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The Hospital (7)

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A few years into the future, and Earth has been invaded by a strange alien force fleeing from their homeworld. They make a pact with earth that if humanity supplies women to breed their numerous species, the human race will be kept alive. Thus, many many young women fall pregnant with a large variety of strange creatures, and swollen bellies become a common sight in all places.
To deal with the growing number of alien pregnancies, special hospitals are erected around the world. Many girls volunteer at these hospitals to perform a variety of services, such as helping birth creatures, being inflated by aliens, and sometimes carrying the spawn of these beasts themselves.
Today, five girls had been brought into the hospital to observe and assist in birthing and other activities. Carrie, a plump short blonde teen in a black dress, was the first through the door, led by a young brunette nurse in a white uniform and little skirt. The second woman was Nikki, a young twenty-something blonde bbw in a schoolgirl outfit, her plump lips glistening red with lipstick. The third girl was a young cute asian named Amy, wearing her long black hair in a hime cut and a schoolgirl uniform with a grey miniskirt and black stockings. Sarah followed next, a beautiful teenage latina wearing a red dress that came down a little past her plump butt. Lastly was Autumn, a gorgeous brunette brown-eyed girl wearing a polkadot shirt and black miniskirt.
"Right this way, everyone" the nurse led the girls past the receptionist into a long hallway lined with rooms on either end. Groans, yelps and occasional screams could be heard throughout the place. Carrie glanced into the window on one of the doors as she walked by. She was greeted by the sight of a plump black woman bending over the edge of her bed, face in pillow, her massive belly bulging past her knees. A stream of water was spraying from between her glistening buttcheeks and splashing across the wall, whilst a grey dog-like beast sat near her. Her long dark hair was messy and loose, and Carrie could hear the woman's loud groans as she unloaded the contents from her stomach, her huge wet belly heaving.
"Oh man, that girl is about to blow..." Carrie said, looking down at her own belly. Nikki gave a little giggle, staring in the glass of another room as she walked by.
A sweating hispanic girl was on her back, bare legs spread on either side of a nurse. The girl's wet, brown belly heaved, bulging out under her black shirt. She was moaning loudly in pain as she pushed. Nikki looked away and blushed.
Suddenly, a loud "ooooooh!" resounded from behind a nearby door. The nurse leading the girls turned and opened the door to the sight of a young black nurse bending over and holding onto the side a bed in the corner, the back of her skirt raised and a insectoid the size of a small dog going at her ass furiously. The girl had black, curly long hair that bounced in rythm with the mad thrusting in her backside, her thick buttcheeks smacking against the creature. Loud, wet smacking resounded across the room as the girl's chest heaved. She groaned, her belly rounding slightly and pushing forward, the only part of her not bouncing in rythm with the furious pounding she was receiving. Another girl was sitting in a chair behind the nurse. She had long, blonde hair and blue eyes, and a gorgeous pale face. She was young, perhaps late teenage years. Both of her luscious, pale legs were spread wide, and a massive bulge swelled out into her lap from behind her blue dress. The girl was rubbing her huge belly and groaning in pain. Sweat ran from her forehead as a pained expression took her face. She leaned forward, holding her massive belly and maoning in pain. The black nurse grunted and looked up at the girls in the doorway, her belly heavily distended. She gritted her teeth, her wet ass smacking loudly against her assailant as the strange creature slammed into her hole furiously.
Sarah gasped at the sight, "Oh, is she pregnant with something?"
The blonde girl gasped as she slowly stood, shaking her head. "W-water...that thing pumped my butt full of wa....oooooohhhh...." She leaned forward and groaned in pain, as the nurse escorting the girls rushed in.
"Excuse me," she said, looking back over her shoulder at Carrie, "Close the door and continue on four doors down the hall, and there should be another nurse in there waiting to give you girls your assignments."
Carrie nodded, watching the black nurse's wet ass smack against the alien as she groaned, her massive belly glistening. She closed the door and all the girl's continued down the hall.
"Uh, I need to use the bathroom real quick."
Carrie walked off to the end of the hall, having known about the building's layout before hand. The rest of the girls entered the room they were instructed to. It was identical to the others, but a young asian nurse sat within, nursing a heavily swollen belly.
She smiled up as Sarah, Nikki, Amy and Autumn entered, waving a little. "Hello girls. Ah, you are all very pretty. I'm sure you'll have some fun working here with everyone."
Sarah gave a little wave as the rest of the girls stared at the woman's huge belly. "I see you got a little one of your own in there?'
The woman nodded, rubbing her stomach, "Things got a little out of hand earlier and one of us had to volunteer or everyone in the room was going to pop..." She said nervously.
Suddenly, Carrie came rushing back into the room, clutching her stomach, which was bulging slightly.
"Uhhhhh...." she stared at the nurse, "When I went into the bathroom.....s-something shot up inside me!" She arched her back to show that her stomach was sticking out a little.
The nurse stood, a worried expression crossing her face. "Okay, sometimes that happens around here. It went in your vagina, right?"
Carrie grunted and nodded her head, Autumn and Nikki blushing as they eyed her stomach.
The nurse patted the bed next to her, "Okay, its in your womb, which means we need to put a lot of pressure on your womb in order for it come back out."
Carrie stammered, "W-what..."
The nurse cleared her throat and said, "We're going to pump air up your butt and make your belly get really big."
Sarah smiled at Carrie as a look of terror came across her face. She stammered, "Uh....does it have to be like that?"
The nurse nodded, "Air or water. Just relax. Get down on all fours on the bed and I'll be right back. Nikki will be here to help you out. The rest of you girls follow me, I'm going to assign different rooms to you."
Carrie groaned and went over to the bed, getting down on all fours and resting her arms under her head. Nikki stood next to her, grinning slightly.
The two stayed silent for a while until the nurse came back with a big canister with a long hose at the top of it. Nikki blushed and Carrie stared wide eyed at the thing.
"Oooh, I can feel it moving in me a little..." Carrie groaned, and Nikki rubbed at the girl's belly slightly. The nurse pulled up the back of Carrie's dress and folded it around her waist, reveiling her pale belly, and smooth, luscious thighs. The girl blushed brightly as her panties slid off, reveiling her tight pink butthole and slit. The nurse ran a hand over Carrie's pale butt, the tips of her fingers sliding down the smooth crevice, brushing slightly against the girl's pink pucker.
"Your butt looks pretty tight, Carrie."
The teen blushed and looked back over her shoulder as the nurse's hands slid along her plump round bottom. She slid a finger into the teen's butthole, which made Carrie groan a little. Nikki stood by and blushed as she watched Carrie grunt a little. Finally, the nurse withdrew her finger and took the hose attatched to the air cylinder. She pushed the tip of it between the teen's round butt, and slowly slid it up her back entrance, eliciting a long "ooooooooohhhhhhhhh...." from the girl.
"Alright, I'm going to turn it on now."
Carrie closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip, moaning as a flow of air began to rush into her bowels . A low hissing sound emitted from the canister as Carrie was filled. She groaned loudly as her belly swelled outwards, pushing forward like a waterskin being held under a fountain. Nikki watched wide-eyed at the swollen, taut flesh before her as the plump teen's belly became massively bloated. It swelled until it pushed against the bedsheets and Carrie grunted, screaming in pain as her huge belly pulsated with life. The nurse pulled the hose from the teen's wet, round butt and helped her turn over on her back. Carrie pulled her head back and groaned loudly, "Oh god....!" Carrie spread her legs wide, her swollen bare belly bulging out beneath her raised dress. She grunted and groaned as Nikki stood between her exposed thighs, gently massaging her soft legs.
"Push....push..." The nurse rubbed at Carrie's hugely rounded belly, the smooth taut flesh pale and glistening around her innie belly button. Carrie gritted her teeth as she pushed, sweat causing her hair to stick to her forehead in strands. Carrie gave a loud groan as she gripped her knees, staring at Nikki past her swollen taut, bare belly. Carrie slid her hands over her massivelly distended midsection, gasping for breath as she pushed and pushed.
"Uhhhhggggg.....its not coming..."
The nurse rubbed away at the teen's obscenely swollen, glistening belly as it pulsed with life. "Okay, sweetie," she cooed, "We're going to have to use something a little heavier in you to help this out."
Carrie stared at the nurse nervously, one hand gliding across her smooth, taut flesh. "Oooooh....m-my belly is going to b-burst..." Her innie belly button sat over a swollen sphere of glistening, wet flesh, rising up and down slowly with each breath.
The nurse helped Carrie off of the bed and walked into her into the bathroom nearby before shutting the door. Nikki could hear a loud splashing and Carrie moaning loudly after a few minutes. Eventually, the door opened and Carrie came walking back out with only a slightly swollen belly, which she held in both hands. "Ooooh..."
Carrie climbed back into the bed and spread her legs wide on either side of Nikki, pulling her dress up past her knees and exposing her luscious thighs. The nurse took a thin tube and slowly slid it into the teen's butthole from the front, eliciting a low groan from Carrie. The tube was hooked to a nearby two gallon water jug, which the nurse pushed against to get the water flowing.
"Oooooh! Uhggggg....!" Carrie groaned loudly as water flooded her bowels. Soon, a rounded bulge in the front of her dress began to rise up, slowly swelling with fluids. After just a few minutes, Carrie's belly was massively distended, and the moaning teen suddenly shouted. "Ahhggg! Its coming out!" Carrie gripped her knees and moaned, sweating running down her pained face as she pushed. Nikki stood between the girl's wide open legs, one hand on her inner thigh. "Push...push..."
Carrie grit her teeth as she pulled her head back, a fleshy crab-like creature shooting from between her wet thighs and landing onto Nikki's face. The plump woman grunted before something was stuffed between her lips. Suddenly, a huge bulge made its way down Nikki's throat before the creature fell off onto the ground limply, causing the woman to caugh and gasp.
The nurse put a hand over her mouth as Nikki gripped her stomach, moaning in pain. "Oh dear..."
The woman's belly began to slowly push outwards, ballooning and pushing her skirt down as it expanded. She groaned loudly, both hands sliding across the smooth, taut flesh as her belly approached the size of a beach ball. The nurse rushed Nikki out of the room and into the emergency birthing room nearby. Two other nurses sat within on chairs, and a big bed with white sheets was in the middle of the room. Nikki held her massivelly swollen belly as she moaned in pain, her blonde hair sticking in strands to her beautiful face. The other women leapt to their feet as the short, heavy built blonde staggered in, clutching her obscenely distended belly as it pulsated slightly.
She was helped up onto the bed in an all fours position, her massive bare belly pushing against the sheets. She gripped the pillow and moaned loudly as one of the nurses raised up the back of her pleated miniskirt. Next, her tight white panties slid down to reveil her plump round butt, and her tight pink butthole and slit. Nikki screamed out in pain as one of the nurses rubbed her massive, glistening stomach. "Its okay sweetie....push....push"
Nikki stuck her butt out a little more, screaming in agony, "I'm not pregnant!" Suddenly, a torrent of water exploded from her back entrance, shooting out in a thick stream like a hose as it splashed against the closed door loudly. Both nurses back up and stared wide eyed at the huge expulsion, a great puddle appearing on the floor as the water flow continued from the woman for a long while.
The nurse made her way back to Carrie's room after Nikki was emptied and laid on her side, holding her still bloated belly and groaning.
Carrie held her massive bare belly, massging it. "Ooooh....I'm blown up like a balloon over here...I can't do anything right now...."
The nurse eyed Carrie's massive, inflated stomach. "Oh dear, let me rub some lotion on that so you don't get stretchmarks."
Carrie groaned a little as she eyed the taut flesh rising before her, both hands sliding across its smooth surface. "Okay..." she said quietly.
The woman produced a bottle of lotion from a nearby shelf and poured a little on Carrie's huge balloon belly. She massaged it in with one hand, leaving the taut, pale flesh glistening. Carrie had her eyes closed and groaned slightly, her big belly rising and falling with each breath.
"Alright girls, you just sit tight."
The nurse walked out across the hall to the room Sarah was in. When she opened it, the latina was bent over the edge of the bed with her dress pulled up in the back. Her massive belly bulged down to her knees, almost brushing the floor as a huge insectoid alien stood behind her, its face buried in her buttcheeks. The girl screamed wildly in pain, as a nurse was trying to pull the creature from the girl's glistening, wet luscious buttcheeks.
"Ooooooooohhhhh! Make it stop! My stomach is going to explode!" Sarah screamed in agony as she gripped the bedsheets, her long hair sticking in strands to her sweaty face as she gasped for breath. Finally, the beast pulled back and a huge throbbing organ slid from Sarah's butthole, followedy a massive stream of water that sprayed from Sarah's back end, splashing across the floor loudly.
The nurse nodded in satisfaction at the huge water blast spraying from behind Sarah, closing the door and walking down the hall amidst groans and screams.
Autumn walked into her assigned room nervously. Upon opening the door, she was greeted by a stunning brunette laying in a bathtub on the other end of the room. The girl wore nothing but a blue bikini top, with one leg raised slightly, and her hugely swollen belly bulging out of the water. The teen walked in, staring at the glistening belly. "Oh wow, you are really pretty..."
Elizabeth gave a big smile, one hand gently stroking her hugely distended midsection. "Thanks, sweetie. You are pretty cute yourself."
Autumn approached and sat down near the edge of the tun, gently running her fingers through the woman's long hair, whilst her other hand slid over the swollen stomach. "What's growing inside of you?"
Elizabeth gave a little grin, "Who said I was pregnant?"
Autumn stammered, looking down between the girl's legs. A hose was beneath the girl, hidden between her luscious thighs and attached to the faucet in the tub. Her hand stopped and rested on the girl's huge belly, as she realized she could faintly hear the sound of running water. She looked down at the woman's swollen stomach, feeling it push against her hand as it continued to rise slightly. Elizabeth gave a little giggle as Autumn gasped.
"Is that hose....up your b-butt?"
Elizabeth nodded, a hand resting against her swollen belly. "Actually, would you be a dear and turn the water off? I've got a special kind of parasite living in me that drinks alot, so I have to get filled up like this three times a day. This is really only half the fun...."
She pointed over to a big pitcher full of water sitting nearby. "Be a dear and fetch that for me?"
Autumn looked wide eyed at the woman's already distended belly as she stood and grabbed the pitcher, bringing it back to the swollen girl. "You're not going to drink all of this, are you? You will explode!"
The woman grinned as she took the big thing, looking down at her belly. "Trust me, I've been doing this for a week. It hurts and I have to spray the water out of my butt halfway through it, but its gotta happen."
Autumn grimaced and watched as the girl sat up a little more, groaning loudly. "Oooh, sorry about that. Forgot I had a hose shoved up my ass..."
The woman leaned back and opened her legs up, the hose more apparently stuffed between her cheeks. She held her swollen belly and looked up at the teen. "Okay, when I pat my stomach, you need to pull the hose out of my butt."
Autumn nodded, and Elizabeth got to work. She brought the tip of the pitcher to her lips, taking in a big gulp at first, then continuing with steady chugging. Glug, glug, glug, glug was all Autumn could hear as bulges rushed down the woman's throat, her tight belly pushing forward slightly. The teen reached out and stroked Elizabeth's throat as she rapidly gulped the water, sweat forming on her brow as a pained expression overtook her beautiful face. Gulp, gulp, gulp as the woman's throat worked away at the water rushing down into her hugely bloated belly.
Suddenly, Elizabeth reached down and clutched her stomach, eyeing Autumn as she continued to chug away at the water. The teen reached down between the woman's glistening legs and tugged at the water hose, causing Elizabeth to yelp as she spat out some water. She groaned loudly and grabbed Autumn's arm. "Oooooh, okay, that is not coming out from this position."
She held her huge belly as she leaned forward, slowly getting to her knees and then bending over and groaning loudly. "Oooh, pull it out..."
Autumn reached down and stroked the woman's plump round butt with one hand, the other gripping the hose and pull it from Elizabeth's tight butthole. She groaned loudly as the hose slid out, her plump butt half sticking out of the water. Suddenly, a stream of water erupted from the woman's back entrance, spraying over the water and splashing across the wall. Elizabeth groaned as her belly slowly went to an early pregnancy size, holding it with one hand.
"Ah....thank you dear..."
Autumn nodded and stood slowly, rubbing Elizabeth's belly a little more before leaving the room.
Suddenly, the doors leading from the lobby opened. A thin brunette teen came staggering in with her blonde friend and a nurse. The girl wore a side-tie black bikini bottom and a white t shirt, and her massively distended belly bulged out, half covered by the shirt. It glistened and gleamed with tiny drops of water, and the girl's hair was also wet. She was grunting and groaning lowly, a pained expression on her beautiful face as her friend rubbed her huge, shiny wet belly.
"Natasha was just out at the beach swimming and she suddenly had cramps!" The girl said frantically to a nurse that rubbed the hugely swollen teen's back. "I rushed her here when her belly started getting bigger."
The girls were led into an empty room and the hugely bloated teen was helped up onto the bed. She went one knee first, slowly pulling herself up as her chest heaved and her hugely bloated belly brushed against the sheets as she took an all fours position. Her friend held her arm in one hand, and rubbed her massive belly in the other. The teen shook, groaning loudly as her wet hair stuck to her beautiful face. She gave a loud moan and gritted her teeth. "Ooooohhh.....my fucking stomach...."
The nurse rubbed the girl's full round butt a little, "Okay, we're going to need to get a creature in here and pump you anally to help get the water out."
The girl's friend went wide-eyed as the teen blushed and moaned in pain. "W-what? W-why that?"
"Sweetie, she's got a little creature inside of her that's producing water. In order to get it out, it needs a lot of rapid force applied inside her bowels. This is the only way, other than a massive enema which would burst her stomach."
Both girls went red faced as the hugely bloated teen's friend nodded slowly. "O-okay..." The nurse left and came back a few minutes later with a large greyish fleshy creature resembling a cross between a scorpion and a grab. Its thick member hung beneath it, next to a pair of swollen testicles. The teen's friend blushed brightly at the sight of the beast as the nurse helped it up onto the bed. Next, Natasha's bikini bottom was pulled half down to reveil her tight butthole and plump cheeks. With this, the creature mounted the heaving teenager, raising its thick member to her tight pucker before slamming in.
"OOOOOHHHH! FUCK!" The girl screamed at the penetration, her friend blushing and rubbing her huge stomach. Then, the creature began to go at the girl's plump bottom, slowly at first, then quickening in pace to a wild pounding. Loud, wet smacking resounded across the room as the girl's glistening buttcheeks slapped back against the creature as it thrust into her hole furiously. The girl's friend was blushing, obviously embaressed at the furious ass pummeling her gorgeous friend was receiving. The swollen teen gasped and moaned loudly, her wet round ass pushing back against the beast as it pounded away at her. Slap, slap, slap, slap filled the room as the beast went at the teen furiously. She grit her teeth and pushed her face into the pillow, her entire body save her hugely swollen belly bouncing in rythm with the wild thrusting. The other girl gasped and held her friend's hand tightly, her body trembling as her plump round butt was slammed into furiously. The pounding continued for a long while, the girl's moans and the wet slapping all the nurse could hear. The beast finally began to slow down a bit before it pulled out. The moaning teen stuck her butt out more and buried her face in the pillow.
Natasha grunted as she released, her friend's hand sliding over her huge, glistening belly as a thick stream of water exploded from her back entrance like a jetstream, spraying across the room and splashing across the wall behind her.
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horrible as this may be......i wish youd make one where someone DOES pop ^^"""

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Ah, what do you mean horrible? I'm not offended at all, no worries, just curious.

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Well I know some people think of bursting as a bad thing and it does sometimes end in death. And oh okay cool thanks =)

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Ah, you want one of the girls to explode: ) I thought you were saying the story was horrible. I probably will put another scene in there where someone bursts for you, then. Do you like it gorey or like silly explosion where its just water or whatever?

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Awwww thank you! ^^ and kinda alittle gory would be nice please. And no i love your stories!

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Just for you

Autumn wandered out into the hall after dealing with Elizabeth, where she spotted a short, heavy-set woman being escorted towards a room by two nurses. The woman was moaning in pain and clutching her hugely distended belly which pushed out the front of her grey dress. She dissapeared behind a door and after a few moments Autumn could hear a loud screaming, splashing and wet, smacking sounds coming from beyond. She rushed over to the door and flung it open, greeted by the sight of the plump woman bent over the edge of the bed, her dress pulled up around her waist and her huge wet belly heaving as a grey spider-like creature held onto her lower back, slamming away at her full round ass furiously. Its huge testicles slapped at the woman's exposed slit, causing the loud smacking sounds as it thrust furiously into her back entrance. The two nurses were on either side of the heavy woman, one rubbing her massive stomach and the other running her hand along the woman's back as she grunted and gasped, her breasts bouncing in rythm with the wild thrusting in her backside. Her stretched out belly was pulsing slightly and glistening with sweat. Autumn approached the scene slowly, crouching down next to the bulging beauty and placing a hand gently at her obscenely distended midsection.
One of the nurses looked over at the teen and nodded, "You there, sweety, we need you on the bed and handling this creature before it causes this woman to explode."
Autumn stammered, blinking rapidly. "W-what..?"
The heavy woman pulled her head up and screamed loudly, "HURRY!" Her entire body bounced in rythm with the creature slamming away at her big wet ass. Her massive belly looked near ready to burst.
One of the nurses grabbed Autumn's wrist and pulled her onto the bed, where she bent over the side next to the woman who was being pounded away at. She grimaced as she felt her skirt lifted and her panties sliding down, before a hand ran over her plump bottom.
"Okay, sweety. Just relax and try to hold still when this thing is in you."
Autumn groaned a little and nodded her head, staring nervously at the pillow before her. She could feel the entire bed shaking as the full woman continued her gasps and groans, and the loud wet smacking resounding across the room as her full bottom was fucked furiously. Suddenly, there was a loud scream and Autumn turned her head to see the woman gripping the sheets and pushing her face into the pillow as the creature invading her back entrance shuddered and released a massive final stream of fluids. Her huge, wet heaving belly surged forward another half foot before stretch marks appeared all around it. Then, there was a sickening pop as the woman's stomach exploded open, releasing a massive flood of water mixed with blood. Her screams died down to whimpers before she finally wet still. The nurses shook their heads and pulled the creature from the girl's rectum, and carried it slowly over to Autumn, who gulped.
"I-i'm not going to burst from this, am I?" She struggled to ask.
"Uh, sit up and face us, actually."
Autumn did as she was told, and she stared nervously at the creature as it was lowered towards her. Unsurprisingly, it gripped the sides of her head and suddenly shot its full length down her throat. She grunted as best she could before a heavy stream of water was unloaded in her mouth, bulging her cheeks before she began desperately chugging at the load being loosed inside her. Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp emitted from the teen as bulges ran down the length of her throat. The girl's hands went to her belly as it surged forward, pushing past her shirt and over her bare legs as she sat there bottomless. Her stomach swelled steadily as she continued chugging away at the fluids pumping down her throat, breathing through her nose and giving little moans occasionally. The nurses held the teen's distended belly as it continued to swell, rounding out like a beachball and quiving as the creature mercilessly unloaded down her throat. The girl shook and moaned as best as she could against the organ in her mouth, chugging and gulping down the massive flood of water that continued to push out hugely bloated midsection.
The nurses got up and stepped back as Autumn forced herself to stand; her massive stomach bulging out under her shirt and pulsing as she neared her limit. She gripped at the beast attatched to her face and pulled, but to no avail as the creature spasmed and unleashed a final jet of water in her mouth. Her massive wet belly quaked while it ballooned further out, stretching another few limits past the massive swell it was already at before splitting open and spraying blood and water against the wall.

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hehe goodness and aww poor elizabeth.......great story and thank you very much! ^^
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