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File 133754563638.png - (1.80KB , 50x50 )
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>> No. 3657
I actually appreciated that. It makes more sense.
>> No. 3662
No new content, but blog thing. This allows me to update if I goof up, as well as keep my nasty stuff together and off of deviant art. I'm not going to get a chance to update often, but I'd very much appreciate it if you would please swing by and say hello!

>> No. 7473
Why not all of your stuff is on your DA?

File 138549940942.png - (38.99KB , 300x300 )
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I guess a big chunk of my stuff is gonna end up being relevant to your interest ho ho. I'll post that portion here~

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>> No. 7430
File 13854997175.png - (575.78KB , 900x630 , night_of_the_non_living_dead_by_heavymetalsexmachi.png )
I didn't realize that I did the Stephen Universe nose thing until after I finished ho ho~
>> No. 7431
File 138549981871.png - (391.50KB , 666x721 , shantae_s__belly__dance_by_heavymetalsexmachine-d6.png )
Because it was a simple shading commission I didn't spend long on the hair so it looks like she's growing a huge plastic scorpion tail out of her head.
>> No. 7432
I have a few other major fetishes too so if any of you want to see a scary robot tickling pretty girls or anything else, well, let me know on dA. :3

heeeey gurrl.

File 126023932396.png - (75.38KB , 400x400 )
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How do I oekaki?

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>> No. 7307
File 13834268732.png - (46.56KB , 500x274 , tumblr_m0lwwkxCfp1r56a9h.png )
could I get a picture of naoto fuyumine here rubbing a pot belly with a flush?
>> No. 7349
File 138438336319.jpg - (131.00KB , 681x1280 , image.jpg )
Lets see what you guys can do
>> No. 7368
File 138453800339.jpg - (91.52KB , 800x600 , coolgalohnehintergrund[1].jpg )
Hey there, I was just wondering if I could request belly Inflation (air - no floating) for my OC with her having an outie navel (that half circle with the X in it) as well?

File 138289317085.png - (2.11KB , 300x300 )
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Seriously, who came up with this godawful idea? Why can't I just upload a file like the other sections of the site?

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>> No. 7249
File 138289357528.png - (203.21KB , 2360x3504 , Pan_5litre_colour.png )
Pan after a 5 litre bloat. My attempt at a more realistic stuffing. Probably the only time I'll draw her with the piercing.
>> No. 7250
File 138289367328.png - (170.36KB , 2048x3424 , generic_fat_fox_colour.png )
Just a generic fat business girl, got the idea from similar pics by Agouti and Cylindricalperv.
>> No. 7251
File 138289374691.png - (282.90KB , 3572x2676 , generic_fox_pop_colour.png )
...And she's grown a bit. The short corgi in the middle is Harriet Stack, who belongs to Cylindrical perv. A friend came up with the speech.

File 137241342519.png - (79.00KB , 600x600 )
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Hey there, fellas. I decided its time for me to stop lurking and start making some content, so I'm gonna post some stuff here for you to check out.
I think I'm gonna generally post homemade pics from SAI and PS, cause I really suck at oekaki.

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>> No. 7202
These are my favorite. Please continue to make such fantastic pictures like these and I shall follow your art until the end of time
>> No. 7206
File 138242891993.jpg - (153.85KB , 1280x1280 , polkacloud.jpg )
Lurk mode disengaged.
>> No. 7208
File 138248504747.gif - (874.79KB , 500x318 , 1369781905606.gif )

>all of my fetishes?

Why thank you, friend!

File 135416225698.png - (2.51KB , 300x300 )
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Lets get a first timer thread going

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>> No. 4385
File 135705790464.png - (201.70KB , 500x500 )
Just got a tablet. Never tried Oekaki before. Didn't want to start my own thread. Quick sketch. Enjoy

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>> No. 4459
File 136016758113.png - (39.61KB , 600x600 )
One day I'll be good enough to have my own thread.

One day.

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>> No. 7201
File 138236957615.png - (97.39KB , 347x347 , waverlywillbewaddlin.png )
Not exactly a first-timer, but it's the first time I've tried drawing this way for this site so...

File 137774990687.png - (2.03KB , 300x300 )
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>> No. 7032

That would be her appendix about to rupture.
>> No. 7033
That was the intent
>> No. 7036
File 138111348391.png - (138.24KB , 770x600 , 138065883354.png )
Gotcha. Looking at the thumbnail, I thought the water was filling her up through her bellybutton.

File 13791766988.png - (32.65KB , 300x300 )
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Egh, I'm not a fan of this, So I'll just use my own program.

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>> No. 6894
File 13801667137.jpg - (104.19KB , 721x652 , ss (2013-09-25 at 10_37_47) (1).jpg )
aaaghagghgh I am suitably hype
>> No. 6899

Here's the colored one.
>> No. 6972
File 138086820260.png - (85.26KB , 512x512 , levelup.png )
Just some silly quick hourglass expansion since the game comes out in a week.

File 137435922793.png - (9.37KB , 300x300 )
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To be able to post here?

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>> No. 6906
File 138046345116.png - (96.61KB , 746x691 , the fapping part.png )
It's rare that an image on here makes me laugh AND fap. :P

Also, was that an OC session with AA and seiga? Lucky.
>> No. 6908
File 138047407828.gif - (111.82KB , 520x450 , GAD.gif )
Fuck, I'm mad jelly now but also proud to the point of tears >:')
>> No. 6909
File 138048732940.jpg - (81.79KB , 500x699 , 1379971549244.jpg )
That's so rad and awesome that I don't even

wow this is incredible
i can't into opencanvas nearly as well!

File 136287775621.png - (6.85KB , 300x300 )
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I have come crawling back.

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>> No. 7115
okay! Well, I don't remember where I saw that sprinkler-paint-Thing but it would be a funny idea. So anyways! I hope this thread goes on soon! D:
>> No. 7524
The wild boar was fragrant and succulent, having been marinaded well with herb-scented wine and stuffed with garlic cloves, but even so I only just managed to finish it. The Countess had two helpings, both identical in size, and then leaned back, her face congested to a pale puce colour, and mopped the sweat from her brow with an inadequate lace handkerchief.

‘A pause, eh?’ she said thickly, smiling at me. ‘A pause to marshal our resources.’

I felt that I had not any resources to marshal, but I did not like to say so. I nodded and smiled and undid all the rest of the buttons on my shorts.

During the pause, the Countess smoked a long thin cheroot and ate salted peanuts, chatting on interminably about her husband. The pause did me good. I felt a little less solid and somnolent with food. When the Countess eventually decided that we had rested our internal organs sufficiently, she called for the next course, and Demetrios-Mustapha produced two mercifully small omelets, crispy brown on the outside and liquid and succulent on the inside, stuffed with tiny pink shrimps.

A MILF. Stuffing her belly beyond any believable size. The best. Episode. Ever.
>> No. 8810
Who Else Needs a bit of high heels ?

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