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interactive (107)

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Go back to a laboratory and try some of the black liquid._

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Get the drone to show you the way out, this old lab is unsettling and the only thing of value you've gotten in here so far is a skimpy outfit.

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toy with stud
She fiddled with the small metal piercing. If it did anything, rubbing it between her fingers didn't activate it.

go back to a laboratory and try some of the black liquid
Part of her wanted to back and check out some of the things she had overlooked...

get the drone to show you the way out
...but judging from what she saw so far, there were probably going to be more opportunities to drink strange chemicals against her better judgment in the future. She nodded to the drone, and the door in front of her slid open.

If the last room she was in was large, this one was massive, consisting of a grid of large white rectangular rooms that extended halfway to the ceiling, interspersed with ones that reached up all the way. Set above the walkways between them was a series of catwalks, which were easily accessed by two ramps a short distance from where she was. Next to each door on both the first and second floors were words in a black script and a small monitor.


Blueberrys that Blow (0)

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Im looking for an old story from a removed user of Deviant Art, Popping Violet.

It a story where violet from willy wonka visits the factory years later and is reinflated into a blueberry by Charlie and eventually bursts.

Looking for this one due to its massive inflation,bursting,and its one of the few stories I know of that has sex during inflation,which is always hot.

New writer! (4)

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Hey! I just wrote a blueberry story!
I'd appreciate any comments, especially those telling me how to improve.

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Something something pear something.
Constructive criticism would be really great!

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Something something pear something.
Constructive criticism would be really great!

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Double post why

I'm looking for something (5)

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Does anyone have an archived copy of a story that was on here about a year ago that was never finished? It had to do with a post-apocolyptia sort of scenario brought on by these slugs that multiplied inside people and made them swell up huge, and they burst and there were slug-men and all kinds of weird stuff.

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Part three:
1 year after first event
as she ascended the stairs of the decrepid church, all Taylor could think about was how much she wished she had the shotgun. she had heard stories of the self-proclaimed King of the city and while many of the claims seemed highly exaggerated, if any of them turned out to be true she'd need a lot more than her bow if she wanted to defend herself. instead, her gun was in Stacy's hands, who was hiding in a car garage with the rest of their supplies about quarter mile away. it had been a tough choice, but Taylor knew that if something happened to her, Stacy couldn't use the bow in any meaningful way. she knew now though that it made no difference what weapon she would bring. the whole place was surrounded by guards, and a few were actually equipped with loaded guns. she arrived at the top of the stairs to see a guard with a rifle. the man, while not fat, was clearly not starving like the rest of people she had seen. Taylor knew from the stories that the survivors of the survivors had told her that the King was the only one with food. he guarded it jealously, giving out only small amounts to his "subjects", the entire city, and the rest to the guards under his command.
"what do you need to see the King for?" he barked his question, clearly used to being in control.
"I need to ask him some questions." she replied without any fear in her voice. the unusual calmness in her voice seemed to upset the guard.
"weapons stay outside" he ordered. she sighed and nodded, placing her bow at the ground but deciding to keep the knife in her boot to herself. he opened the door and she walked in.
as her eyes adjusted to the brightness emitted by the work-lights, whose generators whirred in the distance, she soaked in the sights. the inside of the church was little better than the exterior, and the pews were smashed and pushed to the side. the room was surrounded by guards on all sides who watched as she walked the aisle. she looked up towards where the alter would be and despite all of the horrors that she had seen, she was still visibly taken aback. in front of the aisle was a huge ramshackle throne, lashe
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Part four:
15 months after first event
Taylor lay motionless on the fourth story of the parking garage. binoculars in her hand, she gazed down upon the office building below.
"see anything?" stacy asked her. she sat hidden behind a pillar, sowing up a patch in her stuffed animal. she had taken up the practice ever since they had started surveying the building a week ago. Taylor was glad that her sister was teaching herself sowing, a skill that would no doubt be of use in the future.
"no. it's been dead all day today." she answered. they had been waiting the last couple of days for a large enough group to enter the building so that Taylor could slip in unnoticed. her week of surveillance had shown her that despite it's appearance, the whole building was guarded by slug-men. even now she could make out the feint outline of one of them, watching from outside a window.
"do you really think Claire is in there?" Stacy asked for the fifth time since they had camped out here.
"if she's not, we'll just have to find another hive" they had decided to call the places hives, for lack of a better term.
"but what if she popped like the others?" Taylor cringed slightly upon hearing this. she knew that Stacy had figured out the explosive conclusion to a hosts life, but it was still hard to hear.
"she hasn't hun. I promise." Stacy was about to reply when Taylor held up her hand for silence. Stacy became quiet, knowing the signal. Taylor looked through the binoculars.
she felt her pulse rise when she was the size of the group. there were at least 8 people being led down the decrepit road towards the building. for the most part they looked recently infected. most were only around 75 pounds heavier than what ever size they were. only a couple had gotten to the point where their belly had started to bloat, and only one looked over 300 pounds. a once petite indian girl, she now stood in the middle of the group, waddling slightly and holding her gut in her hands. she was wearing maternity pants and a tank top that had transformed into a sports bra due to her girth. she looked to be the only one tha
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Fuck yes, thank you! Where did you find it? I looked everywhere...

Content 20: Not Including The Stuff I Didn't Post Here (1)

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I was going to put something self-deprecating here but pfft, can't be arsed.


Shannon's eyes fluttered as she slowly regained consciousness, then snapped open as she felt the rope tying her wrists together. She looked up to find herself sitting on a chair in an empty garage, with Tanya looming over her. "Tanya?! What's going on?"

Tanya gave her a malicious grin. "What's going on is... REVENGE!"

A beat.

Shannon blinked. "Fooooooor...?"

"For revenge!"
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What a twist :3

Looking for a story, too (0)

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So, a while back, I read a story in which a group of three people (I think it was the boat captain, a professor, and a female student/research assistant) go to an island to examine a tribe of people. The boat captain was the only one who could speak their language and said something to the people. Later, the tribe leads the girl to a pool of water (possibly under a waterfall) for her to drink from. Drinking from it causes her to swell up. It turns out, the women people of the island can only get pregnant by drinking from the breasts of a woman not from the island who had drank water from the pool. The professor's wife had previously been the one to do this, but they rolled her over a rock, and it's implied she had burst.

Thanks in advance.

looking for an inflation story (2)

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Im looking for a story where two girls go into a bar where they have this breed of alien inflate them, and if they can take t all they get a free meal. does anyone hve this?

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It was posted here somewhere, check back down the threads and see if you can find it

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Author of story reporting in. Enjoy.

It was late in the evening and cold night envelopped the medium sized restaurant sitting at the end of the street corner. The blinds were pulled in all of the windows, which meant the special deal was going on inside, and walking passerby were not to be startled. What was the special deal? Well, this restaurant was mostly meant for young couples, and they offered a deal to these couples after their meal was finished. They brought out a special "pet" that they bred from willing young and mostly plump or fat teens and young women (since their bodies could handle the pregnancy from these creatures better) that they hired part-time. The girls worked as waitresses and could eat free whenever they wanted, and all they had to do was carry the alien to term and give birth once. The "pet" was a feral, alien creature, and if the woman of the couple were able to handle a full enema from the beast without screaming or having her boyfriend/husband pull the thing out, the meal was free.
Annie was here tonight with her best friend to check out the place and take on the challenge herself. Annie was a beautiful teenage girl, with long blonde hair and pale skin. An red dress clung to her thin, shapely figure. Her little sister Lulu was a spunky teen and a little bit of a tomboy. She had shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a white miniskirt and t-shirt that shown well on her smooth skin.
As they approached the entrance, a very full-looking woman came staggering out, a young man holding onto her with one hand over the huge bulge at the front of her dark dress and the other on her back. The woman had straight black hair down to her neck, and big green eyes that shown wide with shock. She was pale, and clutching her huge belly with both hands.
"Wow," Annie said, as the woman gave a low grunt and began pulling up the back of her dress while her boyfriend rubbed her distended belly. A determined look adorned her pale face as she leaned forward with her dress full up as her boyfriend slide her panties half down.
"That's it, just start pushing", Annie heard the man whisper as he massaged his girlfrien
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Ashley's Dream (0)

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I'm looking for a story called Ashley's Dream. Was about a girl going to an all you can eat buffet and quickly turns into a stuffing orgy. I forget the name of the author but it was on deviantart.

Apartment 2790 (13)

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HI! I'm a fairly new writer, looking to hone my skills and maybe create something pleasing in the process. Here's a preview of a SCIFI inflation story I'm taking a go at.

Apartment 2790:

“One car”

“Two car's”

“Four-Five car's”

“Err, twelve car's?”

“Fourteen?...Just, fuck it!”

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Personaly, I am not going to nit pick apostrophies. This story is a stub, yes, but is nothing more than it purports to be; a test of a new concept. And new concepts are a great thing around here, where the formula for most stories is so generic I am suprized somone has not written a Python script to generate them. When most of the stories follow "find means to inflate (magic, tech, or otherwise), inflate with lots of ajectives, then either stop or pop." I for one am more than willing to to accept something that plays with a new dimension (quest for inflatability anyone? Moral hazard involving indiviual humanity?). The outright trolling dismissal OP got is outright rude, inapropriate, and not fit for justification claiming to be doing some great job of enforcement after the fact. They are aposrophies. They are sometimes confusing/unimportant to people. Let the grammer fachism go and let people write origional stories. Let it go.

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aposrophies faschism Frozen reference mfw noface.png

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Forgot >grammer

BloatMachine's Stories (9)

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Hey Guys,

So quite a while ago, one of my favorite expansion writers -- BloatMachine -- disappeared. Many tears were shed that day. Even worse, I didn't manage to save a lot of his work. I have one or two of his stories laying around ("The Cleaner", "The Admirer", and "Exchange Rates") but I know of at least two more that were once posted to his DA account that I haven't been able to find. One had to do with Sonya Blade of Mortal Kombat fame, and the other I think had something to do with a Raven's Claw.

Anybody manage to grab those stories or any of his previous work (I believe he was involved in the community well before I even found him)? I'd be eternally grateful if you're willing to share.

Cheers Guys.

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fat inflation

The following is a basic story explaining how a woman blows up another woman with fat. The story includes brief explanations of what exactly is happening. This is part of the STEP BT STEP series.

Email Arcanum_bot@yahoo.com if you have any possible ideas, comments, or suggestions.


“Hellooo Lauren! Guess who’s here?”

Lauren slowly opens the door to her home, revealing a chunky young blond wearing white Nikes.

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Awesome, thanks! Haven't seen those last two, and yes, the second one you posted is "The Cleaner" (still my favorite story by him). If I come across any other ones, too, I'll post them here.

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Looking for a story froma deleted deviantart account. (5)

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It was the second in a factory tour-style deal by a deviant whose SN was 'Trip09'. I've been missin the last few parts and I figured I'd check here...Since, you know, nothing ever truly disappears from the internet.

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Yes. There's nothing archived.

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Bump to see if the OP is willing to share the parts they already have?

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I picked up almost all of them a few months ago. Just note me on dA, and we can talk more (my username there is also Simayus).

Looking for a collaberation partner for a story (3)

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Hey guys. I was looking if anyone is interested in writing a collaberation story, mainly a hentai crossover with a male OC.

The two hentais in question are:
http://myanimelist.net/anime/15409/Oyakodon:_Oppai_Tokumori_Bonyuu_Tsuyudaku_de also called HaHa Musume Donburi.


Could add on a third hentai depending on which series is good. Or if my partner has any good hentai series to recommend.

Now, I would like to add in some story and adventure in here, but most importantly of all: Expansion. Like Weight gain, cum inflation, breast+butt expansion, etc.

The OC will be in the universe where Sakie and Rumi are, and they will be warped into the fantasy world that's being conquered by the demons and dragons of Catue.

Shine and Rumi are childhood friends(she's tsundere of course) and one day Shiina comes across an old text in a library and they take it home. Sakie is present and upon reading the text they get warped and they're entire house gets sent over to the fantasy world in a forest. Cue we're not in Kansas anymore but our Japanese characters have gained new powers! Shiina can control nature and trees, Sakie can change her size at will and become a giantess amazon. Rumi is a mage.

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Anyone wanna collaborate with me on this project? Or does no one know about the two hentai series?

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5 reasons why a partner is not forthcoming:

Since you already seem to have a specific plan a collaboration sounds more like someone to write this for you.

Given the length of the very rough plan it sounds like it would be of epic length, sounds like A LOT of work.

The subject matter, 2 obscure hentais and personally, parts of this that are a turn off include but are not limited to, convenient magic plot devices, magically getting new magical powers, giantess amazon, parasitical bugs for a dick, kill themselves, pregnant with worms, kill the offspring and I'm sure tentacles will factor in somewhere.

Male OC, it's going to be you.

Writing partners are very rare.

Try baiting the hook with something a broader flavour and more palatable.

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1. Well, I would be able to write this in conjunction with someone as well! We'd split the work 50/50!

2. True on that front.

3. After they kill the demonic dragon offspring they would go for more vanilla stuff. No more rape-rape. It's about redemption and purification.

4. It's going to be someone I and my partner would both make. :V

Looking for Marvai stories (22)

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Hi, anyone have Marvai's stories? Just found out he left FA and took all his stuff down.

So I am looking to see if anyone has them saved, especially Too Much Love.

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His stuff was re-posted here http://www.furaffinity.net/scraps/grower/

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When I open the link there are only 2 stories in the folder

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Marvai here! All my stuff should be there now in Grower's scrap folder, yup! Make sure you can see adult stuff. And make sure you aren't just looking at his gallery, his gallery has his 2 stories, the scraps folder has all of mine~

KugaUK (0)

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This might be the wrong place to ask this, but did anyone ever save KugaUK's Game of Chase Stories. I've been nostalgic lately and would like to read them!

Looking for a story that used to be here (2)

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It involved two girls in a dispute, ending in one of the girls inflating the other with some kind of nano-machines.
All I remember is that there was a plug involved, and the final spurt of inflation was caused by the inflatee getting kicked in the stomach.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Sievert's "Balloon Tech".

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That's the one, thank you.