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interactive (166)

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Try to open the second cabinet Look at the flat white boxes

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open the second cabinet
The second cabinet contained a container similar to the first, save for its contents being a small amount of dark green fluid.

look at the flat white boxes
She crossed the room to the shelves and picked up one of the boxes, setting it down on top of her stomach before lifting off the top. Inside were several pieces of black material that she immediately recognized as being the same outfit she was currently wearing.

see what the platform does
On the display, the top triangle was dimmer than the bottom one, and there was a solid roof overhead. A thin seam ran around the edge of the platform, and there was an opening in the railing opposite the display. If she had to hazard a guess, she would say that it was an elevator of some sort.


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ask if drinking the green fluid would be dangerous if no, drink green fluid
use elevator to go down

Odd Request (2)

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I'm kind of craving a certain kink when it comes to expansion lately. Does anyone know of any stories where a son inflates his mother? I guess to a lesser extent, general incest+inflation stories as well.

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Conveniently I stumbled onto this a few days ago, incest really isn’t my thing but you could like it.

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Thank you! Kinda neat but still not really what I was looking for. Close enough though! I do have to wonder if there's more along this topic though.

Looking for Overlai's Stories (32)

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Title. Looking for all of them as it stands.

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I really hope he gets over it at some point. Does anyone have them saved?

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New writer (1)

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Hey all, just wanted to mention that I've started posting my inflation stories over at dA. I have some looner stories there too. Sorry for the shame


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That was supposed to be "sorry for the shameless plug"

I'm looking for something (10)

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Does anyone have an archived copy of a story that was on here about a year ago that was never finished? It had to do with a post-apocolyptia sort of scenario brought on by these slugs that multiplied inside people and made them swell up huge, and they burst and there were slug-men and all kinds of weird stuff.

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This post has been deleted.

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This is the best story I've read in a long time. Who wrote it?

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bobby222000111333 on Deviantart.

need advice... (20)

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Hi all I'm writing a teen/children's novel and it based around a monster girl, living among humans. She lives in the UK, at one point not sure who yet, one or two girls get experimented on which makes them blow up like balloons. How can I write it without making it obvious fetish fuel?

Should buttons pop or not? The girls are about 15 16 years old.

Any advice will be helpful

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This is what I came up in an hour.

Heather is the ghost and Cassie is a Gargoyle. Shannon is a human

Cassie waited for Heather in front of the school entrance. Gray clouds suggest rain was on its way and she wanted to avoid Shannon. Feeling her skirt pocket she took out the bottle. The red liquid bubbled, the liquid shone cherry red in the dying sunlight. Suddenly Cass felt the familiar hand grabbing her shoulder, spinning her around.
Shannon stood there eating an doughnut, taking an big bite, jam splashed on to Cassie's blouse. She rubbed it in smearing it.
Gargoyles are not known for their short temper, but Heather had fire in her eyes and let Shannon take the plastic bottle, gulping down the red liquid. She didn't know what would happen.
Shannon gasped in shock, Cass took an step back as Shannon's body started swelling. She was blowing up like a balloon, her blouse buttons popping one after another. With in a minute Shannon looked like a balloon on legs.
Heather saw what had happened and floated over to the bloated bully.

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Not bad for a rough draft. So she'll still have her arms and legs poking out of her orb body?

The liquid is the result of the experiment, right? Did you settle on what its INTENDED use is? Reacting with the jam and ballooning is the side effect, but why did they make it?

Otherwise it looks pretty good for a start.

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The jam has nothing to do with it the red liquid was in her dad's laboratory when she swiped it

I haven't thought out what the intended use of it is yet, maybe her dad makes energy drinks and this one is a failed batch. She stole it, then felt guilty about it and take it back. Shannon has been annoying her and Heather all day and Cassie just snapped

suit inflation (0)

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The Day Anko Floated Still (0)

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(Where am I?)

For Mitarashi Anko, the last memory in her possession was that of fighting Kabuto. She had been assigned to track him after the reports of Orochimaru's death at the hands of the missing Leaf ninja, Uchiha Sasuke. When the Fourth Shinobi World War began, however, Anko and her squad had instead been given the orders to investigate the enemy's lair. There she had learned that Uchiha Madara was working with Kabuto of all people. Anko had sent her team back to report their findings, leaving herself to keep an eye on their foes. In the end Kabuto had attacked her, using a snake jutsu to infect her with a poison that left her fading into blissful unconsciousness.

Now, however, that poison was finally wearing off, allowing the Leaf kunoichi to awaken. She kept herself still, feigning unconsciousness so as to get a handle on her current predicament. Quite clearly she was being carried by someone, having been thrown up on to their shoulder, leaving Anko with her face against their back.


Anko summoned up what strength she could and sprang into action, slipping out of the man's grip and leaping off of his broad shoulders. She landed on her feet and quickly whipped out one of the kunai from her coat pocket. It was only that that she noticed who had been carrying her around.

(That's not Kabuto... Wait...) Anko quickly took notice of the other two people standing beside the young man, one being a red haired woman wearing glasses, the other silver haired boy. It took the kunoichi but a moment to piece together the identity of the trio man who stood before her. (Wait, are they... the criminals who helped Uchiha Sasuke attack the Kages... What's going on? Where the hell is Kabuto?)

"Ah, Anko. It's been such a long time, has it not?"

The sound of a voice quite clearly not Jugo's own, instead one quite familiar to Anko, left the kunoichi's blood running cold. (It can't be him... Uchiha Sasuke was reported to have killed him...)
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S.I.N.ful Expansion (3)

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"You did what?"

Seth, the leader of the organization known as S.I.N., itself a branch of Shadaloo itself, was not amused by his subordinate’s actions of late. He had much bigger concerns to attend to, specifically the Street Fighter tournament he had organized. His goals in doing so were numerous, but the main objective was to defeat M. Bison and gain complete and total control over Shadaloo. He had no time for such borderline insubordination.

"What's the matter, big man?" Juri Han asked, giving Seth a quizzical stare.

"Listen and listen well," Seth replied. "That Feng Shui Engine device S.I.N. replaced your damaged eye with is a delicate piece of electronics... One that neither myself nor Bison himself know the full capabilities of. You had no right to have my scientists make modifications as absurd as the ones you requested!"

"Whatever," Juri said, shrugging her shoulders, nearly yawning as she did so. "Believe me, the upgrades I had you boys add to this this tandem engine," Juri tapped her artificial eye for added effect, "will make up for my breaking your rules, 'kay?"

From Seth's side approached his other top agent, Crimson Viper. "What are you talking about?" the redhead asked, her tone as commanding as Seth's own.

"Don't take like you're in charge, lady," Juri rasped with a clear tone of disrespect before turning her gaze back to Seth. "You've got so many enemies around thanks to this tournament of yours. And I assure you, none of them have a chance against me now. Not with what I can do..."

"You're quite... full of yourself," Seth replied.
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I like it

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Glad you enjoyed it.

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Glad you enjoyed it.

Story request (0)

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Requesting a story about a female Godzilla becoming a slob thanks to Godzilla Babying and feeding her.

Looking for an old Gorey story (1)

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Hello. Please don't be mad at me. No one is replying at the little new Gchan and I though to try my luck here. Besides there was actual inflation in almost every story.
I am looking for a guro-related inflation popping story so don't be put off, please... I know many don't like.
A while back when Bigger gurochan was still alive there was a series called PWBA
Especially "PWBA Interval Break: Cindy Vs. Melany"
I've searched everywhere for that but it seems lost to the internet...
Perhaps any of you still have those? Or an author?

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I replied to your thread on Gurochan.

BlueberryGoddess87 (0)

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I recently rediscovered BlueberryGoddess87's DA page (http://blueberrygoddess87.deviantart.com/).

However, all of the stories are deleted. Anyone have a link to where the stories might be now? Or does anyone have any of the stories saved?

Hypnosis Inflation Script (Female) (0)

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Working on a Haunted House Story - Any Ideas? (21)

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With the lack of quality content as of late, I've been wanting to contribute something myself. For a while now, I've had a project in mind that's been given some thought every now and then, but not quite enough effort to post anything yet.

Without giving away too many details (there's going to be some backstory here), the premise is, there's a ghost inhabiting the mansion he owned in life, with a penchant for blowing girls up until they burst. Now that last bit may or may not be your thing, period, I get that. But with my preferences, and the desire to provide something that all inflation lovers can enjoy, the popping will be very mild and in some cases, possibly even cut short.

While there is an actual story to it, I've envisioned it to be a mash-up of many kinds of horror tropes and inflation types, so I'd like to stuff as much content as I can into this. I've come up with plenty of chapters on my own, but while I'd like to add more, I've kind of hit a brick wall. I'm trying to avoid scenarios that sound too similar, both in terms of the inflation type and the methods.

So this is where you, the reader(s), come in! While I'm in the process of working on the first chapter (I already have that and a few related chapters set up as a proper introduction), is there anything you might like to see?

Without ruining too much of the surprise, the types of methods I'm looking for include:

*Experiments - The ghost here has quite a bit of scientific work under his belt, allowing him to leave various concoctions around the house, as well as bringing victims to his lab.
(Examples: Force-feeding a victim a large amount of marshmallow before exposing her to a large heat lamp / leaving a special kind of body wash in the bathroom.)

*Creatures - In some cases, tying into the Experiments category, the ghost has something of a twisted zoo in his lab, featuring all sorts of creatures that just so happen to love blowing girls up, whether they're ones he's discovered or ones he's created. They can range from deceptively cute to nightmarishly horrible. NOTE that this categor
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Shit I completely forgot I have my deviant art. I never really need to log into it because it's always logged in, and I'm tired right now, but unable to sleep, so my mind's all over the place.

http://blanky-blank.deviantart.com/ we can come up with ideas through here.

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I like the idea about the transition from one expansion to another.

I like the idea about the fairies.

And I like the dream scenarios. ^^

I sort of have a scenario like the succubus one, but with a slime girl instead.

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I sent a reply to your Deviant art.

Looking for an old story Abdominal Hyperplasty? (0)

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Im attempting to assist in the search of a story, I believe titled Abdominal Hyperplasty, about a young woman who goes through a simulated pregnancy every month, like her period, she fills up with amniotic fluid and has to drain it via none conventional methods.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.