get over how much I like that picture.
>> No. 6830
File 137937276048.png - (452.39KB , 1000x600 , IT'SKINDADONE.png )
That's some good spaghetti!

File 125999056574.png - (2.29KB , 300x300 )
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>> No. 3046
Heeey, can you do a bit MOAR?
>> No. 3050
Like I said before in another thread, I'm not really interested in drawing for this place.
>> No. 6591

File 126382574173.png - (18.69KB , 600x600 )
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You guys haven't even had a mascot for that long, and you've already over-filled her. Look at how embarrassed she is. D:<

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>> No. 137

That's fucking awesome.
>> No. 6543
>> No. 6574

Is there any point in bumping a thread that's over 3 years old?

File 133804697474.png - (116.94KB , 750x576 )
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Just to say I am still alive and i'll see you in july.

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>> No. 6521
which, as we all know, is my area of expertise

She doesn't have a high forehead, she has a high hairline :3c
>> No. 6522
File 137745292744.jpg - (130.73KB , 464x750 , tumblr_inline_mrt7p53C0W1qz4rgp.jpg )
All of you missed the most obvious thing: Pat finally has a waifu.
>> No. 6533
...I thought Woolie was his Waifu.

File 136181033623.png - (9.43KB , 300x300 )
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Figured I might as well start one of these. Primarily fanart stuff, I suppose, but I'll upload whatever. We'll see how things go.

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>> No. 5759
this character is seriously growing on me
(ha ha ha get it)
>> No. 5762

Yes, perfect.
>> No. 5779
No, she's just bottom-heavy in general.

Also, I might stream tonight once Seiga's done. I'll make another post about it.

File 136781036968.png - (3.52KB , 300x300 )
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>> No. 5705
>> No. 5742

I, for one, approve of you doing some popping shenanigans, and would be completely fine with either in-progress popping or... not.

HOWEVER, to each its own, C:
>> No. 6482
File 137688810282.png - (49.54KB , 600x600 )
i was bore

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File 127347402647.png - (85.55KB , 500x500 )
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Alright, so i decided my next victi- er choice of character will be Princes Peach.

This first picture isn't very good. I still don't have that drawing mojo right now to pull something awesome out of my ass, but at least it serves as a placeholder to get a thread started.

So anyone who wants to, draw some Peach that is relevant to this boards interests.

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>> No. 4838
No way, you're full o-

Oh fuck me, you're right. We need incentive.
>> No. 5425
File 13700919369.jpg - (81.51KB , 898x1057 , peachtriesjapanesestyle.jpg )
Bumped from the neck up (or something like that).

Peach tries gluttony Japanese style.
>> No. 5479

As a side note, in the thumbnail it looks like she has a black eye.

It made me giggle.

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